Overwhelmed With Love

I’m overwhelmed.

Yes, I’m like everybody else and I’m overwhelmed with work and home and school and pets and all the things that need to be done around the house. I’m overwhelmed with laundry and groceries and would rather eat a bowl of cereal than cook dinner.

But I’m also overwhelmed with love.

My goodness, I’m in love with life right now!

I’d be lying if I said things weren’t going well. No, things aren’t perfect, but really, will they ever be? Yes, I get mad at the kid and wish we didn’t have a dog and cat (especially when one pees on the floor, the other throws up and then the first one eats my shoelaces). And I may yell and cuss (way) too much, but life is good. It’s really, really good.

What are you all ooey gooey mushy about now, Jana?

So many things. Too many to count, thought I can come up with some…

  • Jason sprung Valentine’s Day on me a day early, and it included a blue box from Tiffany & Co. and a beautiful note that made me weepy.
  • Over 100 of you have helped me raise over $4000 for the Ronald McDonald House in Macon. Your support has made me realize so much about myself and has made me remember that there is so much good in the world. Sometimes it’s hard to see through the negativity, but it’s there. It’s in all of you!
  • I have some of the most amazing teammates anybody could ask for. I’ve found something I love (er, hate) doing… Running. And I’ve had Karen and Amy by my side, along with dozens of others pushing me to keep on.
  • Henry, even in his crazy, wild, teenager-acting self, is an amazing little bundle of love. I mean, his middle name is even Love! He fills me with so much joy (and frustration) sometimes I feel like I will surely burst!
  • I’m in love with me. Whaaaaat? I’m so proud of myself for doing something outside my comfort zone, setting a giant goal, and being a week away from doing what now seems like a pretty easy little run. I love that when I say things like, “I signed up for a race, but it’s just a 10k,” I get full of pride. I love that Jason is proud and Henry is proud. I love that I have chosen to do something that will help me both physically and mentally for years to come. I love the rush of finishing a race and looking to the next one.
  • There are other changes going on that I can reveal later, but for now I can just say that there are amazing things in store. (Vague much?) (sorry)
  • In a nutshell, right now I’m just a big ole blob of love. I’m overwhelmed with love I’m being shown and love that I feel towards others.

    I’ve gotta ask… Will you all be my Valentines?

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    1. I thought you’d never ask!!!

    2. I would be proud to be your Valentine! I love you!
      Cindy recently posted..Crisis of confidence?My Profile

    3. You are amazing!! I’d be happy to be your valentine. I will be accepting hugs and kisses and chocolate.
      Amy recently posted..Feeling FeelingsMy Profile

    4. This post is awesome!!! Go Jana! You are so deserving of light and love! And I totally want to hear about the developments. CALL ME!
      Ewokmama recently posted..Box Tops Pantry Stock Up GiveawayMy Profile

    5. I found you again!!! I thought I’d lost you. But now I found you. (You may remember me, we’re friends with the Hawks from FL) I had used the link from another site to get to you, and when the link was removed I lost you.
      I said that already.
      Anyway, I know that this comment is late, but I just wanted to let you know who much it has motivated me. I love that you love yourself. I love that you sound so very happy. Yeah for you!!!

      (Adding your site to my RSS feed so I don’t lose it again :) )

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