Petting The Tree

Petting The Tree

Yesterday our tree went up. In true Anthoine fashion, we did it the same way we have every year since we were dating.

This year, though, unlike others where we’ve driven 2 hours to Atlanta to buy a tree from Big John’s Trees, we live 1/4 mile from one of their locations. If we were feeling spry, we probably could’ve walked our tree home. But alas, we weren’t.

Jason had to go to the office for a bit and so Henry and I went to the grocery store to get our hors d’oeuvres. Once he was home, we loaded up and hit the tree lot.

The beauty about a lot like Big John’s is that they have lots of different types of trees to choose from.

We walked and walked…

The typical frasier fir, the majestic noble fir and others. One jumped out at us though.

A White Pine.

A what? A Pine? That’s not majestic!

But if you think that, you’d be wrong.

The nice young man saw me petting (yes, petting) the tree and came over to see if we’d made up our minds. He took off his glove and started petting the tree, too. It was THAT GORGEOUS and DELICIOUS!

The branches were perfectly placed, the needles hung just the right amount. The tree was exquisite. And had to be mine. If for no other reason than I had already seemingly violated it by petting it so much.

Henry found a tree he wanted to “adopt” because it looked like it needed love. How could you NOT get this tree?

Back home we went. We have this same picture for the last 14 years (obviously some are without Henry)… I need to dig those up!

We unloaded the tree and placed it into the stand. One shot y’all, and it was perfectly placed. I removed the netting and the tree was as gorgeous as it was on the lot.

The hors d’oeuvres were lined up, A Christmas Story was turned on and the decorating began.

Only the tree was so beautiful, we didn’t put any of our ornaments on it. We simply put red glass balls and lights.

The limbs are too tender to hold the (obsessively massive) sterling silver ornament collection I have and honestly, it could’ve stood by itself with NOTHING and been as gorgeous as it is right now.

If you come over this Christmas, I won’t laugh at you if you pet my tree. She’s a beauty, isn’t she?



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  1. That tree is beautiful Jana!
    Dawnie recently posted..I Will Name Him GeorgeMy Profile

  2. I totally want to pet your tree!

  3. I know fir and spruce are traditional, but pines have a special place in my heart. In MN where I grew up, we have white and red pines growing wild. Most of the Spruces are either Blue Spruce, or grown on Christmas Tree Lots. Pines just plain smell like winter to me.
    Benjamin recently posted..HouseguestMy Profile

  4. Oh my, that is a gorgeous tree.
    HereWeGoAJen recently posted..Peppermint Bark with a ToddlerMy Profile

  5. nice tree

    Our tree may have a meth problem but she’s our girl…..

    Merry Christmas, so far
    Lance recently posted..Kids in AmericaMy Profile

  6. I would totally pet that tree if I had it. Reminds me of a (MUCH) fuller Charlie Brown Tree. We had a tree one year that looked so good after we got the lights on it that we never hung one single ornament on it.
    Mandi McClure recently posted..Naughty ElfMy Profile

  7. Oh, it’s GORGEOUS! We walked past the trees outside the grocery store today and I just stood there inhaling like a weirdo. Alas, no real tree for us until we’re out of the condo and removal is easier.

  8. It is beautiful, and I would totally pet it!

    I’ve never had a real tree, but one day I’m going to do it (just not this year).
    Tracie recently posted..We Have A Christmas Song DilemmaMy Profile

  9. I believe in petting a beautiful tree. The decorations are lovely.
    Ruth recently posted..Darkside of SantaMy Profile

  10. Love it Jana! It’s so beautiful! And it looks like you guys had a great day with the yummy snacks and the movie and the decorating!

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