Handmade Gifts…gotta love em!

I received the most beautiful gift from Henry yesterday.

A flower pot with (what was) a pink flowering Impatiens. However, our cat Olivia got ahold of the flowers, leaving little sticks where the flowers once were. But he had decorated it with blue stick-on flowers and it said “Happy Mother’s Day…Montessori of Macon Transition Class 2008″. So sweet.

This morning I got a card from Jason and a card from Henry. And then we went for lunch at Waffle House. Yes, we missed church. But there were 2 F2 tornadoes that touched down in Macon last night and there were orders not to drive in Bibb County at all, so we obeyed the orders.

All in all, it’s been an OK day. Nothing out of the ordinary. Just another day…except I got a 5 minute nap on the playroom floor while Henry was reading to me! Any time the word NAP is involved, it feels like a holiday!!!

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