More Awesome Than…

More Awesome Than…

When I saw Adam and Ali’s posts this week, I knew I needed to get in on this action. Ali had me at “The bus scene in Almost Famous > any scene in any movie ever,” because no bigger truth has ever been said in the history of the world.

And, to be honest, my brain is fried.

So without further ado, I present to you things that are more awesome than other things.

Mac > PC (obviously)

Eating cardboard > Eating Mustard > Eating Mayonnaise

Peanut Buster Parfaits > Dilly Bars > Turtle Sundaes

The Mountains > The Beach

Laughing Cow Cheese > Cream Cheese > Cottage Cheese

Sweet Tea > Any Other Non-Alcoholic Beverage

Twitter = Facebook > Pinterest > Google + > Tumblr >>>>>> MySpace

Winter > Fall > Spring > Summer

Cutting My Arm Open And Pouring Alcohol In It > Childbirth

Sharpie Pens > Bic Pens > Pencils > Drug Rep Pens

GCB > Suburgatory > 2 Broke Girls > The Middle

Bagels > Toast

Leonardo DiCaprio > Johnny Depp

Venti no water nonfat chai > A Large Coffee

Jeans > Yoga Pants > Skirts > Dresses

Year Round School > Traditional School Schedule (from experience, btw)

Laundry > Dusting > Cleaning bathrooms

New York City > Cabo > San Francisco > Atlanta

Brown > Black

The Word AwesomeSauce > Nothing.

Bourbon > Beer > Sangria > Vodka > Tequila

Yellow Easter Peeps > Any Other BS Peeps sizes/colors/flavors/characters

My Kid’s Sense of Humor > Most Other Kids’ Senses Of Humor (is that right? looks wrong.)

Living Life with Purpose > Living Life without Purpose

A Half-Full Glass > A Half-Empty Glass

Optimism > Pessimism

This Post > No Post



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  1. Here, I fixed one for you:

    PC > Mac (obviously)
    Avitable recently posted..The superior things in life, as determined by AvitableMy Profile

  2. Haha….great post.

    Now, does the theme of my blog preclude me from doing something similar? I’d like to say ‘it’s my blog, so they’re my rules’, but I’ve sorta set myself up as a service provider, although I’m not really so hot on the promo side of things…The grammar’s spot on on ‘Other kids’ senses of humour.’ (I’m a Stickler, so I should know. :p )

    Look forward to reading more soon,

    Casey B recently posted..Reclaiming the right to grieve cyberlosses- new articleMy Profile

    • Phew! Glad I got the grammar right. I looked at it for like 10 minutes!! And I think you could definitely do this. It can lighten things up 😉

  3. I was worried because ‘The Middle’ was last on your list, that you for some reason didn’t like that perfect little half hour (although I contend that it and Last Man Standing–also under-appreciated) would be perfect Friday night type sitcoms.
    Brett recently posted..On Her Fifth BirthdayMy Profile

  4. The Word AwesomeSauce > Nothing.

    THAT. YES.

    Can we include amazeballs too?

  5. “Leonardo DiCaprio > Johnny Depp”

    I don’t even have words for how wrong this is…
    thepsychobabble recently posted..“I’m going to do that, AGAIN!”My Profile

  6. I love this post (and at some point I’m going to steal this idea).

    The Mountains > The Beach

    Yes! I have been trying to explain this to my husband for ten years.
    Tracie recently posted..Mind PaintingMy Profile

  7. OMG. You had me at “cutting my arm open” being greater than childbirth. I’m dying of the laughter here. I totally want to steal this idea and write my own list (and link back to yours too so people can see your awesomeness). This seriously made my day!

    Note: awesomeness > awesomesauce.
    Dawnie recently posted..Screw Today, Tomorrow Will ROCKMy Profile

  8. You had me at tea.

    Leo versus Depp? Now, that’s a hard one! How about both? (;^)

    Anything Chocolate > Anything that isn’t chocolate <— I won't move on this one!

    Love this!

    Regards, Dawne
    Dawne at D Magazine recently posted..LA CREOLE NATUREMy Profile

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