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When you let them dress themselves…

This is something like what you might get!
A combination of too-small Thomas winter pajamas
camouflage wading boots.
GQ, here he comes!

The First Day of School

Henry’s first day of school was today. He is in a Montessori school that is on a year-round calendar. They start early, go 9 weeks, have a 3 week break. Repeat. Repeat. And then a 6 week summer. It’s a fantastic schedule. The kids love it. They get a nice break every 9 weeks and they don’t have to be away from their friends and teachers for long.

I have to say, Henry has been ready for the last 2 weeks to go back. He’s been acting out and just being fidgety and bored.
This morning he got on up and we started following his new chart. He did everything just right. We had breakfast and he watched some cartoons for a few minutes. Then we took him out front and got his official First Day of School pictures.
Here are a few-I mean, how cute is he???

So here’s to another GREAT year at Montessori of Macon! Henry is excited. We are excited and it seems like the teachers are all excited.

This one's for you, Michele

Well, Michele, I told you I would post about you! Here goes.

Once upon a time, there was a fabulous gal named Michele who worked in the front office at Montessori of Macon
Every day, she graciously allows me to come in and use their restroom because I can’t make it from one place to another without having to go! She always has some funny something to talk about and doesn’t immediately run me off back to my car where I will go read or goof off until Henry is out of school. She keeps the school running (with some help obviously) and makes sure everyone knows what’s going on. What a wonderful person to run into first when you enter the school.
One day, she told me I wasn’t blogging enough for her taste. I told her that I didn’t know what to blog about. She said “write a blog about me”. So here it is.
And the protector of the bathroom lived happily ever after.
The End.

Answer the phone if HGTV calls!

I’m probably about to be on my Mom’s list for posting this, but my sister and I are really proud of the work we have done this week. We got a plan together a few months ago to “help” my mom clean the downstairs of their house. Not unlike many other houses in the world, her house is very VERY cluttery. Mine is cluttery, I’m not going to lie, but not like this. 

Anyway, so she caught me taking pictures a few weeks ago (to send to Lauren) and she asked me what we were up to. She said Lauren was being real secretive and asking strange questions. I told her it was none of her business, but if a makeover reality show called, to please talk to them and don’t brush them off! So we got her going with that story. Then things kept “happening” and she kept questioning things and we kept leading her on.
So Monday & Tuesday of this week, Lauren and I kicked my parents out of their house, stuck the kids with a sitter (and the parents) and got to work. Monday we spent about 16 hours CLEANING. Tuesday, we spent that much time, too.
Here are a few of “before” the makeover:

So lots of vacuuming, steam cleaning, airing out, dusting, and painting…moving stuff, organizing junk, putting together furniture, and more vacuuming later here is the final result.

That of course is not ALL of the downstairs, but it gives you an idea of what we did.
Then yesterday, we revealed it all to her. Here she is with her first reactions.

Mama, we hope you enjoy your new look downstairs! We enjoyed doing this for y’all and we enjoyed spending lots of time together (without kiddos)!
Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year…whatever else. Oh, and thanks Daddy for helping us out, too! You’re a good secret keeper :)
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