The One Where YOU Get Lucky

The One Where YOU Get Lucky

Once upon a time, there were three girls sitting in a hotel room in rural Georgia. They were minding their own business, putting together costumes for a party, when lo and behold! they declared that they would SURELY all win the Country Outfitter boot giveaways that were being drawn for the next evening.

They were Non-Con attendees, you see. And they were having the time of their little lives. They were high on bad coffee and excellent company, and were determined they were going to emerge victorious after The Pioneer Woman drew the winners of the boots that were being given away.

So the story goes, the girls listened to Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman (for those of you living under a proverbial rock) talk about boogers and shriveling cactus (cacti, cactuses?), and anxiously awaited the drawing. First one name was drawn. Then another. And then a last one.

ALL THREE OF THE GIRLS WON BOOTS. They were obviously lucky.

It was like a bad episode of Oprah. You get boots. YOU get boots! EVERYBODY GETS BOOTS!

There was laughing.

And there was squealing.

And then there was stalking until Ree took a picture with us.

There also may have been photobombing.

Now, you may think this story is BS, but I assure you it is not.


So I got home and ordered my boots with my $150 gift card to Country Outfitter. I knew exactly which ones I wanted. However, the gift card didn’t quite cover them *blushes* so I had to ante up some more dough. But by God, I’ve worked hard and earned them (or something).

My boots arrived. It was like Christmas morning, y’all.

I chose the Old Gringo Tyler Boot. They’re like butter. Seriously. They’re like an old friend already.

They were comfortable enough, but I knew they needed a little breaking in before I would be comfortable wearing them. I’m kinda claustrophobic about shoes and well, they fit a little snug, like a bug in a rug.

I utilized a few non-traditional methods of stretching them out a little.

Mainly using SEC Championship cups. They’re the perfect size to stretch out the tops of the boots. Spray a little water in the inside and shove those bad boys in… boom. Stretched out just enough to slip a pair of jeans in there.

This weekend, I’ll be rocking my new boots at the Auburn-Georgia game (pictures below). I’m hoping they’re my lucky boots and Auburn may pull out a win. Or at least show up to the game!

And *cough* Auburn lost. Whatever.

So here’s where YOU get lucky.

Country Outfitter has given me a $150 gift card to give away to one of you beautiful people.

How to Enter:

MANDATORY: You must CLICK HERE and enter your email address to enter. Country Outfitter will occasionally send you marketing messages. You are welcome to opt out at any time.

For an ADDITIONAL entry please leave a comment below letting me know you entered. 

One lucky winner will be chosen by on November 19.

contest closed 

Disclaimer and other blah blah blah: Must be a US Resident 18 years and older. CountryOutfitter, a retailer of Old Gringo boots is providing a $150 gift card for cowboy boots for me to give one of my readers. Note: I am not giving you MY boots, you will get a $150 gift card and can buy whatever boots you want with it!

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  1. I’ve always wanted cowgirl boots! And those look hot!
    Dawnie recently posted..Wiping out humanity one coat at a timeMy Profile

  2. Ashley Bentley says:

    The only thing better than a pair of awesome boots is $150 off a pair of awesome boots 😉

  3. Dawn Pridgen says:

    Woohoo!! Would LOVE a pair of boots!!

  4. Donna Mathews says:

    Would love to win these boots!!

  5. I entered. :> Woot woot!
    Andrea recently posted..It’s so easy.My Profile

  6. magee jaski says:

    I have been entering in anything I can to win some of their boots. I love them but dont have a $150 extra laying around to buy boots with. I WOULD LOVE TO WIN SOME:)

  7. I entered to win!!! I enter all of the Country Outfitter contests, just KNOWING that the next pair will have my name on them. Wouldn’t it be something if your old Camp Maranook cabin-mate won a pair too????

  8. Michele Scott says:

    Oooooooohhhhhhhh! I hope I am as lucky as you! Would love new boots. I was so jealous when you won yours … Hope I’m next!! Love ya!

  9. Mandi Bone says:

    I entered!

  10. Green Eyed Country Girl here….I can never ever have to many boots!!! EVER. I’d freak out if I won these!!

    Anna Hettick recently posted..Learning & Growing in PhotographyMy Profile

  11. Amy Childers says:

    WOOHOO!!! Love a giveaway… especially when BOOTS are involved!! By the way, that is an awesome story my “crazy friend”…you just never know what will happen when you are around….JK….one thing is for sure…A GOOD OLE TIME!! Wear them boots proud this weekend. Love ya.

  12. I just spied a pair of square-toed boots which is just what I need.
    And I’m feeling lucky.
    Love the ones you picked out!

  13. Jana Womack says:

    I live in auburn and I’m the only person in this stinking city that doesn’t gave a pair of boots! Pick me for charity sake!

  14. I just entered. I love your old gringos. I always enter the drawings but never seem to win. Therefore, I ordered a pair. The distressed heart and wings. I love them. I recently ordered a pair of harness boots. Waiting on those to arrive. Hope I get lucky!!!!

  15. I have so been wanting some boots!!

  16. I entered here from Cecily’s re-tweet. I would love real cowboy boots.

  17. I entered! I’d love a new pair of boots!!!!

  18. Oh please, please, please!

  19. What cute boots!

  20. Totally entered! Those boots are awesome, as is your photo bombing shot. :)

  21. Kelly Castleberry says:

    Thanks Jana and Country Outfitter! I would love to win the gift certificate. Their boots are all just gorgeous!

  22. WOOHOO ! Can’t wait to see you this weekend !

    And I totally entered, love love love your boots!


  23. I entered! I have boot envy. Yours are fabulous! :)

  24. So, I’d totally give this to my mom for Christmas, so I should win right? :)
    Leah recently posted..Screw Football, Bring on Fall TelevisionMy Profile

  25. Mary Charles says:

    I need some new boots! Would love a gift card to Country Outfitters and I shared on my FB page!!!!

  26. Your boots are full of the awesome. Now, I want new boots, so I entered a contest I’ll probably lose. Oh well, at least you got some hot new boots!
    Cindy recently posted..The privelege of votingMy Profile

  27. I signed up!! And I love those boots!! :)
    Amy recently posted..6 Days In – My Take on the 21 Day Sugar DetoxMy Profile

  28. I need my first pair of boots!!!!! Whoo hoo!!!!

  29. Entered!

  30. I signed up- thanks

  31. These boots were made for walking. Preferably on my feet one day. Maybe a day soon to be. And that’s why I’m entering. Woo hoo!

  32. Gina Marion says:

    I love your boots! I want to win! What an awesome story! Go play the lottery.

  33. I entered!! I’d love a pair of boots!!
    Neena recently posted..Agree to Disagree PoliticallyMy Profile

  34. stephanie says:

    I did it!!! It just took me all day :)

  35. Entered!

    p.s. I love that Country Outfitters is working with you ladies (I entered Lindsay’s giveaway, too)! They seem really awesome (and so do their boots). Thanks for hosting this!
    Jaime recently posted..Halloween Etiquette (or More Accurately, the Lack Thereof)My Profile

  36. I’ve been thinking a need a pair of boots – so of course I entered!

  37. Karen McCratic says:

    Would LOVE some free boots!!! Yours ROCK!!

  38. I have entered, and entered, and entered – and have so not won.

    Congrats to all of you – they are gorgeous boots.
    Jules recently posted..And the Winner Is …My Profile

  39. Kerstin Peterson says:

    I entered!

  40. I am a cowboy boots girl! You made a most excellent choice. When the weather gets cooler my boot come out year after year. And I hope your good fortune is passed onto the Tigers. Would love it if they could beat Georgia this weekend. War Eagle!
    Jamie@southmainmuse recently posted..The State of the House Address.My Profile

  41. I neeeeed a new pair of boots, Jana!!

  42. I would love a pair of cowgirl books!!!

  43. Mama needs a new pair of boots! Pick me, pick me!

    Anne Wimberly

  44. submitted my email thanks :)

  45. I entered – love these boots!
    Jules recently posted..Help JMark Afghans and Get 20% OffMy Profile

  46. Just entered!


  47. Jennifer Dysart says:


  48. i am a life long Texan and have never owned boots. Such a bad Texan! Maybe this will rectify the situation. i gave them my email as well.
    ash recently posted..Boys turnMy Profile

  49. Entered (finally!)

  50. I entered, now maybe I’ll be as lucky as you were.

  51. I did what you were supposed to do. I like cute boots too!

  52. Sabrina Hanson says:

    I would love the gift card to get some boots!!!

  53. Shannon King says:

    Jana, it was so nice meeting you at the game on Saturday. I entered, and I’m crossing my fingers for some new boots! :)

  54. Hooray! I finally remembered to enter!!
    Amy recently posted..Wedding BellsMy Profile

  55. Your boots are HAWT. Something about wearing cowboy boots just makes me feel sassy & fierce.

    Loved the post & photos.

    I entered! Crossing all my crossables in the hopes I’ll win :) good luck everyone!

  56. I entered also…:) I have been wanting to win a pair…if not I am giving my family a big hint for Christmas :) thanks

  57. I entered! How long does it take for boots to arrive?

  58. I signed up on the email list with my other email account but I assure you I’d signed up. (No complaints here – more news about boots?) The holidays are pretty tight this year – Mama wants some new boots!
    chimomwriter recently posted..Birthdays, bling and progressMy Profile

  59. I want to win these so freaking bad. And not only because I think my husband would drool all over himself if I rocked a pair of these sassy boots…

  60. I entered :)

  61. Entered! Yours are gorgeous! :)

  62. I entered! Love your choice, btw. Old Gringos are my dream boot!

  63. Jessica Jones says:

    I’ve entered! I have 2 pairs of Old Gringo’s and girl…you are right on! They fit wonderfully and I LOVE THEM!!! I am failing in love with Country Outfitters….nah…who am I kidding…I already LOVE THEM!

  64. I entered, love your boots :)

  65. Maureen Douglas says:

    LOVE Country Outfitter. Thank you so much for this giveaway!

  66. Tracy Thomas says:

    Would love some new boots! Entered!

  67. Holly Folkerts says:

    ENTERED! Great giveaway, really hope I win. Could desperately use a new pair.

  68. Angela Williams says:

    I entered

  69. I got my first pair of cowboy boots this summer and have been itching to get a new pair!

  70. I wanna win!

  71. I entered and thank you for this giveaway would love to win!!!

  72. entered! awesome Jana. :)
    Cristi Comes recently posted..Giving Back Because I’m Thankful #StarlightFoundationMy Profile

  73. I enter everything I can to try and win some Country Outfitter boots. Fingers crossed!

  74. I entered!!!! I love me some boots!!!

  75. I entered! Now pull some of that magic Oprah juju of yours and pick me!
    Miranda (Not Super…Just Mom) recently posted..This is just to sayMy Profile

  76. Love Country Outfitters!!! Need to win!

  77. Ellen Casper says:

    Cowboy boots…A girls best friend. You can never have too many “friends”!

  78. Definite entering i love these boots!

  79. Love the boots!
    Anne (@notasupermom) recently posted..Food Lion Holiday Bake Off—Recipe for Pumpkin Bread PuddingMy Profile

  80. I entered! Thank you!!!
    Lisa Weidknecht recently posted..Four New WinnersMy Profile

  81. I wasn’t eligible to win the Non-Con boots, because I’m Aiming Low staff. *sad panda face*

    But I don’t work here, so I can win these! Word.
    Kymberli aka JW Moxie recently posted..Tables: An Aiming Low Non-Con ExperienceMy Profile

  82. I want a new pair of boots, Jana. I love yours!

  83. Mama needs a new pair of boots!!

  84. I entered to win! I hope I’m not too late!

  85. Yay! I entered! Your boots are beautiful, and how awesome for all three of you to get boots too!
    Allison recently posted..#SOCSunday: Comparing MyselfMy Profile

  86. I LOVE all their boots and would LOVE to win them! Thank you! :)

  87. I’ve been oogling over their boots for ages now! I’ve joined the email list. Keeping fingers crossed.
    Thien-Kim recently posted..Down the Zipline!My Profile

  88. There once was a girl who liked boots
    With bloggers she was oft in cahoots
    Bandanas in hand
    They were quite a band
    Or basically a bunch of fun fruits
    Vikki recently posted..Down by the RiverMy Profile

  89. I shared! Love the boots you picked.

  90. I neeeed new boots!

  91. I entered!

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