I *heart* Facebook

I am just loving having a Facebook page. It is so much fun. Besides the obvious…sudoku, pathwords, blocky, parking wars…I have LOVED finding old friends that I had no idea where they were.

I finally found one of my favorite friends from Auburn, Suzanne. I knew where she was for a little while after college but then lost her. I promise you I thought about her once a month AT LEAST for the past 10 years. I have googled her and searched everywhere for her. But she got married and I didn’t know her last name. The other day I decided to check on Facebook and stuck her name in and TA-DA…there she was! 
After I asked her to “be my friend” and she accepted, it was just so wonderful. We chatted back and forth on the computer for a few minutes and she said “what’s your number…I’m gonna call you”! So I got to talk to her on the phone for the first time in seriously – 10 years! So I’m standing in Wal-Mart (my least favorite place in the world) crying after we hung up because I was so excited to hear her voice.
She’s clear across the country from me, but dang-it, I’m gonna find a way to get out there to see her or we’re gonna have to meet in the middle!
So here’s to Facebook…thanks for reconnecting me with old friends!
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  1. Yay Facebook! You know I love it :)Hey, did you know that I didn’t know you had a blog?? Guess I’m slightly behind. Anyway, have a happy Wednesday :)

  2. I gotta tell you, girlie– I am so excited that we’ve found each other again! It was awesome to talk witcha tonight!We are going to have to plan a fun rendezvous in the very near future, because we have lots more to catch up on. I always knew we were the kind of friends who could pick up right where we left off… besitos,Suz

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