Conversation Of The Day (Maybe the YEAR)

Pulling out of Chick-fil-A post-soccer practice.

Henry: Mom, I need you to buy me a tux.

Me: A what?

Henry: A tuxedo.

Me: Why do you need a tuxedo? (knowing good and well something completely unbelievable was about to come out of his mouth)

Henry: Well, I have that playdate with Jane on Wednesday and I think it would be nice if I looked like a handsome gentleman.

Me: (God, I wish I was kidding that my 6 year old thinks like this… it’s ALL his Daddy’s fault.) Uh…

Henry: Yeah. She’s kinda shy around me and I want her to like me so if I look nice, she will. Right? I mean, the tuxedo will be the key.

Me: Uh… I think she’s shy because, well, that’s just how girls are at your age. You’re shy, too, Henry. And the tuxedo is never the key.

Henry: I know. But I don’t want her to be shy around me. I like her.

Me: Baby, you don’t need a tux to show her how cool you are.

Henry: (embarrassed) MooOOOooom…. (blushing)

The End.

There will be no tuxedo for the playdate. Jane will be lucky if there’s a clean playroom for the playdate.

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  1. Henry is gonna make some lucky girl a good husband one day!

  2. Last time I checked, he was only 6 !! Most guys don’t think like this until…….waaaaaay……………………….waaaaaaaay later !! Like YEARS later.

  3. My daughter is 4. Healthy difference. Probably not healthy me bringing it up, but she and I had to dance prince/princess for about 25 minutes yesterday, so I think she’d totally dig a tux.

    Classic story–I love it. I just love that he could pop back and forth between tux and tuxedo seemlessly.

  4. That is just about the sweetest thing ever. I am very touched!

  5. this is the most adorable thing ever! awesome!

  6. So cute. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful moment. I hope they have a great time.

  7. Oh, Henry! He is too too cute! I hope that the play date goes well. :)

  8. So adorable! Hope the playdate is tons of fun!

    • They’ll have a blast I’m sure! They’re cute and shy around each other at first and then they warm up to each other. It’s a Star Wars playdate!!

  9. My husband – no joke – wore a suit everyday when he was in first grade. Dapper little fella he was. Now he dresses like a hobo.

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