But they don’t wanna DATE on me…

Conversation over dinner:

HL: All the girls were chasing me this morning.

Me: Really? Why?

HL: Well, because they are in love with me.

Me: Oh yeah? (trying hard not to die laughing)

HL: Yeah. They think me and Chris are cute and want to go with us.

(He’s FIVE, remember…)

Me: Well, HL, you’re too young to date. You know that, right?

HL: (In a VERY sarcastic, roll-your-eyes-like-a-13-year-old-girl way) Well, duh… They don’t wanna DATE on me. They just wanna chase me!

Oh boy.



Here’s to

New friends

New relationships

New doctors

Good test results

Weight loss

Kitties finding homes

Little boys giving big kisses

A husband’s appreciation of his wife

New adventures ahead

Betty White on SNL

Successful detox from coffee


A much-needed date night last week

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