It’s an adverb, used with verbs like drift, grow, or live.

It describes how our hearts have grown over the years. Apart.

Our love has drifted and now we have chosen to live that way. Apart.

It wasn’t a split second decision. And the details aren’t important.

Apart, for now, is how we will be.

Will it be permanent? We don’t know.

But for now it’s where we find ourselves.

We’ve grown to this place and hope that in the apartness, we can both drift towards our individual happiness or newfound togetherness.

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  1. I’m sorry. Wishing you fresh hope.
    Amanda recently posted..Weekend BreadcrumbsMy Profile

  2. Amanda Gee says:

    Sending love and hugs. If you need anything I here friend.

  3. Glad you put this out here … it makes the journey a little easier xxxx
    Sisters From Another Mister recently posted..Should secrets be tucked away?My Profile

  4. Since this is poetry, it seems so intrusive to say much of anything about the news it contains. But I want you to know that I love and support you, and I cannot wait to see you soon so that all the hugs I communicate through text can actually be given to you.
    Benjamin Carr recently posted..Fresh blood on the wall.My Profile

  5. Sending you a big ole hug like the one I gave you in NY! Prayers for peace as you navigate this period. Can’t wait to hug you again after the LTYM show!!
    Taya Dunn Johnson recently posted..Happy Birthday DaddyMy Profile

  6. I am so sorry, Jana.

  7. Jana, I am so sorry. My thoughts and prayers are with you & your family. Sending peaceful and healing vibes your way, friend.
    Hands Free Mama recently posted..The Life of the Party is Closer than You ThinkMy Profile

  8. Sending you peace, dear friend. XO
    Sean recently posted..Get your booty on down to the Type A-Parent ConferenceMy Profile

  9. Oh, Jana. I’m sorry. :(

    It seems as though you are where you need to be. Sending strength during what must be a difficult time. XO
    Andrea recently posted..Letting Go: My Kid Plays Down The StreetMy Profile

  10. I understand apart. I’d never wish it on anyone, but sometimes it’s best, even if it’s for a little while. I came through apart stronger and happier and more me. Sending you virtual hugs and the assurance that you will, too. xoxo
    Lisa recently posted..Today Is the Day: Listen To Your MotherMy Profile

  11. I love you. You are an inspiration. So glad you shared this.

  12. Hugs Jana…a very hard decision to come to I am sure. Thanks for sharing.

  13. I’m so sorry. I’m thinking of you and sending all of the love.
    Jaime recently posted..Stream of Consciousness – week 41 #SOCWeekend #blogging #freewritingMy Profile

  14. Jana, you’re in my prayers. I heart you, friend.
    Christina Yother recently posted..Reconcile: Available Now!!My Profile

  15. {{{HUGS}}} <– Those are BIG hugs 😉

  16. Sending you hugs and peace. I’m so sorry you’re going through a hard time!! Love, Ann

  17. You know I love you, friend.
    Miranda recently posted..On Being a Good MomMy Profile

  18. I’m so sorry, Jana. I would imagine you have been through so much pain trying to figure all of this out. Sending love and hugs.
    Kristin Shaw recently posted..Friday Favorites, April 10My Profile

  19. Hugs and prayers for you my friend.

  20. I wish I had known this before Mom2Summit. I would have given you a hug and asked for one in return. It’s all so so hard.

  21. I thought I commented on this! I don’t know what happened. But I hope your separation helps bring you and Jason closer and back together. Or that it helps you each discover a new passion for life. Separation can be good. Sad but good. I hope the hurt is short-lived and you both find joy. And I hope Henry adjusts well!
    Crys recently posted..A Much-Needed Date NightMy Profile

  22. I’m sorry Jana . I know how difficult this is. It takes a while for it all to settle. There was a period for me of soul searching before I came out the other side. xo

    • Thank you, Juli. It’s been good for both of us. Things are shaking out and that’s a good thing. I don’t love change, so it’s odd. Hope you’re doing well. xo


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