Too close to home

As a member of the “Mom of an Angel” club, my goal is to pray that nobody else becomes a member. Unfortunately, this weekend a friend from high school lost her precious baby daughter, 4 year old Lainey, to flu-like symptoms… likely H1N1. My family saw Kimberly and her girls last year at a fall festival and her girls were just precious. My heart is broken for them all.

I had been on the fence, but leaning heavily towards getting my son and myself vaccinated for H1N1, as we have already had the seasonal flu vaccine. But this knocked me off the fence slap into the VACCINATE NOW category. The fear and panic that set in after I heard about Lainey made me not only physically ill, but completely panicked about the possibility of getting H1N1 and it being life threatening.
So Henry and I will go today and he will get his H1N1 vaccine. In my book, the benefits outweigh the risks and the fear will lessen.
Parents: Be vigilant. Make sure your kids and yourself are washing hands, not drinking after each other. Just use common sense. And if they are sick…KEEP THEM HOME!
So what I’m asking for is:
Prayers for Lainey, Kimberly and their family.
Extra hugs for your children.
Vigilance for all.
First Dates

First Dates

“Mom, I have a girlfriend. She wears pink. Her name is Aniston. We’re going to get married.”
So begins the world of girls. Now, I know there will be periods of “ewww, girls are gross” but right now Henry is ALL ABOUT the girls. Especially Aniston. She’s a cutie, too. I gotta give him credit!
Last week, Aniston’s mom and I took them to Monkey Joe’s – the local bouncy place – for a “date”. We called it a playdate. They called it a date!
Here are a few shots of the little lovebirds!

We *just* missed the shot of them holding hands helping each other climb up the slide!

I think they were trying to drive to vacation or something.

There are no words for how adorable this is!

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