Do we really need instructions for trash bags?


For the first time, I have noticed that the box of trash bags has INSTRUCTIONS on it.
Not kidding. Wish I was!
1. Tie the two handles
2. Grab the bag by the handle and remove from container
3. Toss the secure bag into the garbage
Boy, we sure are getting dumb if we have to be instructed on how to use a trash bag!

THE BEST WEEKEND (Sunday : part 3)

We knew the sad day would come when we would have to go home. But not before we had the most wonderful breakfast at a restaurant called Mimi’s. We ALL piled in cars – 15 of us – and headed out. Henry was excited because he could sit by William AND order a grilled cheese! I had the most wonderful Crabcake Benedict. Oh.My.Goodness. It was to die for.

Alicia (who rode from ATL with us) decided to catch an earlier flight so she headed on out to the airport from breakfast. Once we were done we went back to Linda’s and got our stuff packed up. And finally got a group picture (but without Alicia…sad).
Andrea, Nannette, Rena, Linda, Me, Hannah
Henry and I went to the airport really early with Rena and William. The boys were so cute. They were on a mission to find a stinkin plane toy. And if anyone from DFW airport is reading this : GET SOME PLANE TOYS IN YOUR SHOPS! I swear we looked in every single store in that airport. And it’s a big place. Once it was time for Rena & William to go to their gate the boys gave hugs and were really sad. So were Rena & I. Linda had already made us cry when she dropped us off at the airport!
Here are the boys walking through the airport. They held hands the whole time.

So Henry and I went and got on the Skytrain that goes all around DFW. We rode it around the entire airport 3 times. It was a lot of fun and Henry got to see TONS of planes. I guess it wore him out because the minute we got on the plane he laid down in my lap and went to sleep. THE ENTIRE FLIGHT. It was a really rough flight. Lots of weather around and it was really bumpy. So I’m glad he slept through it. I had to wake him up after we landed. There was no way I was hauling his 42lbs self through the airport!

We landed about 30 minutes early (way to go Delta) and got to the car in record time and made it home about 7:30. Wonderful day. 
Henry made an overall A for the trip. He really surprised me and I really surprised myself with how calm I was throughout all the travel. It was a wonderful experience for both of us.
It was a fantastic weekend. Too fast. Too much fun. And much too sad to leave. I love these girls AND all the others on the board. Thanks for letting me join your special group! I can’t wait for the next meetup!

THE BEST WEEKEND (Saturday : part 2)

Saturday morning. Lewisville TX. Henry and I sleeping on The Wiggles sheets in a bed shaped like a race car! What more can you ask for? Sleeping later than everyone else??? That’s what happened! But in our defense, we were on a different time zone!

When we got up there were more muffins than I have ever seen. And of course, Henry wanted the quadruple chocolate giant one! And he at the whole thing, too! I opted for poppyseed because that’s so healthy LOL!
After breakfast, Linda and Rena and I took the boys to the park in her neighborhood. It was so much fun. They had a blast. Nobody broke any bones which was fantastic.

Here are Ridge and Henry playing.

Taking a little snack break.

Linda had the cutest eggs that were colored and filled with confetti. I bet the boys broke 10 dozen eggs on each other. I’m sure her homeowner’s association is THRILLED with the mess we left, but it was SO worth it!

Damon & Big Jon went golfing that morning but when they got home, the girls (without Rena) went to the mall to hit the Sephora store. William wasn’t in a mood for Rena to leave so she just hung with the boys. Heck, she probably got a nap!
We had a blast at the mall. It was nice being without our kiddos, even though there were 3 babies with us. They were pretty quiet :)
That night Linda and Big Jon had the most elaborate fondue dinner planned. There were 3 different cheeses, veggies, grilled meats, a chocolate fountain with fruit & goodies. I think we stood by the chocolate fountain for HOURS! It was so good and decadent.
Here is Jon & Clay (?) making the fondues – and Linda making sure they are ok!!!

Rena and Alicia had to make sure everything was ok, too! Sorry about the pic, Alicia 😉
Chitting and Chatting over delicious food!
The coveted spot in front of the chocolate fountain. (sorry Andrea for getting you with food in your mouth)

Watching something in our food-induced coma…I’m sure it was late, lots of wine/beer had been had and something silly was on TV.
Or maybe it was Hannah playing her Britney Spears dance contest video game :) She was REALLY serious about it! It was so cute!

Saturday was a fantastic day. The boys had a great time. The girls had a great time. None of us wanted Sunday to come…
Part 3 to follow!

THE BEST WEEKEND (Friday: part 1)

This might sound strange to some who read my blog. Henry and I just got back from a weekend with 7 girls (and some of their kids) that I have never met in person before.

What? Weren’t you scared? How did this happen? Whaaaat??? (those sound like my mom’s questions)
There is the most wonderful group of girls that I am a part of online. They have been together since they were pregnant with their (now) 3 1/2 year olds. They have become best buds, sharing happiness, sadness, funny stuff…everything. I became friends with a girl named Linda on a messageboard about a year ago. She invited me to join their private messageboard and it’s been fantastic ever since then. I can honestly say, I don’t know what I did without these girls! I really consider them to be some of my best friends in the world.
So we had a meetup this weekend in Dallas at Linda’s house. There were 7 girls, 4 3 1/2 year old boys, a 10 month old, twin 8 month olds and a 5 month old. Oh, and 2 dads who were AWESOME! Total on the board, I think there are about 25 members, so it was just a few of us who were able to get together this time.
Friday, Henry and I met a girl from Augusta at the airport and flew to Dallas. Henry was a WONDERFUL little boy in the airport. The security guy slipped us into a short line in security so we got through REALLY fast! Thanks to that guy in the Atlanta airport. You really made a big difference in this mom’s sanity!
Here was the best thing, though. We ran into a pilot and some flight attendants on our way in. He stopped to ask the pilot if he drove the plane. The pilot said yes and Henry asked if he was going to fly our plane. The pilot wanted to know where Henry was going. He said to Texas. The pilot said, “no son, I’m going to Africa today” to which Henry replied, “well, my favorite continent is North America”!!!!!! They thought he was the cutest thing.
The flight was uneventful. Henry loved taking off and fell asleep about 3 minutes before we landed! Typical :) We got to Linda’s house and it was so not awkward. It was like we had known each other all our lives. I think it was so special. The boys loved each other so much. William and Henry hit it off IMMEDIATELY. Rena and I knew they would, but wow! They really just loved each other.
We ordered pizza, drank, chatted, drank some more, ate some more and just had a blast. While I was laying with Henry trying to get him to go to sleep that night, I asked him what his favorite part of the day was. Was it the bus to the terminal, the escalators, the train in the airport, or the plane ride? He said “no, mommy, my favorite is my new best friends. I love them”! Awww……
Here are a few pictures from Friday night.

Lil Jon, Ridge & Henry jumping on the bed

The boys being still for about 3 minutes.
The girls: (from left) Nannette, Hannah, Andrea, Me, Linda, Alicia, and Rena.
Do we look tired?
More to come later. Look for parts 2 & 3!

Feeling better

Well, Afrin detox has gone really well. The first 3 nights were horrible. It felt like I had a triple sinus infection, the flu and maybe bronchitis all at once. But he gave me some meds to help me sleep, so that really helped.

Today I realized that I haven’t used any of my “approved” nasal spray (even though I will have to before bed) and I have felt pretty good.
So thanks to Dr. J for helping kick the Afrin habit.
One more time…DO NOT USE THE STUFF! It’s bad news!!!
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