Notes from the hidey hole!

Hidey Hole: (n) meaning the room under the stairs where one would go in case of emergency

So this post is written in the comfort of my hidey hole. It’s 4:32 on Tuesday and that b*tch of a hurricane/tropical storm/depression Fay is STILL screwing with our weather. We are under a tornado warning right now. Have been under a watch for like 2 days it seems…crazy weather.
I had them build my hidey hole for this purpose ONLY. In it is our safe (don’t tell a robber, please), a plastic bin especially for Charlie’s scrapbook, a plastic bin for Henry’s scrapbooks if I have time to grab them (Charlie’s comes first). Two plastic bins for the hard drives and any other things we need to grab – keys, wallets, etc. A queen size comforter stays in here along with a few pillows. There is a flashlight and of course I have to grab the portable DVD player for entertainment.
So as far as riding out a bad storm, we have a pretty cozy little place in here. Every time I’m in here I think of other better things to do in here to make it cozier! Maybe one day!!!
So wish us luck. Pray for no real tornadoes, just warnings!

If I can leave y’all with one lesson today!

Set the stage:

Awake at 5:45, Henry up at 6, dressed myself and him, breakfast for both of us, cartoons for him, getting ready for the day for me, laundry switched out/folded, dishwasher cleaned out, ready to head out the door at 7:30 when all of a sudden —-
SCREAMING from the chair. Oh, goodness. The Transformers must have gone off. I go to see what the problem is and Henry has his finger up his nose, tears rolling down his bright red face and he’s crying “wheel, wheel”.
So I pick up this crappy little airplane he HAD to have from Monkey Joe’s yesterday and of course (surprise) it’s missing its rear wheels. Sh*t. Not in the chair. Not on the floor. The boy is not lying…it’s in his nose.
Scoop him up, get in the car, head to the ER at the Medical Center. They saw us immediately and by then it had wiggled down enough that they could see it, but it was still too far and too big for him to blow it out.
Here we are in the hospital room. I love that they have a pediatric ER inside the regular ER (there’s a little plug for the Children’s services that the Medical Center offers).

Here’s a lovely shot of the actual wheel up his nose. If something is in your child’s nose and you can’t see the dark abyss up there, then it probably needs to be removed :) His right nostril was completely blocked but luckily it wasn’t so far up there that they had to sedate him.
BUT, it took 7 of us to hold him still enough for the PA to stick his overpriced tweezers up there and pull out that stupid little piece of plastic. He showed it to Henry and said “is that what you stuck up there” and Henry, my little smarty-pants replied “no, it was supposed to be a puzzle piece”. Like the Curious George Goes to the Hospital story! I just cracked up!!

Seriously though. He was a really big boy today. It had to be scary with that many people basically on top of him and he was hurting pretty bad, too.
The nurse brought him some graham crackers and turned on the TV after it was done while we were waiting for discharge.

Elapsed time from waking up to getting him to school: 3 hours 15 minutes. Not bad for throwing an ER trip into it.
He went on to school. Had a good day and this afternoon he got the M&M blizzard he was promised while we all laid on top of him!
The biggest lesson he learned today was obviously that wheels belong on the toys not in the nose!

An EPIC Show Idea… You Listening TLC?

We have all (probably) seen the emails that go around with
cakes from bakeries that have strange/misspelled/WRONG things on

Well, there is
an entire blog dedicated to just that.

Be prepared to laugh until you cry and
possibly wet your pants! It is truly the funniest thing I have seen
in a long time. It’s filling time while they show the ENTIRE
women’s marathon on the Olympics (do we need to watch women run for
2.5 hours?).


Click here to view
Cake Wrecks blog


Gigi (you know that’s not your real name) tagged me. Now I have to come up with 6 things that y’all don’t already know about me. Oh, goodness. This is gonna be hard, but here goes.

1. When I got home after I met Jason a the ill-fated New Year’s Eve party, I told my mom I met a really nice “man”. And was serious. I thought he was an old man. Didn’t stop me from smooching him under the pine tree at midnight, though!
2. I have danced in 2 Cotton Bowl Halftimes, 2 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parades and the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin Ireland. Thanks mom and dad for letting me dance my heart out and for allowing me to go on those trips. They are still the highlights of my life.
3. I hate walking on hardwood floors without socks on. I buy socks about every 6 weeks…a pack of 12 pair. They will get holes in them immediately. Oh, and I usually change them twice a day!
4. I am addicted to my computer. Well, I guess you all know that already! 
5. I have a combined 56 hours of labor for 2 babies. I really don’t think I’m made to have babies, what do you think?
6. I like Fruity Pebbles. And they have to be eaten out of a cup. With milk. And you fill the cup with Fruity Pebbles until the milk’s gone. And I will eat about 2 boxes every 2 years. But they will be in the same week!!!
Ok. I did it.
Now it’s time for Linda, Michelle and Robyn to be tagged. TAG – YOU’RE IT!

Yet Another Milestone Reminder

Entering Kindergarten is a HUGE milestone in a child’s life. I remember going to kindergarten on the first day and feeling like such a big kid. Wow. I was really in school. I was going to learnstuff.

I had thought briefly around Charlie’s (would-be) fifth birthday about the fact that he would be starting kindergarten in the fall. Well, the fall’s here.
It hit me yesterday while we were in Target and there was this adorable little boy and his mom in the clothes section. They were surely buying “back-to-school” clothes for him. I realized that I should be doing that. It would be time. The school where Charlie would have gone probably will start on Thursday. Meg (his girlfriend LOL) will be starting kindergarten. Charlie’s cousin Austin (who was born in the same hospital only a few hours after Charlie) is starting kindergarten. They should all be there together.
It’s moments like this when I really miss him. It’s hard to think that he would be going to real school. In my mind he will always be only about 7lbs and soft and perfect (and quiet…). My mind won’t even allow me to imagine how he would look. When I think about him going to kindergarten, he is a tiny 7lb baby in the classroom. Strange, huh?
Anyway, Meg and Austin…I hope you have a WONDERFUL first day of school. Know that you have a little angel on your shoulder to help you through the good times and the bad times in school. I wish he was there with you!
Oh, check in on my friend Amy’s blog…I’m sure she will be posting about Meg’s big day later this week!
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