Pulling a The David Cook for Charity – Group B Strep International

Pulling a The David Cook for Charity – Group B Strep International

Who is Charity and what does she have to do with The David Cook? Haha! There is no Charity, unless you used to be on the payroll at the Gold Club (“high end” strip club caught in controversy years ago in Atlanta).

Well, now that we know there’s no Charity involved, what the hell does The David Cook have to do with anything? And yes, it’s The David Cook from American Idol. And no, I have never and WILL never watch an episode of AI. Anyway…my dear friend Aunt Becky over at Mommy Wants Vodka has been actively trying to screw with SEO (aka Search Engine Optimization) and get to the top of the Google page for searches about John C. Mayer. She got up to #2 with her posts, but her Pranksters (loyal followers) reached #1 with some of their awesome posts pulling a John C. Mayer on other celebrities!

So today, as a group, we are doing a play on Pulling a John C. Mayer for charity. Except we’re calling it Pulling a The David Cook for Charity Prank this time. For obvious reasons, such as John C. Mayer is kinda lame and The David Cook actually is philanthropic (and apparently awesome).

My charity is of course dear to my heart. Since we were unaware of the implications of Group B Strep when Charlie was born (and when he died), I wanna drive traffic and awareness to Group B Strep International. This is an organization formed in 2006 by two parents of Group B Strep babies. Their babies were both stillborn at term from Group B Strep infection. Group B Strep International has a goal of being a central resource for GBS information in a variety of languages for both the general public and medical professionals.

I have been involved with Group B Strep International since its formation in a few ways. I traveled with the group (before they formed Group B Strep International) to the ACOG (American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) convention in 2004, while I was pregnant with Henry. There we talked to OB/GYNs and midwives who were there about making sure they were following Group B Strep protocol laid out by the CDC. We put faces with the statistics. Two families were represented who had lost babies at term, a family was represented whose daughter contracted Group B Strep at 3 days old and suffers setbacks to this day from the infection. I represented the very small statistic of those who lose a child to late-onset Group B Strep.

Over the last 8 or so years, individuals involved with Group B Strep International have successfully gotten July designated as Group B Strep Awareness Month. We spoke to the CDC – in person – and had a hand in getting Group B Strep protocols changed for 2010. This has decreased the rate of infected babies tremendously. See the Group B Strep International page for exact numbers.

All women are tested for Group B Strep at 35-37 weeks gestation. If positive, they will receive antibiotics during labor to suppress the bacteria. If their status is unknown at the time of labor, they will also receive antibiotics. There are other indications for treatment that can be found here.

Early onset Group B Strep is classified as GBS infection from birth to 7 days of age. Most cases of EOGBS are from the mother being positive during labor. Most all of these cases are treated easily with antibiotics.

Late-onset Group B Strep is classified as GBS infection from 7 days old to 3 months old (or later). LOGBS can come either from the mother during labor or from “elsewhere” meaning, well, from anywhere else in the environment. We all carry Group B Strep as a natural bacteria and it can be passed through poor hand washing, having had scalp electrodes during labor, being exposed to contaminated equipment and having meconium staining during labor.

Late-onset Group B Strep, according to Group B Strep International, presents with symptoms of sepsis, meningitis, and strokes.

There are stories on the Group B Strep International site, including Charlie’s. You want the crazy stats on the rare occurrence of late-onset GBS (late-onset Group B Strep)?

  • 4 babies out of 10,000 will contract late-onset Group B Strep
  • 5% of those babies will die
  • 30% of the babies will suffer long-term damage such as hearing loss, cerebral palsy, seizures…
  • 60ish% of the babies will suffer no damage after receiving proper treatment.

More information about Group B Strep can be found at Group B Strep International‘s site! Maybe The David Cook will decide to be the spokesperson for Group B Strep International one day. OR he’ll just write them a big check!


* Here’s where I get on my knees and beg you to comment. USING the term Group B Strep International, Group B Strep or GBS and The David Cook. Great! You may now go about your regular business!

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  1. GBS and The David Cook….did I do this right??

    • Yes. You just have to say something about Group B Strep or Group B Strep International and The David Cook. Rock on, Mama! <3 Thanks!

  2. Jana – I’m sure Charlie would be so proud of you. It’s great that you turned your negative experience with GBS into a positive movement to protect and save other babies. I never heard of Group B Strep until I tested positive with my last baby. I felt dirty until the doctor and midwife told me everyone carries the bacteria. I’m deadly allergic to penicillin and amoxicillin so I made sure when they gave me two doses of antibiotics during labor that it was not in the penicillin family. Thankfully, I have a healthy, spunky 17-month-old. Good luck with Group B Strep International.
    P.S. Love the new website.

    • Thanks Chastity! I’m so glad your little one is so spunky and all was well with your delivery! Group B Strep is very natural but in babies (and older, immunosuppressed people) can be very dangerous. Any press GBS International can get is great. And maybe The David Cook approves! Haha!

  3. Hi Jana, What a great Idea to get the word out about Group B Strep. As Chastity said, I also am sure that Charlie is looking down upon you with more love and admiration than you realize. It takes a special person to put for the effort to help bring about awareness of such terrible disease, and turn your experience, pain and grief into something productive, that will help countless others. We all have heard from people who have expressed to us how much our stories helped them influence their care about GBS, how our strength to move on and do something about it. I think we also give hope to people who have lost a child from Group B Strep, that it is possible to have a healthy pregnancy, and to fufill their dreams of having another child, and beat Group B Strep with the knowledge we provide.

    Although I wish I never had to meet you and Marti ( Co-founder of GBSI), under these circumstances, I am blessed to have know two such compassionate people, and excellent roll models as mothers. Although we may not like the paths chosen for us, It all comes together now why we have been led down this path.

    Anywho….. Great job on this blog, and here’s to hoping that this gets the attention it deserves!..

    Best of luck with *The David Cook* for Charity – Group B Strep International” non charity. :)

    • Thanks, John! I linked it on the Group B Strep International facebook page! I agree that I wish I had never HAD to meet you, Marti, Pam and Robin, but am so glad that our paths have led us to do good in this world and help mothers who are scared and even grieving. Maybe The David Cook will write y’all a check!! :)

  4. Group B Strep International is doing wonderful work bringing awareness to something most people never even give thought to, and I think Jana is incredibly wonderful to help further their cause.

    • Thanks! I hope The David Cook thinks so, too!
      Group B Strep is bad but Group B Strep International is full of the awesome!

  5. Good Job Jana! All it takes is one person to make many, many people aware of Group B Strep. Hopefully The David Cook takes notice too. I <3 You!

  6. You rock – proud of you for bring awareness to Group B Strep. Loving The David Cook.

  7. Finally have enough time to comment on your Group B Strep International, Group B Strep and GBS post. Also The David Cook. There. Is that good? I used all three and The David Cook!

    In all seriousness, this is totally awesome and I love that you’re bringing awareness to GBS with this. I didn’t know GBS could be this serious.

    Also, The David Cook. I had to look him up, I don’t watch AI and I didn’t know who he is!

    • Haha! Awesome! I love it! And yes, GBS can be that serious. The type Charlie had is pretty rare and he was “the statistic”. keep on holding out on AI. I know I am! I refuse to watch :)

  8. I was a carrier for group b strep and quickly educated myself during my first pregnancy and my following pregnancies. I was tested early because of miscarrages and my Dr. noticed that the infection kept coming back so I was then labeled a carrier. Not many people really know what it is all about and how serious the condition can be. I suffered from 4 miscarriages before my first baby was born and I often wonder if GBS had something to do with it. I also had 2 of my 3 babies born premie and leaked fluid with 2 of my pregnancies- which scared me to death. Luckily I got antibiotics in time even though I had swift labors. I often worry what if I didn’t catch the leaking in time b/f the strep spread, since it was very light. Or what if I had gone into labor earlier than the 35-37 week testing period and delivered before I got the appropriate antibiotics. Or what if you test negative, but then are positive at birth. With me the antibiotics would clear up the infection for a short time, but after later testing it was back. Luckily I have 3 healthy children, but had to educate myself and be a self advocate during my pregancies. Thanks Jana for sharing the awareness! Reguardless of the statistics, when something like this happens to you you realize that it can happen to anyone.

  9. Oh don’t you know it would be so awesome if The David Cook would write a big check for Group B Strep International one day!

  10. Thank you for spreading the word about Group B Strep. Friend’s of ours lost their precious baby, Sadie in 2006 and founded Sadie’s Gift benefiting Johns Hopkins PICU in her honor (www.sadiesgift.org).

    The David Cook does have an awesome philanthropic heart and I’m sure this will bring him a smile.

  11. You have done an amazing job educating parents about Group B Strep and sharing information through Group B Strep International. I’m proud of all the work you do and I bet that The David Cook would be too if he knew you!

    • Thanks, Lee! Hey, you didn’t put a link to your site on the footer… do that if you want! :)
      I’m sure The David Cook will check out your site after he hits up Group B Strep International!

  12. So I spent like 23 minutes trying to come up with something witty to say about The David Cook and Group B Strep, but I’m spent, there’s not really anything witty about Group B Strep, and I just think The David Cook is boring. The David Cook’s music leaves something to be desired, and Group B Strep can go jump off a cliff and die. I don’t think The David Cook will know what hit him in a couple of days.

    • Haha! That’s perfect! The David Cook is gonna be so pumped about all the publicity. I’m not the only one doing it. Just the only one talking about Group B Strep :)

      • Oh I know. And The David Cook will too, soon. I see a “big” blog writing about the entire John C. Mayer – The David Cook movement. It’ll be like BAM.

  13. Hey Jana, Thanks for visiting my The David Cook. Sounds like your organization could use the traffic. Why is something like GBS so unknown…I’d think that anything that is easy to prevent should be sung from the rafters. Go you!

    • Thanks! It was a great post you had there! Group B Strep is decently known. Doctors test for it at the end of a pregnancy but so many do it without discussing it with the patient and therefore it tends to freak people out. There needs to be more awareness of what to look for if your baby contracts Group B Strep and how to be an advocate for yourself during pregnancy! Fun stuff Aunt Becky gets into, huh?

  14. Jana,
    This is a wonderful entry about Group B Strep, it’s so sad that Dr’s don’t know more about it. I don’t know who The David Cook is. I don’t watch American Idol any more since the rock singers never win. LOL!

  15. I think it is excellent what The David Cook could be doing for Group B Strep.

  16. Here’s to the David Cook going all out to support Group B Strp International. Rock on Jana, you are a crusader!

  17. You’re an amazing person. Thank you for bringing light to this cause :)

    But as you know, I’m going to pimp out my blog now, because that’s what we do! :)

    • Hey! Thanks! I’m off to see how you The David Cook-ed your charity. See if you did it better than I did for Group B Strep International! (shameless plug again)

  18. Good job pulling a The David Cook. Thanks for sharing about Group B Strep International. What a wonderful organization!

  19. Great job pulling a The David Cook for Group B Strep International, Group B Strep or GBS

    Stop by and check out my effort at pulling a The David Cook for Susan G. Komen for the Cure

  20. Well done, fellow prankster! Thanks for pulling a The David Cook for Group B Strep International. I was tested for and found to have Group B Strep during my pregnancy and it was a relief to know how to treat it from the beginning.

    And now I gotta pimp my own blog (hope you don’t mind)


    Let’s go Pranksters!

  21. I tested positive for GBS with my fourth child and was so worried that I wouldn’t have time to get to the hospital to deliver and they wouldn’t get me the antibiotics in time ( I only had about 20 mins to spare with #3). I did get there in time. Did get the meds. Have a healthy 18 month old now. I now realize the doc kinda downplayed the seriousness when I expressed some concern after getting a bit of info on the ‘net. He actually laughed at me a bit and suggested I not rely on the internet for medical information. Whatever.

    Oh..and The David Cook. :)

    • Not surprising you got laughed off by the doctor. They’re good at that :) I’m so glad your daughter is happy and healthy!

  22. Here’s to the David Cook!!! Knock it dead!!


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