#FineChinaFriday: The Goblets

#FineChinaFriday: The Goblets

I am the proud owner of two very special sterling silver goblets.

When Jason and I were getting married, my grandmother (Mimi) was in the throes of Alzheimer’s disease, a disease that robbed her of many memories, including my wedding.

She always gave fabulous wedding gifts. To everyone. Most gifts were sterling or Waterford crystal. Mine shouldn’t be any different, even if she didn’t really know what she was giving.

My mom showed me two sterling silver goblets that had been tucked in a corner of our store for years. There’s really no telling how long they had been there.

They were hand engraved with our new initials – RJA and JHA – along with our wedding date.

To say they are gorgeous and special is an understatement.

They’re also hard to photograph!

So on this #FineChinaFriday, I’m raising my glass to my Mimi. She loved fine things. She gave fine things. She would be proud to know that I’m enjoying MY fine things.

What are you celebrating Friday with this week?

Remember, I want to know about it!

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  1. Some goblets are really precious and we are all aware with it…But this one., looks really vintage and very unique…Thanks for your great adventure shared us here…
    Adriene recently posted..Tomira DatingMy Profile

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