Calories Don’t Count…

Calories don’t count…

  • on birthdays
  • at charity functions
  • on vacation
  • while standing up
  • while drinking Diet Coke
  • when the Hot Donuts Now light is on at Krispy Kreme
  • when you’re dining with friends
  • at the bar
  • at blog conferences
  • on holidays, up to and including Flag Day, Sweetest Day and Groundhog’s Day
  • on picnics

So… that leaves a window of about 30 minutes on every other Tuesday for calories to count, right?

What are other times that calories don’t count?


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  1. -When you’ve had a bad day.
    -If there was lettuce in at least one meal that day (this could mean you ate a salad, or you had some lettuce on your burger)
    Tracie recently posted..Things I’m Afraid To Tell YouMy Profile

  2. I <3 this. :)
    Andrea recently posted..Arranged ~ Book ReviewMy Profile

  3. Weekends. Calories don’t count on weekends.

  4. Calories don’t count when you aren’t counting them. Right? EAT UP!
    Dawnie recently posted..Ten things you’ll hear in NOLA.My Profile

  5. Samples at the farmer’s market/Costco!

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