Happy Leap Year Day (or whatever…)

Yet another day to celebrate. Happy Leap Year Day to everyone!

Instead of other stupid holidays, this day should be a national holiday. I mean, really, it only comes once every 4 years so would it be a big deal just to take the day off. It doesn’t really even count as a real day, right?

I think it would be super-cool to have my birthday on Leap Year Day! I know a girl who is married to a Leap Year Baby. I guess today he would be 36 (or 9). Last time he had a birthday, 4 years ago, he was turning 8. So what did she do? What every person would do for an 8  year old, she rented out Chuck E Cheese for a birthday party.

Imagine their surprise when their “8th” birthday party arrives and it’s really for a 32 year old! I think the people at CEC were a little bit surprised! But how funny? And how fun???

So celebrate today. Celebrate anything. Celebrate having an extra day!

Have fun!

Questions for the "next world"

Questions for the "next world"

Do you have a list of things you want to ask when you get to “the next world”? Be it heaven or whatever it is you believe in, we all think that there are a few questions we will have answered when we get there.

I have a few…

1. Why was my child taken from me tragically when he was only 24 days old? Was that really necessary? I’m sure it was for some reason, but I want a REALLY REALLY good one. And the ones I have found on this Earth just don’t cut it sometimes. So if I’m only allowed one question, that is mine.

But since we’ll be there for a while, there are a few more…

2. How do little kids minds work? I mean, what do they think when they are babies? They have no frame of reference so do they dream? Do they imagine things? How do they know what they are looking at? How do they know ANYthing? Babies and kids are a mystery to me…

3. How can tornadoes come through an area and do things you could never imagine? Like put a 2×4 through a pig with no bloodshed (yes…true story…from my 5th grade teacher…and it happened on her farm when she was young)? Or put a piece of pine straw straight into the siding of your house? How about taking down an entire building except for the Hallmark card rack in the middle of the store…with all the cards still in their cute little slots?

4. Is a tomato a fruit or vegetable? WHY can’t anyone decide??? It’s one or the other. Somebody just needs to make an executive decision and let’s move on.

5. Did man REALLY walk on the moon? Cause I buy into the theory that it was all shot on a Hollywood sound stage! NASA’s not going to tell us. The Government’s not going to tell us. So I guess God’s the next best person to give us the answer…

6. (And probably my second biggest question) How does this limb in my yard hang on for dear life? We moved in our house 2 1/2 years ago. There is a pine tree in the back yard that had a newly-dead limb on it when we moved. It drooped down until it snapped. But it never fell off. I have watched in amazement at this limb swaying and twisting and hanging in all kinds of weather and NEVER falling off. How? I wish I had a cherry-picker to get up there and see how exactly it’s holding on, but I don’t. I mean, we have had 2 storms that would rival any tornado and countless other severe thunderstorms. Wind from hurricanes, freezing temps…I just don’t get it. We have lost 15 other ENTIRE trees and this silly little limb just keeps hanging on for dear life. Why? How? What purpose does it serve other than to drive me nuts…it’s all I see when I look out back!

So when my time comes to join my baby and grandparents and many many others in the next world (I call it Heaven), I will run down my list of questions and hope to get some answers…certainly about Charlie and my mystery limb!

Why do sick days seem to last FOREVER?

It seems like sick days last forever. Why?

Is it because you need more time to get well?

Is it because there is nothing really to do EXCEPT get well?

Is it (if you’re a sick child) to let your mom get a bunch of stuff done while listening to you whine (fortunately HL’s not whiney today)?

Well, it’s only 9:30a and Henry and I are already bored to death. Henry was home from school yesterday. He has croup and the doctor prescribed a steroid for him. Yuck. He coughs some, and feels good some, and feels bad some. No fever, but I decided to keep him home again just to be on the safe side. With this nasty flu going around I just want to be extra cautious.

But so far this morning he has laid on the sofa, laid on the chair, had a snack, played upstairs, had another snack, colored, played with play doh and it’s only 9:30.

Let’s see, I have done some laundry, cleaned the kitchen, vacuumed the whole house, done some data input for Jason, written this blog…and again, it’s only 9:30.

I feel like I’ve been up for a month already today. I’ve had 3 cups of coffee…so more than likely I will come crashing down around lunchtime. Maybe I’ll take a nap when (if) Henry does. Or we’ll just continue laying around watching cartoons.

Any other day would go by so fast I would wish there were about 6 more hours in it. But today might last long enough that I get caught up on EVERYthing!

Well, I better go…got a lot to do…and I bet the next time I look at the clock it will be 9:35!

A doozy of a storm

Well, last night was a doozy.

We had terrible storms last night. We were never under a tornado warning, but a severe thunderstorm warning and a tornado watch. Those can be just as bad. At some point, I realized the rain was blowing horizontally and so hard that it was coming in the bottom of our back door. And puddling up in the hallway. YIKES!

Henry and I got in the room under the stairs (aka the Hidey Hole) and got hunkered down. The room stays prepared for storms with blankets, pillows, plastic boxes for our computers & hard drives. And another plastic box for the most important inanimate object in our lives…Charlie’s scrapbook. Other than Henry, it’s the number 1 thing to grab in case  of emergency.

So while we’re in the hidey hole, the power is going off and coming back on (several times) and the fire alarm goes off. Scares us to death because the siren is in the hidey hole. We turn it off, check for fires. Nothing. The alarm company calls, reset it and think all is well.

We did lose a tree in the storm. At least one. We haven’t checked the rest of the property, but I’m sure there are more…there always are.

Well, the weather got better and we went to bed. At 2:50am, the fire alarm goes off again. The alarm company calls. I reset the alarm while I’m talking to her. And the alarm goes off AGAIN. The line cut off to call them back and she thought I hung up on her. I had not given her my passcode yet. I reset the alarm and we go climb in bed.

No more than 3 minutes later, we hear banging on our front door. There are 3 fire trucks in the front yard with more coming down the road, about 5 volunteer firemen wheeling in like bats out of hell…amazing. They get an A+ for quickness…had our house actually been on fire, they probably could have saved our house. So that is at least good to know!

So they come in. No fire. We feel terrible that they are there at 3am. But the alarm lady thought I hung up on her and dispatched them which I am thankful for. Jason’s cousin is a volunteer fireman (thankless job…but THANKS!) and he was so worried that something was really wrong. He stuck around after all the others had left and we all tried to fix the alarm. FYI…alarm instruction books suck. They don’t tell you ANYthing.

I think it must have gone off about 10 more times before we finally decided just to unplug the whole dang system. Undid the phone line, the electricity, everything. And then climbed back into bed at a little after 4. YIKES!!

Oh, and the best part…Henry slept through ALL of the fire excitement in the middle of the night. Although he would be very disappointed if he knew that there were firemen at our house without him knowing about it.

But when asked this morning, “Henry, what did you dream about last night?”, his reply was “FIRETRUCKS” !!!!!!!!

A curtain around the toy section

As a mom who sometimes has no choice except to take my 3 year old to Target, I need to offer a suggestion.

Please put some sort of giant curtain or wall around the toy section. I know you all want to sell toys and what better audience than a bunch of kids who have to tag along with their too-tired, ready-to-do-whatever-it-takes-to-keep-you-quiet parents while they buy boring stuff like toilet paper and picture frames.

If the section was curtained off it really REALLY would make the trips so much easier and you would probably find that you would sell more because I (we the child-toting mothers) wouldn’t have to haul our children who are having massive meltdowns out of your store after we have abandoned our cart full of merchandise in the Power Rangers section.

If there were curtains, people could enter at their own risk. You would still sell a boat-load of toys…you wouldn’t lose us as customers. But we would be able to pick up our pet food across the aisle without having to appease our child with a $14.99 pack of play-doh.

Please, stores, take this into consideration and help us out!

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