I’ve just about run out of ideas

I have just about come to the end of my ropes trying to deal with nap time in my house. I have a 3 year old who is fighting naps like crazy. Now, I know that at some point kids give them up. That’s fine if they can act like real human beings for the rest of the day, but that is not how it is in my house. If Henry doesn’t have a nap, all hell breaks loose about 3:30. I mean all-out yelling, running around like a rabid rat and being a general nuisance.

So my child still NEEDS a nap whether he wants to or not. He’s in school from 8:15-11:45 and is tired when he comes home.

He has taken to sleeping in his tent that is set up in his room instead of his bed. I have taken it away a time or two. I have threatened to take away his toys. I have actually taken some away. He has gotten in trouble. He’s only 3 so reasoning with him is not really an option. He finally plays himself to sleep but only after getting up and being put back down about 10 times.

I really lose my patience at nap time. The rest of the day is wonderful…but nap time is just the pits. I have been trying to work on being more patient with him but really it is hard sometimes.

Jason and I have gone to 2 of a 3-part Active Parenting class that has been very good. We tried some of the techniques this morning for the “get-ready-for-school” routine and it worked like a charm. But didn’t go over so well during nap time.

The best I can hope is that eventually he will give in and just be a sweet boy and take a nap-so mommy can get in her computer time!

So the chickens are here..

After much anticipation, the chickens have arrived!

Jason & Henry went to pick them up at the barn yesterday afternoon. Jason said that all the way home Henry was asking him, “Daddy, do you hear them laughing and singing? They are saying ‘I’m going to Henry’s house’.” And he was singing songs about the chickens coming to our house!

When they got home, Jason got the crate out of the truck and put it down to shoo the chickens into the pen. Henry started telling them, “welcome to your new house, little chickens. You are going to like it here. We are glad you’re here.” I mean, come on, how cute is that??? He’s 3. And sounded like he was welcoming CEOs to a lunch meeting!

So we have a mama hen and her 7 chickies. They are just as cute as they can be. We got them fed and watered and they seem to love their new home.

Look for more Chicken updates.

The Chicken House

So we are in the middle of getting our chicken house up and running. We have a small chicken house and will have a hen and 6 chicks. Hopefully there will be some eggs real soon…

It is built, outside & ready for chickens. We’ll probably get them tomorrow.

This whole thing was Jason’s idea. Apparently we’ll have lots of eggs with that many chickens. So many that we will get to put a sign out by the road that says “EGGS FOR SALE” and we can get little egg cartons and sell the eggs.

This is all pretty funny since we don’t eat a whole lot of eggs. It might take us 2 weeks to go through a dozen eggs…and even then I usually throw away a few!

But it should be a lot of fun. We’re going to put them close to the house for now and the house is made so we can move it easily. We just need to make sure the coyotes and other wild things don’t get them!


Welcome to my blog. I’m not much of a writer, but I’ll try to do my best!

A little background on me:

I grew up in a small town in Georgia. Went to a private school and then attended Auburn University (WAR EAGLE!!!). I married an older man and we lived in Atlanta for a while. We decided to move closer to home so we picked up and moved.

We had our first son on May 21, 2003. He lived to be 24 days old. His name was Charlie. He contracted late-onset Group B Strep. You will find that I talk about Charlie a lot :)

Then our second son, Henry was born on Nov 2, 2004. He was GBS free and is just a wonderful boy. He is in school now during the mornings. He is learning a LOT and just blowing our minds every day.

I stay home with him and do all the things that a Chief Household Operator (CHO) does on a daily basis. Laundry, cooking, bill-paying, cleaning, wiping noses & bottoms, etc!

Jason has his own business and works from home. It’s nice to have him here – especially when I need to pull out the big guns to get Henry down for a nap!!!

So welcome! And I’ll try to keep things going on here!

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