Apart. Part 2.

A few months ago, I wrote about Jason and I deciding to separate. It wasn’t an easy decision or one that was come to quickly. Much thought was put into it and much care was taken to do it the best way possible for both of us and especially for Henry. It has worked very nicely.

The boys took a vacation. Henry and I spent lots of time together. We all three did a few things together. Pretty sure we even laughed, cried, and got a little pissed off at some point.

But after a summer living apart, we’ve decided we like “us” this way. Apart. So apart we will stay.

(yes, you can read into that that we’re getting a divorce)

I can say with 100% certainty, being apart has brought us closer. Not closer as husband and wife, but closer as friends. And more importantly, closer as parents of Henry.

So here’s where we choose to go — our separate ways, which aren’t really separate at all. We will always be connected and always hold a certain love for one another.

There are things that no other person in this world could ever share with us that we have shared together. Only the two of us will ever be able to share the moment when we were told our Charlie would die. Only the two of us will ever be able to share Henry’s first cries and first broken arm and first days of school. Only the two of us will be able to share all our professional ups and downs of the last 17 years, our health ups and downs, and even our emotional ups and downs.

September 26 will be 17 years since we said “I do” on the St. Augustine lawn at The King and Prince in St. Simons. I’m not sure if we will still be married then or if it will all be final, but for the rest of my years, I’ll remember the feel of that grass under my feet as a 22-year-old Jana married the man she loved.

He will always be special. Always be part of me. Always be loved.

But now we both get to go and find our new happy, new life, and hopefully even new love.

Wish us all luck!

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  1. WildFlower says:

    Good luck, my Lovely. I know your spirit will lead you down the paths of happiness!

  2. Wishing you ALL the luck. Xo
    Dresden recently posted..The RoadtripMy Profile

  3. Wishing you so much luck and love, new and familiar.

  4. Beautiful, Jana. You are exceptional.
    molly recently posted..The Red DoorMy Profile

  5. Starting anew isn’t always the “OMG!!! MY LIFE IS OVER!!!” proposition that many would like to believe. It can be a very positive, powerful, affirming, life event. Just do you Jana!!
    Dana recently posted..If I Don’t Write It, You Won’t Know ItMy Profile

  6. Linda Sheridan says:

    God bless and heal all of you ! Sending positive energy and love and light. I divorced after 17 years and I am blissfully happy and grateful. My second husband and I are a perfect pair. We have a beautiful son who is loved by our other beautiful kids and have grandchildren. 21 plus years later, I always regret hurting my people but my ex is a way better husband to his 2nd wife. They had no children together and have a travel laden carefree life.
    Best of the best to you and yours.

  7. Wishing you all the luck in the world- but it sounds like you don’t need it. :) You seem to be doing all the right stuff for your family.
    Keely recently posted..Skill sets.My Profile

  8. Wishing you all the best on your new chapter. XO

  9. Jessica Lasa says:

    Good luck and thank you for sharing! This is very relevant for me today.

  10. <3

  11. Tons of luck, love and big hugs!

  12. Elisa Camahort Page says:

    This was beautiful. Sad, but hopeful. Poignant. I’m sorry. And congratulations, I suppose.

  13. I’m so sorry Jana, but am wishing you peace and happiness.

  14. Well, luck and love sent your way. I’m sad for you, but happy, if that makes sense. Sad for separation and changes, because those can be tough, but happy for movement forward and changes, because those can be beautiful. Love you, my friend. Wishing your family strength as you journey to a new way of life together.
    Andrea recently posted..Books You Need to Buy Today.My Profile

  15. So well put, from a place of confidence and sincerity. Wishing you love and peace!
    Leigh Ann recently posted..back to school with Zappos and the #dayofwowMy Profile

  16. You are beautiful. You are strong. You are courageous. I will continue to watch in awe as you shine your light. Hard to believe it could get any brighter, but I think it already has. Love you dearly.
    Hands Free Mama recently posted..Lose Yesterday’s Regrets With a Do-Over TodayMy Profile

  17. I read this on vacation and told everyone it was sweat and not tears clouding my vision. You are smart, beautiful and you know your own heart. I know that things will be the way they should be because of that heart of yours.

    Love you Jana.
    Kir recently posted..School, Soccer & Strategies (Back to School with CVS Minute Clinic)My Profile

  18. Just caught up: I had a sneaking suspicion. Hoping this brings you everything you want and need. Sending all my love.

  19. Sorry I didn’t know this. Sorry I haven’t kept up with your blog since TeamRMHC. But I’ve been neglecting my own blog as well. Too much busyness which is a common malady these days. Sounds like you both have thought this through and tried life apart. Will be thinking and praying for you in these upcoming months. xo

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