Did This Really Happen?

Saturday morning, New York City.

Sun is out. The breeze is cold and crisp.

The continental breakfast at the hotel just isn’t cutting it. (side note: What does “continental breakfast” even mean? There’s nothing from all the continents. There’s nothing exotic. What’s the deal?)

We must find a place with greasy meat and eggs.

We had passed a diner called Andrew’s Coffee Shop and thought that might be a good place to hit. Cute little place. Great food.

Of course, the waiter wants to know where we’re from with our thick accents. Me, mostly. He’s half smitten with Henry and his bubbly personality. He’s attentive and very personable. He goofs off with Henry saying in his big thick Jersey accent, “What chu doooin” and “Get outta heeeeah.” Henry’s eating it up!

We eat giant plates of pancakes, eggs, bacon, French toast… then he brings the check.

We pay.

He comes back with change and looks at Henry and says out of the blue, “What do you think my name is?”

Who asks that? Strange.

I’ll give you a hint,” he says. “It starts with a C.”

Jason and I look at each other, knowing. KNOWING what was about to come out of his mouth.

Henry says “Carl.”

The waiter says, “No. It’s CHARLIE.

As tears fill my eyes and Jason’s eyes, Kaye and Henry giggle with Charlie and I hear nothing except him say, “He’s a real angel.”

Jason and I look at each other with sheer disbelief. Did he just say that? Was he talking about Henry? Or about our Charlie? He said it while looking at Henry. He didn’t say, “YOU’RE a real angel.” Interesting…

We talk about it later. About how strange it was that (a) he asked us to guess what his name was and (b) that it created that reaction from the two of us. We both admitted to thinking right then and there that if we went back and asked to sit in Charlie’s section, they would have no idea who we were talking about. That he was not actually there.

We agreed that going back would just freak us out.

Do things like that actually happen in real life? Could someone really have NOT been there to others and been there to us? I know it’s WAY far fetched, but that’s how it felt. Like once we left, he wasn’t there anymore. That it was just meant for us.

But that doesn’t explain how he was waiting on another table or how the people knew what we ordered.

It does further explain one thing, though.

Everybody loves a Charlie.



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  1. wow.

    that’s awesome. and Im totally with you on it being just for you and it does happen like that.

  2. I had to go back in your archives a little to understand (because we’ve just met). And now I’m crying. I love that this happened to you. Wow.

  3. Amazing! I believe it was just for you guys! Just a little sign to show he’s always around & he loves his little brother!

    Side note: I would have had to go back! Lol

    • I wanted to go back. We DID walk back by and I looked in but didn’t see him but you know, it was another day and maybe he was in the back or something. *shrugs* Makes you wonder…

  4. oh girl. i don’t even know what to say. hugs and tears.

  5. Lizzard72 says:

    I love those miracles that take our breath away. :). I hope it brought you joy as the other reminders do.


  6. Guardian angels DO exist ….. and DO watch over us !! Especially Charlie, because “Everyone loves a Charlie ! ”
    Love, Nana

  7. I’m still trying to retrieve my heart from the pit of my stomach. It fell when I read ‘it starts with c’.

  8. Charlie changed your heart forever on the day he was born, and tragically again when he passed. There are two rooms in your heart that only his Spirit and certain identity can ever fill. This gift of Love was only for you alone and bathed in the Light of the World. I trust as your needs _spoken and unspoken_ reach his ear, you will have more moments like these over time, the sweet citrus of reunion, the warm blush of forever, a concrete reminder he lives on and knows you belong to him forever.


  9. Awww…..

    That was definitely your Charlie letting you know he was in NYC with his family.

  10. That’s completely amazing, Jana. I think I couldn’t have gone back in either. I had something minorly similar happen after my mom passed away and I still firmly believe it was a message from her.

  11. Amazing! Guardian angels are all around us – yours was definitely in NYC looking out for you. ((HUGS))

  12. My grandparents watch over us. I never really believed so til I met Bobina and the girls. I feel them many times, ESP when I am in stress or sickness.

    Charlie is with you everyday. Having your heart and mind open to that belief is vital to your family.

    Awesome post. I may or may not have teared.

    • Oh, I’m ALWAYS open to it. I’m very in tune to it all. This was just, well, just wow. I love that you know your grandparents are with you. It’s an awesome feeling. Sorry to make you tear. Again. 😉

  13. Great post. Enjoy the blessing. It sounds like the experience lifted your heart and you sharing it lifted mine. Thank you.

  14. Allie Gresham says:

    What’s up with you making me cry today! What an incredible and special moment!!! Loves you!

  15. Michael W. Smith Angels Unaware:
    But maybe there is more than meets the eye
    Who’s that stranger, there, beside you?
    Don’t be smug and don’t be cruel
    Maybe we are entertaining angels unaware

    based off Hebrews 13:2

    The LORD takes great pleasure in reminding us just how special we are to Him! :) Thanks for sharing!


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