That’s what my engagement ring says on the inside. HNY!

Jason and I met 14 years ago tonight. Thanks, Rachel, for inviting me to that fateful New Year’s Eve get-together. Between the boots, the hockeypucks and the smooching at midnight, I managed to meet the man I would 4 years later marry.
New Year’s 2002/03, while I was pregnant with Charlie, Jason and I spent New Year’s Eve standing in the middle of Times Square, watching the Waterford ball drop from the top of the Cup o’ Noodles sign! What a great experience. Everyone needs to do it once in their lifetime.
BUT I suggest not doing it while you are pregnant. We had to get to Times Square at about 4:00. And even that early we were about 5 -7 blocks back. But once you’re in, you’re in. You can’t get out and there are no bathrooms inside the barricades. Oh well. It was a blast!

This year will be a quiet ringing in of the New Year. Actually, I’ll possibly be snoring before midnight, but whatever.
I pray for a great 2009. For me, my family, my friends.
2008 has seen much drama and I really hope for less drama in 2009.
Here’s to another great year! May it be better than ever.

An update on the limb

Only a few of y’all will remember the post from last February about the limb that won’t fall down, but funny thing is I have several people who ask me about it on a regular basis.

So I figured I would update you on it. 
It’s still there!
Through MANY big storms, high winds, almost-tornadoes, straight-line winds and just life, it is STILL hanging on for dear life. I think I might cry when its time comes to fall to the ground and turn into fire wood.
Hope that appeases some of your curiosity!

The final adventures of Watkins

Watkins had some friends over before Christmas. Jasmine’s trusty elf, Jeremy and Spencer’s elf, Ace made the trip from Florida for the holidays. Ace accidentally got locked in the car but Watkins and Jeremy made up for him not being in the house.
Check out the destruction:

Two GOOD rolls of toilet paper were used in this destruction. And guess what, they didn’t leave any money to replace them!
The elves brought the kids hot chocolate with marshmallows and peppermint sticks. The marshmallows were gone within minutes!
The next night, Watkins was alone and he simply hid in a new Transformers hamper. With new pajamas. He brings new pajamas for Henry to wear on Christmas Eve. They were really cute with brown sock monkeys and stars and moons.

On Christmas Eve, a big deal is made out of saying Goodbye to Watkins. There are kisses and hugs and some almost-tears. He is left out with Santa’s milk and cookies for Santa to take back to the North Pole. 
So Watkins, we enjoyed having you here this year, thanks for giving Henry all the little trinkets and thanks for helping make sure he was good! Until next year…

The Santa and Stone Mountain Adventure

If you stay up or set your alarm clock for midnight on Nov 15, you can rush to the computer, panic when you can’t get in the system and squeal with glee when you finish to make an appointment with Santa at Phipps in Atlanta. I kinda forgot this year and panicked when I woke up at 6am and luckily was able to get an appointment. We have taken Henry every year to see Santa in Atlanta. One year I wasn’t able to go as my sister was very sick, but Jason and Rebecca took him and all was well.

He is a beautiful Santa. I mean, he IS the real Santa. All the others are just Santa’s helper. But the REAL Santa comes to Phipps and that’s why getting an appointment is nearly impossible.
But I shall back up. 
Henry had his last day of school on Friday. I went for lunch and the little party. We had to leave at 12:30 to head to Atlanta. When I got there, Santa was making his appearance on the playground. The kids LOVED it!

Henry was SO excited about Santa. He took Watkins with him. He has to go so he can see Santa because he misses him. Since he’s here with us for so long, he gets a little homesick!
Henry is such a goof, he had Santa laughing. As we walked away, Santa caught my eye and said “woo, you have your hands full”. I don’t know if that’s good or bad!

After we left Phipps, we headed over to Stone Mountain. Jason was given tickets to the Stone Mountain Christmas. It was really neat. I don’t think I have ever been to Stone Mtn. It was COLD. Good thing I bought Henry a new coat, hat & gloves that morning. 
Here we are about to go in!
They have a train you can ride around the base of the mountain. It was totally worth the trip just for that. Henry was SO excited! (if you can’t tell)

Hamming it up!

Getting the tree and more Watkins!

So much to blog about, so little time. I have been busybusybusy! School is now out and I start working at the store in a few days. Henry will be with sitter and her boyfriend (who he ADORES) for a week! Anyway….

We went to get our tree last weekend. Here’s our annual self-portrait of the fam with the tree:

And our friend from the North Pole, Watkins, has been up to crazy antics. He’s been caught hanging out on the curtains:

He’s been caught trying to climb up a slinky to the mantle. As you can see, you cannot climb up a slinky successfully!

He was up in the middle of the night watching DVD’s!

When it’s time for bed at night, this is where he sleeps! Henry tucks him in and makes him cozy!

Just a warning for kids with elves: The elf KNOWS if you are naughty or nice. Henry was very naughty one day and Watkins just stayed in his bed that night. He didn’t do anything crazy and he certainly didn’t bring him a little gift. So you better be good, for goodness sake!

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