Celebrating Independence

Celebrating Independence

July 4, 2011.

Our beautiful and amazing country, who is not without her shortcomings, declared herself free 235 years ago. As my friend Lance said, she looks pretty good for her age. She’s obviously not perfect, but she’s ours. And we love her. And we’ll do whatever we can to protect her.

And we, as patriotic citizens, throw big ass parties each year to celebrate her, complete with parades, beer and fruity drinks, burgers, mosquitoes and even mind-blowing and limb-losing fireworks.

Today, we cashed in on our new location by WALKING the half-mile to Dunwoody Village to camp out for the parade.

I couldn’t help but snap pictures of my handsome kid in his too-small helmet (yes, we’re getting him a new one this week).

I’m pretty sure Jason needs a BIGGER bike or he needs to shrink a little. We told him he should go get in the parade route and ride in circles like a Shriner.

Henry and my friend Kitty’s daughter, Lilly, being silly before making googly eyes at each other.

Eh, couldn’t resist this one.

We found friends from his kindergarten class, like Lindsey (and later his friend Ava).

The US Marine Corps Band opened the parade, doing what they always do… bringing tears to the eyes of those of us who are completely grateful for EVERYthing they do to keep us free.

The kids were even awe-struck.


Super cool Jeep with a Vietnam vet from the Coast Guard riding along. Henry and Lilly could be heard yelling, “Thank you” to them! So sweet!

Look! Uncle Sam says, “RUN DUNWOODY!”

My baby. Caught saluting the Army Band… without prompting him. I’m really really proud of this.

And the lady with the orange hat? Was the saint of the parade. The kids (Ben, Lilly and Henry) all jumped around in front of her, probably stepped on her and even conned her into letting them store their candy in her bag! And was gracious about it all!

A bug? Yes. A bug. This TWO INCH LONG and INCH TALL beetle tried to kill me. Twice. By attacking my toes. I did the “ZZZZZOOOOOMMMMMMGGGGG GET OFF ME dance twice.” And upon trying to squish it to death, realized a shotgun would be needed to eradicate it.

Oh, lookie! Nothing says Happy Independence Day! quite like Jack Sparrow.

And wenches.

Or elderly ladies twirling batons in faux-sequin dresses and hose.

I just really liked this sign. I thought it was cute and to the point.

And the end of the parade? Was an entire band of people dressed like this man with the tuba. Playing the Black Eyed Peas, too!

And now we’re home in the air conditioning, watching a movie On Demand and listening to it storm outside. Most of all being thankful for the freedoms that we celebrate today.


We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal;

that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights;

that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

US Declaration of Independence

July 4, 1776



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  1. Love the old ladies!!!

  2. And I could have BEEN one of those OLD LADIES !!! Maybe next year …..don’t let me forget, cause I’m OLD, ya know !

  3. Just your pic of the US Marine Corps Band brought tears to my eyes

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