What a Difference A Year Makes

A year. It’s been a year since my very first road race. A year since I pinned on the first of a handful of numbers to run with a herd of other people who were very clearly “runners.”

It’s been a year since my friend Sharon said, “I’ll run with you and keep you company.” It’s been a year since that friendship really started.

I never in a million years would have expected to still be running after the Princess Half, but here I am, three weeks away from running ANOTHER half at Disney and four months away from running the Glass Slipper Challenge at Disney.

Today I ran with a Melissa, my new running buddy who will train alongside me for the 2014 Princess Half. We stuck it out together today and finished the race in an ALMOST sub 40:00 time. Eight seconds shy. But that’s ok. There’s always next time, right?

And it was a victory for me because last time I ran that course? I finished and had to lay on the ground to keep from throwing up.

Tomorrow I see the rheumatologist. We’ll see what they say about the wear and tear this has all had on my joints. I feel good. My swelling is controlled. My joints and body only talk back to me when I forget my medicine or the weather acts up or you know, I run 13 miles. But isn’t that better than sitting on the couch? I think so.

It’s really amazing the difference a year makes.

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  1. Yay for you Jana. I have the same sort of feeling even though I’ve been running for decades. In early October 2011, I tore my meniscus while out on a run. I never had pain like that. I’ve twisted ankles, etc. but always been able to hobble home. This was the first time I had to flag a car down because there was no way I could walk. For months, I never thought I could run again much less run a 5K. Thank God my knee healed up pretty good for an older gal. A lot I attribute to weight training. Though my times aren’t the same — I never take running any race for granted. I’ve done five or so halfs since then. And I never cease to be amazed my knee lets me or do I cease to be thankful every step of the way. Good luck sweetie.
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  2. You are amazing… I remember seeing you on your first run (you rewarded yourself with a starbucks)… keep it up! One day, I will let running be the difference in a year in my life…. but for now, I just watch you and think, I remember when… very proud of you my friend!

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