My Addiction

I have an addiction. And I’m going to face it here and now.

I’m addicted to


I am. I love them. I’d go every single day if I could. I would spend $2000 a month there if I (a) had it and (b) had somewhere to put it and (c) cooked enough to use it all.

I love the colors. I love the smells. I love the packaging. I love the pretty meats and seafood. I love love LOVE the fruits and veggies.

Maybe it’s an OCD thing. I mean, everything is lined up so nice and neat and the labels are all lined up perfectly. It’s nothing for me to go (alone) to the store and spend an hour just roaming slowly along each aisle – EVEN if I’ve been to that store a million times before. That said, I can go to the store and get an entire list of things in 15 minutes if I put my mind to it!

And then the lists. I love lists. I have lists of lists. And making a grocery list is just so much fun. And then marking it off… oh, don’t get me started.

I’m kinda a grocery store snob, too. I will ONLY shop at Publix or Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. I refuse to go to Kroger and there’s no way in effing hell I’ll shop at Wal-Mart. Never. Not a chance. Hell, I won’t even GO to Wal-Mart.

It’s also amazing to me how much STUFF is in the store. Just pick a section – look at the oils. There are probably 100 different oils available. And for each one available, there are 5-10 available for sale. So that’s 500-1000 pieces of inventory JUST IN THE OIL SECTION. Step down the aisle to the salad dressings. Do the math. That’s a lot of production. Multiply that by the number of Publix stores in a 10 mile radius. Get the idea? Somebody had to make those oils and dressings. Somebody had to hire the people to make the oils and dressings. All of those employees have families to support. Just take a minute. Think about the impact in the country of ONE BOTTLE OF OIL.

Maybe I’m a freak. Maybe some of y’all love grocery stores as much as I do. (If so, please let me know so I know I’m not alone) Maybe I just gave you a reason to slow down and enjoy one of life’s strange pleasures.

Maybe I need a 12-step program.


Ok. I reread this and I sound like a real freak. But I know SOMEBODY out there has the same addiction. Oh well, I’m gonna hit publish and go to the grocery store!

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  1. I’m not as bad as you, but I do love to grocery shop! That’s really the only shopping I like to do! Well Publix & Target (but no groceries there). I lost you when you switched to WP, but now I’ll get you by email.

    • Careful with the lists…….LOL…..just make sure that you throw them away when you’re through with them !! Especially the lists of lists….otherwise HL will have go through them & toss them in 60 years or so !! You know what I mean??

      But I,, too, LOVE grocery stores……I even spent an hour or so in Belgium & Ireland years ago going through to see what the grocery store was like… Uh Oh !!!

  2. My husband is understanding of my grocery store snobbery even if he doesn’t understand it. We are still waiting for our Whole Foods, and you can bet as soon as we get one, we will have to increase our grocery budget. I have been into a Wal-Mart once in the last two years, and it was for a very serious problem (we were going out of town THAT NIGHT and didn’t have a DVD player for our one year old!). My friends don’t understand how I could spend as much as I do at the store. I don’t understand why people don’t spend more money on their food!

    • I don’t understand how they don’t spend more on groceries either. I’ve gotten our grocery budget down to about $400/month for 3 of us and 2 pets. We eat well enough but have other obligations at this point. I don’t hate you for going to Wal-Mart for a DVD player :) It was an emergency!!


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