Listen. That’s the sound of Magic happening.

Listen. That’s the sound of Magic happening.

The clinking of glasses. 

The pre-show chatter of an audience. 

The buzzing sound of the house lights being brought down. 

The clinking of high heels across a wooden floor in complete silence. 

The perfectly timed laughter, tears, and “Amens.” 

The sound of cheers and applause while taking a final bow. 

If you listen?

That’s the sound of Magic happening. 

We did it. We gave Motherhood a Microphone in Atlanta to what felt like a packed house at The Earl Smith Strand Theatre.

When Miranda and I started this adventure directing and producing Listen To Your Mother, we had no idea what the final product would look like. We hoped people would audition. We hoped people would embrace it. We hoped we could at least fill the front seats of a theatre. We hoped it would succeed. And we did it.

I haven’t properly processed all that happened over the last few days. There will be more to share. But for now, I say THANK YOU to our beautiful, amazing cast, our fabulous national and local sponsors, our local cause, our families, and most of all, our fantastic national LTYM team.

As our founder, Ann Imig, said so eloquently, “When you’re at the edge, that’s where the magic happens.” It just so happens that if you listen close enough, you can HEAR the magic happening.

I heard it for myself on Saturday night.

via Lyssa Sahadevan

via Lyssa Sahadevan


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  1. Congratulations, Atlanta! I wasn’t prepared for this part, when the shows kick off and the energy builds between cities as they support each other and share the joy of their experiences. I can feel your magic from all the way over here, in Portland and I’m going to carry it with me into our show. Bravo!


  1. […] April: In April, my dad tried to catch himself on fire by blowing up his lawnmower. He’s fine… now we just laugh. Henry spent several days camping with his grandmother and her friend at Stone Mountain. The girls I grew up with from the time we were born all spent a day together. We always have such a great time! Listen To Your Mother: Atlanta happened. It was magical! […]

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