Thorns, Roses and Rosebuds: Bring on 2012

Aah, 2011. I’m actually kinda glad to see you leaving. I’m not sure why, but it just seems like 2012 will be a better year. Maybe it’s because it’s an even number and plays into my OCDness and need for things to be nice and neat and well, 2’s are just pretty.

I know for a lot of people, 2011 has been truly the year of suckage. For some, it’s been truly amazing.

I think we fall somewhere in the middle. 2011 just “was.” Nothing spectacular. Nothing painfully horrible. Just “was.”

I’m going to reflect on the thorns (bad) and roses (good) of 2011 and ponder the rosebuds (things I’m looking forward to) for 2012. For the original thoughts behind this, see the post I did last year.

You’re cordially invited to join me in this exercise. The button code and instructions are at the bottom of the post!

2011 Thorn:

I’m actually having a hard time coming up with a thorn. It wasn’t a super duper OMGSOAWESOME stellar year, but it certainly wasn’t bad.

The only thorn I can really come up with is a dull one. I had really hoped to stick to our budget better and get ahead a little more than we did after sitting on two housing payments for 18 months. But we enjoyed a few more “yes” moments in lieu of a few more “no” moments. We enjoyed being a family and being together and being able to do some things we hadn’t done in nearly 2 years. But it hurts my number nerd part of my brain that we weren’t more vigilant!

2011 Roses:

  1. Getting to see my niece’s eyes light up when we came out of the Midtown Tunnel into New York City. Watching her take in every moment and detail of our trip and getting a text saying “it’s a trip I’ll never forget” from her 5 minutes after putting her on the plane.
  2. Selling our house. Not only selling our house, but selling it to a couple I KNOW loves it and appreciates some of the little extras we put in. Knowing it’s being taken care of is worth the wait to get it sold.

2012 Rosebuds:

I think I’m looking forward to a lot in 2012. Here are a few highlights.

  1. Working more and getting the online store for Buck Jones Nursery off the ground. Yes, you should definitely check it out {and buy some stuff}!
  2. Being settled and enjoying each other without being uprooted. I love the fact that we don’t have a lease expiring this year or a planned move or anything. It makes me be able to breathe easier. Now, to get some furniture in our empty room downstairs!
  3. Continued success personally in several areas: my site, my weight loss journey and figuring out my health issues, growing Band Back Together, and cultivating and maintaining friendships – both in real life and online.

To all of you, thank you for reading and I wish you a very happy 2012.

Drop the last year into the silent limbo of the past. 
Let it go, for it was imperfect, and thank God that it can go. 
~Brooks Atkinson

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The Best of 2011

What a fast and furious year, y’all. I decided to end the year with a few of my favorite posts, just in case you missed any of them!


In honor of Auburn’s National Championship victory over Oregon, I present to you the payoff of the Great Blog Bet of 2011 starring iHubby.

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You know how sometimes you go to a fast food place and don’t want 33.7 gallons of high fructose corn crap and just want a water? Yeah that.

Water is a Beverage, Too


This is most likely one of my favorite memories with Henry ever. From where I sit right now, I see the 16×20 version of the most amazing picture I’ve ever taken — the one of Henry in this post in the NYC Fireman’s hat. Might want to grab a tissue.

Unplanned Can Lead To The Unexpected


This is the story of my best friend after birthing her first child. It’s pretty funny!

You Mean I Have to Do WHAT?


I’ll spare you Charlie’s birthday post in lieu of a hilarious memory of Charlie and my cat Olivia.

She’ll Steal The Baby’s Breath


This post is one of my favorites. I share it with people who are newly grieving, who think that there’s a set time on grief. There’s not.

Timeline on Grief


Henry has a big heart. And a food heart apparently.

My Food Heart


I hate bathtime. That’s all.

Motherhood Exposed: Bathtime Sucks


I can’t pick just one. So you get two for September!

The Power of Believing In Something

His Heart in my Hands


Remember the fun we had with brussels sprouts? No? Here you go then:

Friday Fun: Brussels Sprouts


It was a day for learning a new answer to the big question: How many children do you have?

The Day I Got Busted Saying “One”


The eyes of a child at Christmas… there’s nothing quite like it!

Christmas Eyes

Our family wishes yours a very happy and prosperous 2012. May it bring nothing but happiness and contentment.

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Thorns, Roses and Rosebuds 2011

Last year, I posted the first installment of Thorns, Roses and Rosebuds.

Several of you joined me in sharing the Bad (Thorns), Good (Roses) and Things You’re Looking Forward To (Rosebuds) on your blog and even as a Facebook note if you didn’t have a blog.

I’m going to be doing it again this year and am giving you a heads-up so you can start planning!

It will post on New Year’s Day, so go ahead and get excited!

Instructions on how to participate:

1. Grab the button to put in your post:

2. Write your post on your site. Let’s do ONE thorn, TWO roses and THREE rosebuds. Or, whatever you want to do!

3. Post on New Year’s Day.

4. Come back to my anchor post on New Year’s Day and link up with me!

5. Have a WONDERFUL 2012!

Christmas Eyes

Christmas Eyes

Here’s the obligatory post-Christmas photo recap.

I was mesmerized by the light in Henry’s eyes this year.

He seemed to wake up on Christmas morning having grown another inch and aged another 6 months… overnight.

This was on Christmas Eve, just before going upstairs with me and Jason to read The Night Before Christmas. He was saying goodbye to Watkins, the elf, and was getting rather sad. He took Watkins over to his stocking to leave him for Santa and whispered something to him. I’m not sure what he said, but the sadness on his face made me sad, too.

Sad eyes.

Upon running into the living room to see what Santa left. “Magic happened” eyes.

Oh, a BB gun… from Daddy. Look at that stare! “OH MY GOSH, THIS IS MINE” eyes!

He got a new bike (thank goodness) from Mammaw. His other one was half this size and he LOVED it. His new one is slime green and totally awesome! Excited eyes!

Nerf Tag with Rock. He got shot in the chest! Laughing eyes!

Trying to be sneaky. Bright-eyed boy!

Loving his new skateboard. Though that’s about all he knows how to do with it right now. Pretty sure those eyes are going to be rolling at me soon when I try to take a picture of him, though.

It was a great Christmas. Santa brought a few well-chosen gifts, the grandparents brought a few well-chosen gifts and it made for a very happy and very grateful family.

Now to clean up this mess and think about what my goals for 2012 are going to be!

One of them is to figure out how to capture the twinkle in his eyes more!


From Our Family to Yours!

From Our Family to Yours!

Merry Christmas!

We haven’t sent real-live, arrive in your mailbox cards in 9 years. We didn’t send them the year Charlie died and just never picked up the tradition again. Some things still remain pushed to the side.

We love getting cards from everybody and seeing their kids and families grow.

This year I decided we should send y’all a card. But you’ll have to see it here on my bloggity blog!

I just want to say that this year has brought lots of exciting things — changes, improvements and all that jazz. On the other hand, I know for some it’s brought divorce, separation, the loss of a child or close a family member or friend.

May this holiday, whether you’re celebrating joyfully or celebrating while finding your new normal, bring you peace and love and joy. And with the close of the year, my family wishes yours a very prosperous 2012.

Christmas is forever, not for just one day,
for loving, sharing, giving, are not to put away
like bells and lights and tinsel, in some box upon a shelf.
The good you do for others is good you do yourself…
~Norman Wesley Brooks, “Let Every Day Be Christmas,” 1976

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