Just Write: The Wave

This past weekend, I realized there’s a little thing I truly miss about living in a small town.

I miss The Wave.

You know the one. You’re driving down the road, get close to a car coming the other way, and see the driver’s hand pop up from the wheel giving a little wave. It’s a quick lift of the hand, a small gesture, but one that doesn’t exist in the big city.

People don’t do The Wave here in Atlanta.

In fact, just this morning, it hit me that people don’t even do the Thank You Wave here. You know, the one that’s flashed when you let somebody out in front of you? I let a man out in front of me at Starbucks and got nothing. Nada. No lift of the hand, no gesture of thanks.

Yet about two miles later, someone let me go in front of them and I did the Thank You Wave. I’m sure they didn’t see it. Or maybe they did and thought, “What the hell is she doing?”

We moved from our small hometown a little over 4 years ago. Going back there now, we easily fall into the habit of throwing The Wave to people we pass, and they wave back!

It’s a little thing, but it means so much.

This has been my post for this week’s Just Write, hosted by the lovely and talented Heather from The Extraordinary Ordinary.

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  1. Oh that drives me batty when people don’t give the courtesy wave. You’d say thanks to someone (hopefully) when they open the door for you why not thank them for letting you cut through the line?
    I was taught to do the wave. It’s a nice appreciative gesture especially when there are so many road demons out there who could care less about you trying to make a left hand turn.
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  2. I actually grew up in a town where people did the wave. In fact, if they were driving through your neighborhood and didn’t know you, they’d still wave. If you’re a pedestrian, they’d wave too.

    I hate the wave. I’m letting you go, so just go. I actually find the wave rude since you’re holding up traffic and you’re impeding progress. I also find it extremely rude when people take the right away from you and wave like you gave it to them. But that’s just me. I never wave because I find it awkward. It doesn’t help that I’m shy, and I try to avoid socially interacting with people because of nervousness. I don’t hate it when I’m walking though. I just hate it when I’m driving.

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