A few weeks ago, my energy got gunky. I’m not sure how or why or what it was about.

But I know that it felt like change was brewing.

You know that feeling when you know something has to change, but you aren’t sure what it is? That’s how it felt.

Long story short, thoughts were put out there that if change needed to happen in my life (whatever part of my life needed it), then change was free to happen.

So it did.

As of Friday the 13th (next Friday), I will no longer be selling plants. I’ll no longer be making a 45 minute drive, one way, to work every day. I will no longer miss midday parties at school because I work forever away.

I jumped at an opportunity that landed in my lap. I couldn’t turn it down.

I will be working from home, doing work for an agency. It’s writing and social media and agriculture rolled into one and I believe it’s perfect! I will tell you more later…

And a bonus excitement is that I will also be doing project work for Buck Jones Nursery and the Ronald McDonald House (#TeamRMHC).

On top of this, we’re moving. Granted, it’s only about a mile away and it’s in the same school district, but YAY for new houses that are already clean and have fresh paint!

So much change.

But change is good, right?



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  1. Oh wow! That’s a lot of great news! Congratulations on every front.

  2. I can hear you saying this and it sounds great!
    Lyssa recently posted..What We’re Reading SundayMy Profile

  3. YES, change is GOOD! Happy for you!
    Lisa recently posted..What I’ve Read: Out of OfficeMy Profile

  4. Elizabeth Anne Cater Childs says:

    Congrats, Jana! :)

  5. Liz Henry says:

    So happy for you! Congratulations!!! This sounds absolutely perfect.

  6. Yay!! These sounds like great changes. I’m glad you are embracing them!
    Ewokmama recently posted..Google Shopping Express Pretty Much RocksMy Profile

  7. Congratulations on all the changes. It sounds like good things are coming your way! <3
    Tracie recently posted..The Goldfinch And My Inability To Give One Sentence Book DescriptionsMy Profile

  8. Oh, i am all about change of late 😉
    Congrats to you on all counts xxxx
    sisters from another mister recently posted..June Solstice, understanding a season.My Profile

  9. Change is freeing. It’s a time of change for me too :)
    Fadra recently posted..For The Man Who Has EverythingMy Profile

  10. Yay for good changes!!

  11. so happy about your CHANGE!
    Kir recently posted..Chains of Love {Gargleblaster}My Profile

  12. What a great and exciting change!!! Congratulations!
    Jess recently posted..Friday Health UpdateMy Profile


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