My BlogHer12 Goals

If two weeks leading up to BlogHer reminds me of Bid Day 94 at Auburn, up to and including the shrill squeals and OHMAHGAHs and jumping up and down, then I’m going to be honest — Mama’s gonna need cocktail hour to start around noon!

There’s an absolute blizzard flurry of excitement about BlogHer 2012. It starts on August 3 in New York and (woohoo) I’m going!

VOTY Honoree  I wasn’t going until one hot summer night in St. Simons when I checked my email to find out that my post was chosen as a Voice of the Year Honoree. And then Jason pretty much forced me to get a ticket and go. No, I don’t get to read or anything at the VOTY Keynote, but my name is on that list. And by God, that’s all I needed to validate the fact that I CAN write and that I should definitely go.

So I’m going. I’m flying before the sun comes up on Wednesday August 1st and will have all day Wednesday and Thursday to do whatever I want before the conference even starts! Then on Sunday, I’ll have most of the day to goof off.

I have a list in my head a 5k long of people I want to meet. Maybe I’ll meet them all, maybe not.

I’m not losing sleep over what to wear. Yes, I’ll grab a few new things, but that’s simply because my closet is, well, an embarrassment to the female species. It’s so bad, my girl card is one hole punch from being revoked.

I’m excited about swag. I’m sure there’ll be some great stuff. But I plan to be kinda picky about what I actually take and bring home with me. They should all just give out gift cards. That would rock, now, wouldn’t it?

There are a few goals that I have for the long weekend. I know you’re dying to know what they are, right?

  • Go for a jog in Central Park.
  • Have a Frrrrozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity 3.
  • Hit a good number of sessions.
  • Go to all the official parties, at least for a little while. BlogHer has worked extremely hard and the sponsors are so generous with their time and investment. It would be insulting not to go. Also, I don’t want to traipse all over town just to go to another party. Anyway…
  • Rest when I feel like it and not allow myself to be overwhelmed.
  • Buy this ring at Tiffany.

Simple enough?


Are you going?


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  1. That’s a pretty ring. I might want it. 😉

    Seriously, though – can’t wait to see you and although I’ve been to Serendipity like 100x (give or take) if you want some company let me know! And be sure to eat dinner beforehand somewhere else. Their food is so-so and definitely overpriced.
    Andrea recently posted..The more things changeMy Profile

    • You can come with us! We’re going at like 3:30 on Thursday for a snack. I go and eat their potato skins. They’re the best EVER. I think they bake them and then fry them. And they go great with a Frrrrozen Hot Chocolate :) It’s the one touristy place I have to go every time I’m in NYC. Just for those two things!!

  2. I’ll be there and I want a big fat Jana hug!!!

  3. So excited!!
    Ewokmama recently posted..Six Years Ago TodayMy Profile

  4. I might cry I’m so excited to meet you gals!!

  5. Damn, I wish I were going this year. I think your goals are the first ones I’ve seen that look fun and realistic!

  6. I can’t wait to meet you there! I’m your true-sidekick for losing girl cards. One punch away myself. Haha!

    Also, that ring? GORGEOUS. Wish I could get that. Can I get a picture with that ring at least?! :)
    Julie recently posted..#BlogHer12: What I’m hoping for…My Profile

  7. I’m going and I cannot wait!! I would love to meet you! And congratulations on being chosen for Voices of the Year. What an honor. :)
    melissa recently posted..#Project10 and the #Paleo Shift with @Paleo_Pioneer!My Profile

  8. I’m going ~ if reading and turning a bit green over your blog posts observations count. How exciting and I know my husband would have done the same thing. You’re a VOY nominee for Pete’s Sake. Sounds like you have the right attitude to learn a few things and have fun. The later being most important.
    Jamie@SouthMainMuse recently posted..Butterbeans. The forgotten vegetable.My Profile

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