65 Years, 4 Generations, One Name

65 Years, 4 Generations, One Name

The end of an era has come.

After 65 years in business, my family’s store is closing.

My parents have decided to retire.

My grandparents moved to Fort Valley and opened the store in 1945. My dad was born 2 years later. He grew up in the store. After college, my mom & dad came back to Fort Valley and went to work at the store.

They have dedicated the last 40 years, 6 days a week (really 7) and their whole being to Herbert Jewelers.

My sister and I were raised in the store. We have never known anything else.

It is a special place. I don’t know what life will be without it.

No. The economy didn’t force them into retirement. Their desire to travel, visit the grandchildren, sleep in, not do work at home, etc did.

I am so proud for them. It was a hard decision, but one that was well thought out and very deliberate. My sister and I are very supportive and so excited for them to be able to do the things they have always wanted to do, but have never had the time to do.


Here they are, with Dawn (27 year employee) locking the door on the last day of regular business.

My sister and her family (husband not pictured) have been here for the entire celebration.

These were taken at noon on November 7. It was very strange to see the big yellow and red signs going up. It was one thing to talk about it, but to see it in print made it really real.

It was time to make a few calls. Daddy’s first call was to his best friend James Khoury (aka The Kommish) who was at work down the street.

Dawn is fighting back tears while putting the signs in the windows that normally would be clad in holiday decorations this time of year.

Word spread fast. Beth Cleveland from Peach Palette was emotional when she saw the signs. Once people know the reasons for the Retirement, they are excited for them!

James Khoury in shock!

The finished product.

A lot of work was done in the next 3 days. Jewelry was marked with sale prices, more merchandise was pulled from the back of the store. Alas, it was time to open to the masses.

Here are Daddy, Dawn and Mama looking at the rain… wondering why there were about 30 people standing in the rain waiting!

Our memory board.

Daddy went around the building to open the door for the people waiting.

Then the floodgate of people opened.

At one point during the day there were probably 70 people in the store.

Frantically trying to get the best deals on those pieces of jewelry they had been eyeing for a while!

Daddy had a chance to greet customers.

It has been really humbling to all of us. Our customers have been very supportive. We have received so many messages on the phone, by letter, on Facebook… it has been great.

One of the most exciting things is that we have had a FOURTH generation of Herberts working in the store. My sister’s daughter, who is 11 1/2 has been working some. She is quite the salesperson and everyone she has waited on has been more than impressed with her personality and professionalism. It’s really neat to be able to say that another generation has had the opportunity to serve the people that we cherish as our customers.

More later on the final days of our store…

Never been one for spontaneity…

But what the heck? Life’s too short and quite frankly, I deserved a little treat!

Last Monday, I got a call from my friend Amy saying she was on her way to NYC and her husband was probably going to have to leave on Wednesday morning. Did I want to fly up and spend the rest of the week with her? REALLY? Of COURSE I did! So I frantically checked flights, realizing I had 600 more skymiles than it would take to get there, so it was feasible! She called on Tuesday and said she would know by the end of the day and that her step-sister was going to come to. Poor Amy was going from having a romantic week in NY with her husband to having a girl’s trip! Works for me!

So at 6pm on Tuesday, we booked a flight to NY for 6:30am on Wednesday. Yes, 12 hours later! I picked Lindsay up at her house at 3:30am and off we went! We had so much fun!
Our first stop just happened to be the American Girl store. Now this was funny since I have a boy, Amy has boys and only Lindsay has a little girl (and a son). This place was inSANE. I mean inSANE. Did you get that? Little girls squealing when they entered, with their doll in hand, dressed head to toe just like them, hair done the same… oh dear God! There was so much pink in this store I almost gagged! But it was fun! They have a doll hospital, a doll salon, a bistro where you (and your doll…and chaperone) can dine. Oh the insanity! I didn’t leave empty-handed, though.

Next stop: Bloomingdale’s!
Amy ended up having to help herself because they were a little understaffed after a woman asked the gentleman to help her with her bags (of fake flowers that weighed about 3 ounces). The lady asked Amy if she was from there, and if she wanted a job!

This would be us, standing patiently for the lighting of the Rockefeller Plaza tree.
Note the Starbucks. Let me just say that in 60 hours, I spent almost $50 on Starbucks.
Shout out to their seasonal Caramel Brulee Latte!

The irony of the “no standing” sign was funny…since we stood for a really long time. And endured lots of interesting strangers. Most notably the woman deemed “umbrella b*tch”. When asked to lift her umbrella about 2 inches so it didn’t poke Lindsay in the eye, she replied with “maybe you should just move your eye”! Hahahaha!

And the tree was lit.
Concluding my desire to see the NYC Holiday Trifecta (as I call it).
I have now enjoyed the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, New Year’s Eve in Times Square and now the lighting of the Rockefeller Plaza Tree.

Our sweet friend that we met took this picture of us! She happened to be a southern girl transplanted in the city for college.

Times Square at night!

Amy with the Gold Guy!

Amy and Lindsay introduced me to the whimsical world of Mackenzie-Childs. I now long to be a collector of all things M-C.
The one and only…

Since neither Amy or Lindsay had been to NYC before, we did a few touristy things. Like a carriage ride through Central Park.
Had to include a pic of our cutie tour guide from Ireland :)
There we are!
The last thing on my “list” of things to do in NY was to go to Serendipity3
Me, with my frozen hot chocolate.
Came with 4 straws. I used 2. It allowed for more intake at one time!
Well, nothing says NY like a giant Optimus Prime! Toys R Us was SO much fun!
Yes, we PAID to ride on the ferris wheel in the middle of the TRU in Times Square. Totally worth it!
There it is!

And there you have it folks! A quick, impromptu trip to The City…

I almost forgot the best part!
What NY trip would be complete without a Little Blue Bag from Tiffany?

Henry's 5th Birthday

Henry's 5th Birthday

Yes, I know. He’s been 5 for like 6 weeks now. Don’t throw stones!
His birthday party fell on Halloween this year. Wasn’t too thrilled about that, but what can you do? Nothing. Just have it and get on with it!
We had a pirate & treasure hunt theme. The kids came dressed up and we went on an (indoor) treasure hunt. It was supposed to be outside but mother nature had other plans. So there were like 10 kids, 25 parents and lots of chocolate inside my house! Can you say overwhelmed?
Here are the kiddos eating the delicious cakes that my friend Michele and her daughter Katie made for us. They were skulls!

Trying to spear-head the treasure hunt. Yes, there was a treasure chest in our bathroom!

My little pirate!
And of course, since it was Halloween, we had to go trick-or-treating. Henry was the Blue Power Ranger! Had a blast and racked up on candy!

His Celebration of Life at school was on his actual birthday, November 2.
Here we are celebrating!

I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since this precious little soul was handed to me.
He is the most loving, spirited, helpful, thoughtful and talented little guy I know!
I am proud to be his mommy!

Just call me a Slacker.

Because I am.

I have neglected my blog and I’m sorry. Like I have SO many people who read it who don’t already know everything I’m going to post, but still… I need to keep up better.
A lot has gone on in the last month or so. So here it is in a nutshell…
We aren’t moving to St Louis. We are now moving to Atlanta. Things happen for a reason and we shouldn’t question the way things turn out.
I turned 34. Let me just say, I think I’m going to just say I’m 33 AGAIN. I don’t like the sound of 34. It just sounds so, uh, old?
My parents, after 65 years in business and 40 years of being there daily themselves, are closing our jewelry store. They are retiring and are SO excited about it. That is a blog all for itself! Look for it later on!
We headed to Phipps to see Santa. The REAL one! It was great. Henry loved it and even made Santa laugh out loud! It was awesome. I tried to get HL to tell Santa that Mommy wanted the Bentley convertible that was in the atrium of the mall, but he didn’t tell him! Oh well… $379,000 is a tad too much to pay for a car. Though I WOULD be willing to live in it if need be.
Our elf, Watkins, has returned for the 3rd year. He’s been hit by the recession and isn’t bringing daily treats, but he is creating trouble. He, according to Henry, “must be magic” to be able to escape from the traps Henry puts him in. It’s been a lot of fun.
Henry and his class learned about Hanukkah and now he thinks he wants to celebrate Hanukkah AND Christmas. But I’m onto him. He just wants all the GIFTS! Sneaky little guy 😉
Hmmm… what else?
OH I went on a spontaneous trip to NYC. That’s a post all to itself, too. So look for that!
Well this turned into a to-do list but I promise over the next week or so I will get caught up on the important stuff going on here! And some pictures!
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