A {Week} Day In The Life

Yesterday, I noticed a hashtag on Twitter, #weekinmylife, and I had to ask about it. Adventuroo is hosting a week-long blog party where you capture parts of your daily life and document them. It’s sponsored by ThisLife, a new app I’m DYING to try!

I’m late to the party which is HIGHLY unusual for me as I’m normally 5 minutes early, but I’m participating today. All day, I’ll be updating this post and will publish it tonight when I go to bed!

Enjoy my day!


6:30: hit snooze

6:39: hit snooze

6:48: hit snooze


7:00-7:30: Fuss with Henry about getting dressed, brushing his teeth and eating his breakfast. We do this EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. and it never changes. He acts surprised every morning that he has to do those things. What??

7:35: Walk HL to school.

7:40: Get in the car, head to return library books.

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7:45: Drop cards in the mail. One to Chrissi after her surgery and one to another Band member with biz cards.
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#weekinmylife 2

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7:47: Starbucks, thankyougod!

7:50: Home to start this post. With my venti no water nonfat chai.

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#weekinmylife 3

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Yadda yadda yadda

Lost track of time writing this post and moderating Band Back Together comments, updating the BB2G spreadsheet, reading new posts that have come in.

Got annoyed. Looked at the clock and realized it’s 8:45 and I should shower.

9:30: Shower done. It even included washing hair and shaving legs. The full meal deal!

9:45: Kitchen cleaned, mail sorted, sitting down to work.

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#weekinmylife 4

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10:30: Screwed up some code on the storefront. Had a panic attack and my friend Lee saved the day and taught me how to fix it. AND I DID! Victory is mine!

11:25: Finally done paying bills and doing the budget for the second half of the month.

11:30: Texted with my friend Chrissi who had surgery yesterday. She needs some prayers while she waits on her biopsy results.

Oh whoops! It’s now 2:55 and I forgot to update.

I’ve had lunch, updated product in the store, realized that said product didn’t update right because well, I DON’T KNOW WHY BECAUSE I FOLLOWED THE INSTRUCTIONS and then got frustrated and stopped working.

Then I emailed a few people, moderated a few BB2G comments, tweeted my frustration, looked up how to put new product in AGAIN and I did it right so IT’S NOT ME. IT CAN’T BE ME.

Swept the downstairs. Contemplated the upstairs and decided against it.

I talked to Jason. He’s on a fishing trip and having a blast. I’m trying not to think of him having fun and having steak dinners without me as I eat cereal for lunch. Eh, it’s all good. I’m fine with all that.



Went to get HL and his playdate from school. I realized that it’s Fall Party Day and I’m a room mom and I may have been supposed to be there. I looked at my calendar only to realize that I put it down for next Friday. Ugh. The teacher said it went great so I can only assume either I wasn’t supposed to be there or that I’m NOT as essential to everything involving my child as I like to think I am!

Home. Snacks for kids. wii Drama.

Helped tie costumes for two boys. One is some Star Wars person. One is some IronMan thing. I hear lots of giggling.

I updated my Baby Loss post for tomorrow. And the one for BB2G. Makes me sad. And mad. Grr…

Made a second snack of the playdate and fired off a few more emails, including my hours for the week. I scanned a doc and sent it along on its merry way.

I pondered dinner. Or lack thereof.

We moseyed outside around 4 to ride bikes. I noticed how the rain really made the mums explode with color!

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#weekinmylife 5

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The boys rode and rode.

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#weekinmylife 6

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Until CRASH!

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#weekinmylife 7

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So we ordered pizza.

Again. For the second night in a row. We’re roughin’ it while Jason’s off fishing… don’t be haters!

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Domino’s burned my pizza. Luckily, I don’t care!

I got an email from my customer service gal and FIGURED OUT THE PRODUCT PROBLEM! Yay me!

Food, TV, Editing, Moderating Comments.

At 8, I sat down to write my post for tomorrow. Words aren’t coming. This is no good.

And… it’s 9:00 on Friday and I’m off to bed!

There you go. A Day in My Life.

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  1. I feel tired reading about your day. You put in an amazing bunch of stuff. Thanks for sharing. My day tomorrow now looks down right peaceful. Thanks for all the work you do with the Band. Tomorrow will be a hard day keeping good thoughts going your way for Baby Loss day. I sense your deep sadness.
    Ruth recently posted..Guarantee to fail…My Profile

    • I was tired after reading it :) There was a lot I left out. It was exhausting to write it all down, honestly! And thank you for thinking of me. ((hugs))

  2. Yay– so glad you participated! It’s such an exhausting thing to do but hopefully it was fun!

    I can’t stand when technology doesn’t work. I try to be so planned with my work time and tech issues through a wrench into everything.

    Hope the kiddo’s knee is healing well!
    Melissa {adventuroo} recently posted..Week in My Life: SaturdayMy Profile

    • It was completely exhausting. It was interesting, though, to see what all I really do in a day. Sometimes it feels like nothing. Some days it feels like I’ve conquered the world. This seems to have been a fairly average day. Now… gimme that camera bag 😉

  3. Yow, that’s quite the full day! I’m intrigued by your chai order, too. I’m always an iced venti nonfat chai girl. What’s the “no water” in yours?
    Jocelyn recently posted..Back for a secMy Profile

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