My future Fireman

Isn’t it every little boy’s dream to be a fireman when he grows up? Well, that’s what MY little boy wants to be-and has for a while.

A few weeks ago at the gym, I ran into an old friend who turns out to be a Macon-Bibb County Firefighter. We have run into each other a few times since then and he invited us to come out to the station to visit and let Henry see the trucks and what all the firemen do.
So today Clay was working and we stopped by after school – knowing that there was a chance that they might be out on a call and we would have to reschedule. They were there and I thought Henry was going to freak as soon as we turned the corner.
We headed in and Clay met us and we got to see all the firemen getting ready to eat lunch. The guy making lunch (which smelled EXCELLENT, by the way – I wanted to stay) asked Henry if he wanted to cook lunch for him. To that Henry declared “but I’m just a little kid, I have to get bigger before I can cook dinner” and they just cracked up. Henry got a few high fives before Clay took us through to show us the office. Henry liked the red phone where they get calls for fires. I have to say it was kinda loud in there…they have speakers that you can hear all the codes from 911 calls or something and a lot of beeping and stuff. I would have a headache constantly!
Here’s Henry when we first walked out into the garage with the trucks.

I’m sure Clay felt like he was talking to a brick wall. Henry was a wee bit overstimulated and had the sudden urge to talk, talk, talk. He knew what most of the stuff was which was neat. Clay showed us all kinds of neat things. The air & light truck, the ladder truck and the truck he was in charge of for the day was the pumper truck. Henry wasn’t too thrilled about getting up in the trucks. Apparently that’s pretty normal. I guess they are just SO big (which they are) that the kids are kinda freaked. But he DID want to stand on the steps. I put him up and he went right on in! Huh!
At some point, Henry thought to ask if he had saved any kittens out of trees. Turns out he has actually saved 2 kittens out of trees. Way to go!
Henry was very intrigued that the tires on the trucks were as big as he was. They really are. Pretty much the exact height!

This is on the back of the pumper truck. He wanted to stand up there but then he was kinda scared to get down. 

In the pumper truck.
We got to go in and see where they sleep. It was pretty neat. About 10 beds and their lockers. Smelled like a summer camp to me for some reason. 
Henry got to ring the bell on the ladder truck before we left.

Henry had a blast! And afterwards he got to get a grilled cheese at Sonic. What a big day!
Thanks Clay and all the guys at the station. He’s going to be talking about that for a while! And thanks for all you do (even though you wouldn’t be able to save my house in another county)!!!
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