This is probably a bad idea.

Remember a while back when I talked about making sure I was SO VERY prepared for the Wine & Dine half marathon?

Remember when I said I was going to lose 20 pounds before the race?

Remember when I made ALL THOSE PLANS?

Well, life happened.

I could make a million excuses about why I’m not ready, but the bottom line is that I’m not ready. Physically, I’m not trained at all. Sure, I’ve run. But nothing of any length or importance.

Mentally? I’m so ready I could run it tomorrow.

This is probably a bad idea. In one part of my mind, I feel like it’s going to be a complete disaster and I’ll get swept by the infamous “balloon ladies.” But in the other part of my mind – possibly the crazy part – I feel like I’ll finish faster than I did for the Princess Half.

Why? I don’t know. Maybe because I’ve done it before? Maybe because I have a plan?

It’s probably because I have a new running skirt and think it’s really cute and sassy. Or it’s because in my heart I believe I can do it and I believe in the magic of Disney and that pixie dust really DOES work.

I promise to listen to my body and stop if I need to and I promise to have fun.

Those are the makings of a winning combination, I think!

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  1. Um right there with you. I did get a 10 miler in…and it wiped me out. My plan to take it slow and steady. In my great outfit too LOL…. Nice Post!

  2. Jason Anthoine says:

    The fact that you’re amazing for even trying these things makes you a winner regardless of the results. So proud of you!

  3. Don’t under estimate the power of a cute running skirt. 😉
    Summer @Running with Pixies recently posted..Foodie Friday: Apple CrispMy Profile

  4. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you. Just go, run/walk/crawl along. You can do it. And you get amazing photo ops along the way without lines! And then EPCOT FOOD AND WINE. NOM. If you need text motivation along the way, I’m just an iPhone away!
    Jess recently posted..EffortlessMy Profile

  5. I think that as long as you’re mentally ready, you are so going to rock it. You already know you can finish! And a sassy skirt will help. ANd the promise of all of that food and wine after?? But, I need to know what the balloon ladies you speak of are….


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