The Good, The Bad and The David Cook

Happy Friday, y’all! Today’s post is brought to you by … ah hell, I don’t have any sponsors :( It’s just brought to you by me. Little ole me. But that makes me think, maybe I should get some sponsors *wheels turning* and make some money. Hmm…

Anyway. Let’s do this!


  • My New Blog: I can’t tell you how excited I am about my blog redesign. Lee was so much help and I am so appreciative! It really makes me feel calm and serene when I see it. Too bad it didn’t look like this when I went off on the people that starved their kid. But that’s not “good” so I’m not going to talk about it. I’ve gotten so many compliments about the site and want to say thank you to all of you for reading! Bookmark me! Get the RSS feed! Subscribe! Whatever… pass the link along to your friends!
  • My Baby Can Read: Well, he’s not reading War and Peace or anything, but he brought home a reader the other day and READ IT TO ME!! He’s doing so great at school and I’m just oozing with pride. We had his conference last week and his teacher said Henry is a “great helper and loves being a friend to all. His handwriting has improved.” I was so concerned about the transition from Montessori of Macon to Austin Elementary (a DeKalb public school) but it’s really been an easy transition for him! And now he’s reading! Means I gotta watch my P’s and Q’s (and not wear my SYWM shirt in front of him).
  • Fall Weather: Enough said, right? It’s finally cooling off. Finally cool enough to wear a long sleeve shirt (with shorts, but that’s ok). Henry can wear his cute hoodie to school. He can finally wear his Austin sweatshirt he’s been begging to wear since July! And pumpkins! And corn mazes! And FALL! Which means it’s almost winter… my favorite season of all!
  • Mystery Reading: Yesterday I went to be the Mystery Reader in Henry’s class. The kids don’t know who is coming in to read to them, including Henry! It just so happened that as I turned the corner from the office, HE turned the corner to go to the water fountain. He saw me and froze. Then started jumping up and down! It was so stinking cute! I read a few books to them: The Seed and The Giant Saguaro, Barn Sneeze, The Tooth Book and Why is Blue Dog Blue. They loved it…especially Barn Sneeze. The kid whose parent is there for reading gets to sit in the special seat next to them and “help” read! It was so much fun and I can’t wait to do it again!
  • Eating for Good Causes: Last night was Austin night at Sweet Tomatoes so Henry and I went to get some yummy salad and stuff for dinner (Jason’s out of town). Afterwards, we hit Coldstone for the World’s Largest Ice Cream Social. A little girl named Kate made it her wish through Make-A-Wish to design the flavor for this big event. It was a great apple concoction called Kate’s Creation! Free ice cream and we made a donation! Perfect end to the night!


  • None of my clothes fit: Do I really have to tell y’all what that means? I didn’t think so.


  • Really? Do I have to tell you what The David Cook means? Have you not figured it out by now? I’ve been whoring myself out on Facebook and Twitter about it for 3 days now. If you’ve not read the post about Group B Strep International and The David Cook, please do so. And comment. People are posting some wonderful The David Cook for Charity pranks on great charities. Some you’ve heard of, some you haven’t. To see more, go to the comments at Mommy Wants Vodka’s post about it.

Until next week’s edition of The Good, The Bad and The…

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