Giveaway: Kidfresh Meals

Giveaway: Kidfresh Meals

I received an email the other day titled, “Looking for nutritious, convenient kids meals for Henry?” and of course I was like OHMYGOSHYES!

You see? My kid who wants to be a chef and own his own restaurant isn’t very adventurous in the food department.

He eats what we like to call hors d’oeuvres plates. The food should be separated so it doesn’t touch. It can’t be pasta because that makes him gag. He will eat raw vegetables but don’t dare give him cooked ones. He’ll eat his weight in bread and crackers if I would let him. But I try to keep that in check.

We eat out a bit, but not fast food. He very rarely gets McDonalds because YUCK!

So anyway, back to the story. I get this email and I’m all WOOHOO! Nutritious AND convenient? That’s cool! I should check it out. I first scanned the Kidfresh website and was sad because all I saw were pasta meals and it appeared they all needed to be microwaved. That’s a double whammy. He gags eating pasta and we haven’t had a microwave in two years. (I KNOW, right?) (No, you don’t need one to live.) (Seriously.)

Later I found out that Kidfresh offers a quesadilla option. AND it has instructions for cooking it on the stove or in the oven. In fact, it’s better on the stove. Who doesn’t like their quesadilla a little crunchy?

So I took my coupons for free Kidfresh meals* and headed to Publix to buy some quesadillas. I expected them to be with the other kid frozen meals, but they were with the organic and natural frozen food, which I thought was great.

We came home and cooked.

Stove top instructions (though I didn’t really need them).

There are two quesadillas in the package. I only made one for Henry. He was also having a salad and tomatoes.

Do you see the words ALL NATURAL? The Kidfresh products are 100% natural. There’s not a single drop of anything artificial. They’ve also incorporated the latest findings and nutrient-deficiency assessments from the USDA and CDC.

Look: SNEAKY! There is up to a half cup of veggies pureed and snuck into every meal! Each meal is around 300 calories and has moderate sodium and fat.

Other goodness? The containers are BPA-free and phthalate-free and completely recyclable (made of recycled materials, too).

I mean, can it sound any more delicious? They’re an earth-friendly, healthier option than other meals that cater to our kids. With close to 1 in 3 children being overweight or obese in the US today, less than 10% are eating the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables. Kidfresh is doing what they can to make affordable, convenient, all natural, healthy meals available to the masses.

And then the quesadilla was ready. Crispy, melty, full of cheese.

And it got a thumbs up from Mr. Picky himself! (It also got a thumbs up from his mom!)

They have six choices right now to choose from. Head over to their page and browse their choices. Then come back and let me know which one you would like to try if you win the giveaway!

They aren’t available in every store yet but are available in the stores below.

What is being given away?

Three (3) vouchers for one free Kidfresh meal. (so you’ll get three free Kidfresh meals)

Two (2) $1 off coupons for a Kidfresh meal. 

To enter the giveaway:

  • Leave a comment saying what you would love for your kiddo to enjoy eating and tell me which of the meals you think your child will love.
  • Follow Kidfresh on Twitter. (optional, leave a separate comment saying you follow them)
  • Like Kidfresh on Facebook. (optional, leave a separate comment saying you like them)
  • Like Jana’s Thinking Place on Facebook. (optional, leave a separate comment saying you like me. Also, WHY WEREN’T YOU ALREADY LIKING ME?)

I will choose a random winner on May 8 at 9pm Eastern. 

* Disclaimer: I was provided coupons for free and discounted product to use and review and to give away to a lucky reader. The opinions here ARE my own and cannot be bought for any amount of money or food. Ok, well, maybe for a million dollars or a lifetime supply of pizza, but nobody’s offering me that. 


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  1. Ahhh! I’ve been wanted to try Kidfresh for AGES but just haven’t gotten around to it. Because it means deviating from my regular shopping route. And serving preprepared meals. But OMG if I were going to, these are the ones to do!

    Anyway. Yes. I would LOVE to win this giveaway. Duckling would probably dance with joy if I served her the wagon wheels mac and cheese. Because she LOVES mac and cheese and I never make it because I don’t eat gluten so we don’t have any pasta.

    She’s also a quesadilla lover so that one is probably a winner too. And the rainbow rice and chicken thing. And the one with meatballs. She’s not so picky when it comes to pastas and rices. They’re all good in her little mind. So probably all of them. But Mac and Cheese first.

    This is the rambliest comment ever.

  2. Also I like you on Facebook.

    (and adore you on Twitter and IRL)


  3. And I like KidFresh on the facebook

    (can you tell I really want these vouchers?)

  4. I’ve never heard of these. The Muy Cheesy Quesadillas look wonderful. If we won I think that’s what she’d (the daughter that rules the house) would most like :)

  5. And I follow KidFresh on Twitter.

    Can I win now? Thanks!

  6. Molly Mathewson says:

    Our daughter is a pretty good eater, but we both work full time and want a quick and healthy option for dinner on weeknights. I think she would love the mac and cheese as well as the quesadillas (kid loves cheese).

  7. Molly Mathewson says:

    I liked Kidfresh on Facebook!

  8. Molly Mathewson says:

    I liked Jana’s Thinking Place on Facebook!

    • You won!! I used and the 8th comment was the winner! So look for an email titled “Winner winner Kidfresh dinner!” from me!

  9. I would love to try the Rainbow Rice chicken!

  10. I like Kidfresh on Facebook

  11. I am following Kidfresh on Twitter

  12. OOOH! These look PERFECT for my picky eater. She will eat pasta and she LOVES quesadillas. Going to like Kidfresh on the twitter and FB now.

    And you know I already like you. On FB and in life. :)

  13. Found your blog from Kidfresh’s FB page… and, while I normally don’t follow blogs, I must say I will definitely be following this one – Every sentence I read, I exclaimed “omg, yes!” or “glad I’m not the only one!” – needless to say, our lives seem quite similar in the food department (though mine refuses raw veggies except the occasional leaf of lettuce, but will eat almost any cooked veggie)… we’re gluten avoiders (not quite gluten free, though we should be)… and we got rid of our microwave almost 2 years ago, also.

    anyhow – we don’t have any of those stores here, but when/if they come to Hy-Vee, I’d want to let my boy try the Ravioli or Chicken and Rice.

    also – you might wanna do an edit here:

    What is being given away?
    Two (3) vouchers

  14. I like Kidfresh on Facebook!

  15. I like you on Facebook, too!

  16. tinafreysd says:

    Thanks for sharing this nice giveaway..Hope you will share again..
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  17. Actually, your son is a real ham behind the camera and I think he would do great in a print ad for this product. Not kidding!

    I’ll keep an eye out for Kidfresh. Thanks!

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