Veggies, Veggies, EVERYWHERE!

Wow. We are becoming regular little farmers. All we need is a tractor (and we REALLY do need one).

Jason really has the garden booming this year. Thursday he brought in 3 eggplants, about 1/2 a pound of okra, 20 tomatoes, 6 cucumbers and that day the chickens gave us 14 eggs. Well, the chickens didn’t lay THAT many that day, but it had been a few days since we had gotten them out. 
So that night we ate like kings. It was fantastic. 
I’m apparently very strange and don’t like tomatoes. Actually, I don’t like RED tomatoes. This year he grew yellow tomatoes for me and they are SO good. They don’t have a lot of juicy, seedy stuff in them and that is what I don’t like. It’s icky to me! But the yellow ones are so delicious. Last night we fried green tomatoes. I got some Whistle Stop Cafe batter from the grocery store and dang, they were good. I think we ate about 10 each – really not WeightWatchers friendly!
So here’s to another good crop this week! And knowing that our tomatoes don’t have salmonella!

Vacation Bible School: A way to get your house clean!

Every Southern child is required (by law, almost) to attend Vacation Bible School until they cannot attend any longer. And even then, they are probably in the youth group and they have to “volunteer” to help with Bible School. So pretty much from age 3 until age 18 you are stuck going to or working Bible School! And then when you get to be a grown-up with kids, you send your kid and (ideally) you would volunteer to be a teacher or serve snacks or something like that.

Well, Henry is in VBS at the Methodist Church this week. This is my home church, but we are not members there now. We attend another Methodist Church in the town we used to live in. I thought about teaching one of the classes, but seriously, once you volunteer you can NEVER go back. You are a volunteer for life! I’m sure next year I will do something to help out. 
Instead, I chose to do a deep, top to bottom, side to side, touch-every-surface cleaning of my house. And boy, does it feel good to get it done. 
For instance, yesterday I pretty much spent 3 hours cleaning the master closet & bath. I used a toothbrush-like device (sonic scrubber) to clean the baseboards and they look like they did the day I moved in. I touched every surface, walls, tops of doors, etc. It looks fantastic. Jason and I finished up the bedroom last night. It looks great, too.
Today my mission was Henry’s bedroom, his bath, the guest bedroom, hall bath and hallway. Got it all done! I feel like superwoman!
So thanks to those who volunteer at VBS for keeping my child while I get this not-so-lovely, but much-needed and rewarding job done!
Here’s to 3 more days of cleaning success!

Charlie’s Angel Day

Happy Angel Day, Charlie!

Five years ago today, our sweet Charlie – at 24 days old – gained his Angel wings. On this day, he was baptized by our preacher (out of a Coleman camping plate), visited by many people whose lives he touched, and told how much he was loved and was going to be missed. The moments were so precious. I have never felt so loved in my life. Everyone was so sweet to visit.
If you are reading this and you were there at the hospital or at the house/visitation/funeral, I just want to say how much it meant to all of us that you shared those moments with us. There really is no way to tell you how much it still means to us.
In sharing those last 43-some-odd minutes with Charlie as he became an Angel, I touched every inch of his body – in awe at how perfect he was and wondering how I was going to remember him in 5/10/50 years. But my fingers can still feel his skin and feel the shape of his face and hands. It’s engrained in my brain forever. I can’t remember some details, but if I close my eyes and think about it, I can feel his little body in my arms.
All this to say that I can’t believe it has been 5 years. It seems like yesterday, yet it feels like a million years ago. And then at times it still seems like a bad dream that I might wake up out of.
But it’s not. It’s the reality that was handed to us. People often say “I don’t know how you do it. I don’t know how you can deal with something like losing a child”. After thinking about it for a while, I decided on my answer to this question.
You do it and go on because you have to. Nobody asked you if it would be ok if your baby died. Nobody said “what day would be good for that to happen” and nobody ever woke up and said “hey, you know, today would be a great day for my child to die”. That’s kinda blunt, BUT it’s the truth. You don’t get a choice. What’s going to happen is going to happen. It was our lot in life to have Charlie for 24 days. We learned so much from him and from the experience. We are better parents for it. Our friends are better parents for it. They hold their kids a little tighter, maybe tell them they love them a little more often, and cherish the moments – good & bad.
Happy Angel Day, little Charlie. We love you as much or more than the day you were born. And we miss you every second of every day.
***I promise to post something funny tomorrow :) Sorry to be sad & sappy!***

BetterBatterBaseball (said fast & all together)

Try to say THAT 5 times as fast as you can. Can’t do it? Well, Henry can and he did about 500 times yesterday.

His Mammaw came to visit and she had asked me a few weeks ago what Henry might like if she brought him something. Well, he goes nuts every time the ad for Better Batter Baseball comes on Noggin (why can’t it be commercial-free?). So I shared the link for that with her.
She got here and Henry helped her get stuff out of her car. Next thing I know, he’s running squealing about something that sounded like “bethebethebehelbaseball” then I realized what in the world he was saying. Better Batter Baseball. About a zillion times.
So we set the thing up. It was FANTASTIC! Henry loves it. It’s really a cool toy. It uses batteries, but what toy doesn’t anymore? But that means it can’t live outside :(
Here is Henry trying it out. He’s pretty good.

Oh, yeah. There was a rocket, too! You put this styrofoam rocket and shuttle on the launcher and stomp as hard as you can and the thing goes flying up in the air. It’s hilarious!

Last day of school

Friday was the last day of Henry’s first year at Montessori of Macon.  To celebrate, the parents got together and decided we were going to have a picnic. So we each brought food and blankets and drinks and celebrated. The kids all got some bubbles. Miss Diedra and Miss Julia enjoyed themselves. I think they were sad that this great group is leaving them. All the kids – Mason, Chris, Carter, Henry, Daria, Oriane, Sophia, John and Martin – were so special and they all loved each other so much. They will be moving up together, though. The sad part is that Oriane’s family is moving to Las Vegas. The kids are going to miss her so much. 

Here are a few pictures from the picnic:
Henry and Carter enjoying their watermelon!

The cake – that was gone in about 1.5 seconds!

Henry playing on the playset.

Henry and his best buddy John.

Giving Oriane hugs. Henry is going to miss her so much. As he says “she’s from Europe”!

Henry with Miss Diedra. He wouldn’t let me take the picture without John being in it.

One year down…about 15 more to go I guess!

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