My Tipping Point

My Tipping Point

My body has decided that at the ripe old age of 35.9 (so close to 36) it’s going to desert me. It’s going to just up and quit and start acting like it hates me. Right now I weigh more than I ever have. It’s not fun. And it’s not pretty. And I’m not happy in my own skin.

I know it’s not completely to blame for the extra 25lbs I’ve got on me or the fact that my only real exercise is walking Henry to school, but it IS to blame for the insane swelling and joint pain. And for the random rashes on my lower legs. Oh, and the fact that my hormones are way out of whack. Yeah, Body, I’m talking to you.

Body, I’m putting you in your place.

Monday I see my doctor to try to figure out why I’m swelling like a puffer fish. Something is going on in my body and I’m determined to get to the bottom of it. My feet and hands and elbows and knees shouldn’t be as swollen as they are. And no, they’re not just fat. I can feel the difference.

I’m tackling the fat, too. All those extra rolls around the middle — UGH.

Starting today, my sweet friend Bonnie at Simple Nutrition and Health is putting me back on track to take my Body back. I’ll be very open and honest, though. My real plan won’t start hard core until Monday. (Tomorrow is Henry’s birthday party and all weekend we have Halloween stuff, so I’m out for one last – in moderation – hoorah!)

Anyway, Bonnie’s whipped me up a meal plan based on my body, what it’s doing, what it’s NOT doing, how I feel and what my end goals are. I have a simple, but powerful, workout plan that I can do at home without spending a fortune on a gym.

Her approach is great. From her website:

We want to make eating right as simple as can be, so you can enjoy your life without it revolving around your diet.

Simple Nutrition and Health’s entire purpose is to give you the knowledge and tools to be the healthiest, happiest you can be. Whether it’s taking control of your health or providing the best nutrition possible for your family, we want to help you!

I saw the words “simple” and “happiest” and that’s what sold me.

She can do this all via Skype, email and chat and is a dream to work with. I’ll be updating y’all on my progress. Monday will be my kickoff day, complete with a picture and all that!

Stay tuned!

ps: Go follow Bonnie at Simple Nutrition and Health on Facebook! She gives out great recipes. Also, contact her if you’re interested in her services. Her rates are great and the support is even better!

Disclaimer: All opinions here are mine, however, Bonnie is providing me with her services in exchange for my posting my results and generally pimping her business out! 

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  1. This is great! I’m also at my all time highest weight and can’t stand to get dressed anymore. I started running again today so that’s something. The weather is finally dipping here in FL so getting outside more is a dream come true. I look forward to reading about your progress. I must go LIKE the FB page now!
    Pamela Gold recently posted..Lost Edens by Jamie Patterson {A From Left to Write Book Review}My Profile

  2. kick ass, woman! kick ass and take names!
    nic @mybottlesup recently posted..remembering a museMy Profile

  3. OK I just went and liked her page. I was doing SO well with my C25K plan and eating (I Lost 10 pounds) and then I got off track about 4 weeks ago. I will be back on track MOnday so we can try this together. I am going to TRY to pick up the C25K where I left off (week 6 of the 9 week program). I’ll continue it on the treadmill but like Pamela said, it’s getting cooler here so soon I’ll take it outside. I’m going to go work on next week’s meal plan right now.
    ErinInFL recently posted..Where Old Friendships Go To DieMy Profile


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