#FineChinaFriday: The Goblets

#FineChinaFriday: The Goblets

I am the proud owner of two very special sterling silver goblets.

When Jason and I were getting married, my grandmother (Mimi) was in the throes of Alzheimer’s disease, a disease that robbed her of many memories, including my wedding.

She always gave fabulous wedding gifts. To everyone. Most gifts were sterling or Waterford crystal. Mine shouldn’t be any different, even if she didn’t really know what she was giving.

My mom showed me two sterling silver goblets that had been tucked in a corner of our store for years. There’s really no telling how long they had been there.

They were hand engraved with our new initials – RJA and JHA – along with our wedding date.

To say they are gorgeous and special is an understatement.

They’re also hard to photograph!

So on this #FineChinaFriday, I’m raising my glass to my Mimi. She loved fine things. She gave fine things. She would be proud to know that I’m enjoying MY fine things.

What are you celebrating Friday with this week?

Remember, I want to know about it!

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More Awesome Than…

More Awesome Than…

When I saw Adam and Ali’s posts this week, I knew I needed to get in on this action. Ali had me at “The bus scene in Almost Famous > any scene in any movie ever,” because no bigger truth has ever been said in the history of the world.

And, to be honest, my brain is fried.

So without further ado, I present to you things that are more awesome than other things.

Mac > PC (obviously)

Eating cardboard > Eating Mustard > Eating Mayonnaise

Peanut Buster Parfaits > Dilly Bars > Turtle Sundaes

The Mountains > The Beach

Laughing Cow Cheese > Cream Cheese > Cottage Cheese

Sweet Tea > Any Other Non-Alcoholic Beverage

Twitter = Facebook > Pinterest > Google + > Tumblr >>>>>> MySpace

Winter > Fall > Spring > Summer

Cutting My Arm Open And Pouring Alcohol In It > Childbirth

Sharpie Pens > Bic Pens > Pencils > Drug Rep Pens

GCB > Suburgatory > 2 Broke Girls > The Middle

Bagels > Toast

Leonardo DiCaprio > Johnny Depp

Venti no water nonfat chai > A Large Coffee

Jeans > Yoga Pants > Skirts > Dresses

Year Round School > Traditional School Schedule (from experience, btw)

Laundry > Dusting > Cleaning bathrooms

New York City > Cabo > San Francisco > Atlanta

Brown > Black

The Word AwesomeSauce > Nothing.

Bourbon > Beer > Sangria > Vodka > Tequila

Yellow Easter Peeps > Any Other BS Peeps sizes/colors/flavors/characters

My Kid’s Sense of Humor > Most Other Kids’ Senses Of Humor (is that right? looks wrong.)

Living Life with Purpose > Living Life without Purpose

A Half-Full Glass > A Half-Empty Glass

Optimism > Pessimism

This Post > No Post



Dear Danica Patrick

Dear Danica Patrick

We’re big IndyCar fans around this house. One day, ONE DAY, we’ll make it to the Indy500 (taking free tickets from anyone who is giving them away).

It was sad for us when Danica Patrick jumped over to NASCAR. She may not have been the best Indy driver (consistent, though), but she did do a lot for the organization’s image.

Henry loves her. He’s been smitten with her since he was small. He’s not pleased about her move to NASCAR either because he doesn’t like watching the “slow cars” race.

But he wrote her a little piece of fan mail at school. I’ll be sending it, like the one I sent to Jimmy Buffett, to her fan mail address and maybe she’ll respond.

She did tweet at me once, see?

So, for your reading enjoyment, I present to you the letter to Danica Patrick.

Translation for those who don’t speak first grader writing.

Dear Danica Patrick, 

You are my favorite Indycar and NASCAR driver. I like your commercials. I have two toys of you. 

From Henry

Please write back. 

Maybe she will, son. Maybe she will.

Brotherly Love

I read, and loved, the book “Heaven is For Real.” If you haven’t read it, do. If you’ve lost a child and question whether Heaven is all you hope it could be for them? Read it. You won’t regret it.

In the book, a young boy faces a serious situation with a ruptured appendix, becomes septic, and dies. He is revived, and lives, but in the seconds or minutes he’s gone, he visits Heaven.

The accounts he shares, the details he remembers are vivid and bold. The story (which is a true story) will make you flush with anticipation to see it for yourself.

But I hope you wait a while to see it.

On Thursday, Henry told me he saw Heaven when he was “getting peace” (meditating in music) at school. Here is our conversation:

Me: What did it look like?

HL: It was in the clouds. There was a gold gate that was heavy.

Me: Was it cold?

HL: No. But I saw Charlie.

Me: (stunned) You did? What did he look like?

HL: He was a typical 8 year old but he had red hair like Lollie.

Me: (still stunned) Did you talk to him?

HL: No, I was just a speck in the wind so he didn’t see me.

Me: Who else was there?

HL: Scout and Olivia were there and they were playing in the clouds.

Then he changed the subject to snacks and Star Wars.

I was floored but didn’t let on that I was. I couldn’t shake it from my thoughts.

When Jason got home from his dinner, I told him. He wanted to hear it for himself, so we tried to wake Henry up. I was anxious to see if I got the same story or not.

Half asleep, Henry told the same details. But he added that he had on a football jersey and was celebrating that he’d just won the big game.

We poked for more questions but he said that’s all he knew.

We reassured him that it’s ok to see Charlie and that he’s special because he has his own personal angel. Our minds were blown but our hearts were full. They were also heavy with sadness.

With tears filling his eyes, Jason asked if Charlie was happy… “Of course he is, Dad. He’s in Heaven.”

Charlie would be 8 – turning 9 in May. And the lock of hair that the nurses gave us in the hospital was red… Redder than it was before he went into the hospital. But Henry doesn’t know either of those things.

Do I believe that Charlie visited Henry in music class? Of course I do.

Does it scare me? No way. It’s comforting to me. Our son who never knew his brother KNOWS him. He knows him in ways that nobody, none of us, will ever understand.

I hope Henry gets many more visits and can appreciate them for what they are.

Brotherly Love.



My dad has flown a plane all my life. He sold it about a year ago because he hasn’t been cleared medically to fly for several years.

It was a Cessna 172. Call numbers N12702. Booger green.

Right now I’m on a plane from Atlanta to Memphis and as always, I’m reminded of hundreds of takeoffs and landings over the years. Flying was fun to me. Well, except that time Daddy let some jackwagon take the controls and he tried to flip us over or something. I think the only reason he stopped was because of the screaming and wailing from the back seat.

But that’s not what this post is about. Sometimes we would open the windows when we were flying through really low clouds. Apparently you can do that in small planes because the cabins aren’t pressurized. I freaked if we did it all higher altitudes, but at low altitudes I was fine with it.

Reaching out and touching clouds while we were in them is something that I’ll never forget.

Fluffy. Soft. Airy.

Magical. Mystical. Amazing.


As I fly through the clouds today in this giant Delta jet, I’m reminded of those moments many years ago. Little did I know that I would be 36 and still long to reach my hand out the window and touch the clouds.

But I am. And I do. Maybe it’s because when I am flying I feel closest to Charlie. Perhaps it’s because Heaven is supposed to be made of clouds.

Maybe it’s simply because, if I can’t reach for the stars, I can reach for the clouds.

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