I got Played

Thursday, I got to sub in one of the Primary classes at Henry’s school (where I also work in the office). I got to take the 6 year olds out to the playground while the other Ms.P got the nappers down.

Oh, how the kids were enjoying themselves. You know how when you were little, you could twist the swing really tight, lay on your stomach and TUUUUUURRRRRNNN? Well they were just having the best time doing that. Like 6 of them. I asked if that was allowed on the playground and there was a resounding, “yes ma’am, of course.” So alrighty. I helped push, get them in, twist a little more. It was a lot of fun!

About 30 minutes later, one little girls comes over… “I think I’m gonna puke”. Followed by another. And another. And yet another. Next thing I know I have 6 little kiddos laying down on the playground. MsP stuck her head out and said we could switch places. Okey dokey! So I went in and hung out with the nappers while MsP headed out for some fresh air with the kindergardeners.

After school, MsP stuck her head in the office with a silly grin on her face. She said “you know they tricked you?” And at that moment I knew I had been played. By silly little 6 year olds. She said she went out and gave them a talkin’ to about respecting adults and playing by the rules EVEN when you’re not being watched. They wanted to know how she knew… guess they don’t realize there are 6 GIANT windows overlooking the playground from their classroom! They lost their privilege of swinging for a few days and will really not like that.

I told MsP it turned out ok. She got to make a lesson out of it. They got the consequence of almost puking. And I got a blog post!

Moral of the story… never trust a pesky 6 year old :)

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