#FineChinaFriday 3/9/12

#FineChinaFriday 3/9/12


Happy Friday, y’all!

We’re not around the house to celebrate #FineChinaFriday, BUT I’m in Greensboro, NC, HOME OF REPLACEMENTS! I’m thinking about hitting them up tomorrow for a tour. I’m pretty sure that’s the best way to celebrate the day, right?

I want to share a few pictures from last week… make special note one. Henry was out of town with Jason last weekend and on Monday when I made his dinner he said to me, “Mom, since I missed fine china Friday, can I have my dinner on a fancy plate?”

Uh, how could I say no to THAT?

See? Only what, 4 weeks into it and he’s already trained. He commented mid-chicken-finger that it tasted so much better on the fancy plates! God, I love that kid!

Anyway, enjoy your Friday and your weekend. Make it special!

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