The Most Exciting 2 Minutes in Sports

Each year, Jason and I host a party to celebrate The Kentucky Derby.
This year a campout kept Jason from being at the party. His buddies from college and their kids have been going on a camping trip and this is the first year Henry has been old enough to go. He was so excited. How could I say they couldn’t go, just because we were having a party?
So they left early on Saturday morning and I got to cleaning. I cleaned, prepped food, set things up…my mom & dad came and helped some, too. (thanks!)
Here’s what things looked like BEFORE people showed up!

The party “started” at 4:30, but it was a while before folks showed up. Kinda made me nervous, I thought everybody ditched me! But they showed and got their Mint Juleps in hand, got their bets placed just in time for the 6:04 Post Time.
The Mint Juleps, if I may say so, were excellent this year. Being the 3rd year of making them, I’m really getting it down pat. I hope everyone enjoyed them. They sure seemed to!
Big Brown was the clear favorite. Even though he had only run (and won) 3 races before The Derby. There was a lot of talk about some of the other horses, but he was the real favorite. Oddly enough, Big Brown was coming out of the 20th position, the far outside of the track. But that’s where they wanted to be. Seems like it worked.
The race was an exciting one, but also very sad.
Big Brown won by about 4 1/2 lengths. 
The number 2 horse, a 3 year old filly, Eight Belles, collapsed while she was galloping to slow down with both front legs broken. The doctors decided that her injuries were such that she would not recover, so she was euthanized very humanely on the track. Very sad moment for The Derby and certainly for the jockey and the trainer and the owners. 
My dad’s favorite, Denis of Cork, was 3rd.
Wendy made her hat for Eight Belles (since she was a girl horse). We decided unanimously that she should win the “coveted” Best Hat trophy in memory of Eight Belles.

Five folks won “big” payouts for putting money on Big Brown.
Here are Ron, Kevin, Laura, Todd & Newt basking in their winnings!

And since I was SO excited about my hat, here I am donning my new favorite hat (that I’m sure I will never wear again) and my Mint Julep.

So I guess the party’s set for next year already.
Same time, same place.
First Saturday in May. Our House.
(that is, unless my husband thinks that Derby tickets would be a wonderful 10th anniversary gift…hint hint…)
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  1. You are way too cute in your hat Jana! I need you to make me one of your famous mint juleps…its for shame I’ve never had one! ;o)

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