SOC Sunday: Connections in Strange Places

This is my Stream of Consciousness Sunday brain dump. I love these prompts from Fadra. Makes me think outside my normal box and dig deeper into my brain!

Today’s prompt (and now that I’m finished with the post, I realize it’s only loosely based on the prompt):

Are you a people person? What are some of your favorite types of encounters or tell me a story of one!


One day about 4 years ago, I was standing in line at the CVS in our very small town. There were two older women behind me. Being such a small town, it was unusual that I didn’t know the lady right behind me. I did know the other, though.

I had already spoken to the lady I knew and was minding my own business waiting for my turn at the register.

The lady I knew mentioned how beautiful the baby was in the photos the other lady had printed. She said thank you very quietly and then said that it was her granddaughter who had died the day before. She was on her way to her daughter’s house and wanted to print a few of the pictures she had of her. Her voice was shaking and it was obvious she was trying to hold it together.

Then I heard the lady I knew say, “Jana might have some words of comfort for you. Her son died a few years ago and really touched the lives of everyone in town who knows her family.”

When I turned around, the grandmother just started openly crying and hugged me. We talked for a few minutes and she told me how worried she was about her daughter – that she was so very sad. I shared with her some things her daughter was going through and how she could help comfort her.

I remember her giving me a smile through her tears before she left. She thanked me for talking to her and I told her that I would keep her in my thoughts and prayers… that her daughter would be ok and that time and love would help mend her broken heart.

Back in my car, I cried and wondered what had put me right there in that minute. I never went to CVS and yet, that day, I had to go. Why was I there?

I’m a people person. I love to have conversations with complete strangers. I’m very much like my mother in that sense and it drives my very shy husband insane! I find more and more that when I have these random encounters, there is a thread that makes me know that I was supposed to be right there in that very minute.


This was my 5 minute Stream of Consciousness Sunday post. It’s five minutes of your time and a brain dump. Want to try it? Here are the rules…

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  1. Yep, we both know why you were right there at that very moment !
    And remember, when you speak to a complete stranger ( or even smile at them), it may be the only words or smile they receive all day !!!

  2. Wow. What a blessing you were to that woman. I tend to be the one everyone opens up to, I say I am like Oprah that way perhaps because we were both born on January 29! I had a stillborn baby… and spent years volunteering in a support group and still am surprised when I get emotional about my loss. It actually feels oddly strange I allow it for myself!

    Grateful to have found you via SOCSunday today!
    Julie Jordan Scott recently posted..Reflections: Women Writers in Literary History from A to Z ~ Passion Ignited! #atozchallengeMy Profile

    • Thank you for the comment! I’m like that, too. Being empathetic is a tough job sometimes! Will check out your site. So sorry for your loss ;(

  3. That’s very sweet. I am one of those who finds myself in a position of wanting to say something but never do.

  4. Oh wow, Jana. Was it a coincidence that you were in that CVS in that precise spot at exactly that time? Maybe…but I think probably not. Amazing the way God can use our babies to bless others, even though so many years have passed since Charlie died. Biggest hugs.
    Beth recently posted..Still Standing Online Magazine is LIVE!My Profile

    • It wasn’t a coincidence :) I’ve found myself in so many positions like that over the last 9 years. It’s amazing and humbling, actually. You’ll find yourself there, too, Beth. xoxo

  5. Jerrah says:

    This is a good challenge and a good idea as well.. 5 minutes is a very short time already.. Anyway, thanks for the inspiration shared here..
    Jerrah recently posted..Vacation TravelingMy Profile

  6. I often think that events happen for a reason. What else could explain you being there for them at this time in a shopping line?

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