Sangria 101

My friend Rosemary brought some Sangria over one night about a year ago… it was so good I became a little obsessed with it.

I’ve had several requests for the “recipe” but there really isn’t one! Here’s what I do:
I use a pre-bottled Sangria. My new favorite is Gran Vino from Whole Foods.
To that I add peach nectar or puree, a generous splash of peach schnapps, a generous splash of bourbon, some cinnamon and nutmeg and a little ginger ale.
I mix that together and refrigerate.
When I pour a glass, I splash a little ginger ale in and stir. I make a big pitcher and just leave it in the fridge. It gets better a few days later.
If I were entertaining, I would add fresh fruit, but for my personal use, this is easy and quick.

What Will I Be When I Grow Up?

HL and I just had the most delightful conversation. It started something like this…

HL: Mama, what do you think I should be when I grow up?

Me: I don’t know. What would you like to be?

HL: I think I’ll work at a restaurant. Maybe McDonald’s.

Me: Don’t you want to OWN the restaurant instead of working at a restaurant?

HL (took it over from here): Yes. I think I want to have a restaurant and call it The Blue House and it’ll be blue and look like a house.

I think I’ll serve, on the kid’s menu, chicken tenders and goldfish salad and little tiny pizzas.

On the adult menu I’ll have steak and corned beef hash and for dessert I’ll have Francey Fancy desserts like ice cream with chocolate and cherries.

I think it’ll be in France. That’s why the desserts are Francey Fancy. They’ll look like that France building.

Me: The Eiffel Tower?

HL: No. That other building in France. I think I’ll have a teenager menu too because they like things that kids and adults don’t like.

Me: (a lot of nodding, grinning and giggling inside) I love you, Henry :)

That boy just makes me smile! Maybe one day YOU can have a Francey Fancy dessert at The Blue House in France.

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