Danimals Crush Cups

Ok, people. These have to be one of the most disgusting food inventions ever. Check the ad out here.

First off, I need to go on record as saying we have purchased them… ONCE. After watching my child “crush and slurp” one time, I realized my Mimi would roll over in her grave and strike me with lightning if I ever let that happen again. So I allowed HL to eat the rest of them WITH A SPOON!

So here’s my problem with it. It teaches absolutely zero manners. None. I don’t recall any time Emily Post ever said “It’s ok to crush and slurp your yogurt (or anything) in public”… in fact she says “Don’t make rude noises like burping or slurping”. Slurping is never ok. And you should certainly not be teaching your kid that it’s ok to eat like a wild animal…

I think this has a lot to say about the teaching of manners in our society these days. Parents need to take time to teach their children when they are young the right and wrong of table manners. I know sometimes we all fall down on our properness at the table, but I am VERY grateful that I was taught table manners at an early age. I work to teach HL and would say I’ve been 90% successful. The other 10% I chalk up to him being a 5 year old boy! We’ll get there.

But the rule in our house stands. Yogurt is to be eaten with a spoon… not “crushed and slurped”.

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