Pulling a The David Cook for Charity – Group B Strep International

Pulling a The David Cook for Charity – Group B Strep International

Who is Charity and what does she have to do with The David Cook? Haha! There is no Charity, unless you used to be on the payroll at the Gold Club (“high end” strip club caught in controversy years ago in Atlanta).

Well, now that we know there’s no Charity involved, what the hell does The David Cook have to do with anything? And yes, it’s The David Cook from American Idol. And no, I have never and WILL never watch an episode of AI. Anyway…my dear friend Aunt Becky over at Mommy Wants Vodka has been actively trying to screw with SEO (aka Search Engine Optimization) and get to the top of the Google page for searches about John C. Mayer. She got up to #2 with her posts, but her Pranksters (loyal followers) reached #1 with some of their awesome posts pulling a John C. Mayer on other celebrities!

So today, as a group, we are doing a play on Pulling a John C. Mayer for charity. Except we’re calling it Pulling a The David Cook for Charity Prank this time. For obvious reasons, such as John C. Mayer is kinda lame and The David Cook actually is philanthropic (and apparently awesome).

My charity is of course dear to my heart. Since we were unaware of the implications of Group B Strep when Charlie was born (and when he died), I wanna drive traffic and awareness to Group B Strep International. This is an organization formed in 2006 by two parents of Group B Strep babies. Their babies were both stillborn at term from Group B Strep infection. Group B Strep International has a goal of being a central resource for GBS information in a variety of languages for both the general public and medical professionals.

I have been involved with Group B Strep International since its formation in a few ways. I traveled with the group (before they formed Group B Strep International) to the ACOG (American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) convention in 2004, while I was pregnant with Henry. There we talked to OB/GYNs and midwives who were there about making sure they were following Group B Strep protocol laid out by the CDC. We put faces with the statistics. Two families were represented who had lost babies at term, a family was represented whose daughter contracted Group B Strep at 3 days old and suffers setbacks to this day from the infection. I represented the very small statistic of those who lose a child to late-onset Group B Strep.

Over the last 8 or so years, individuals involved with Group B Strep International have successfully gotten July designated as Group B Strep Awareness Month. We spoke to the CDC – in person – and had a hand in getting Group B Strep protocols changed for 2010. This has decreased the rate of infected babies tremendously. See the Group B Strep International page for exact numbers.

All women are tested for Group B Strep at 35-37 weeks gestation. If positive, they will receive antibiotics during labor to suppress the bacteria. If their status is unknown at the time of labor, they will also receive antibiotics. There are other indications for treatment that can be found here.

Early onset Group B Strep is classified as GBS infection from birth to 7 days of age. Most cases of EOGBS are from the mother being positive during labor. Most all of these cases are treated easily with antibiotics.

Late-onset Group B Strep is classified as GBS infection from 7 days old to 3 months old (or later). LOGBS can come either from the mother during labor or from “elsewhere” meaning, well, from anywhere else in the environment. We all carry Group B Strep as a natural bacteria and it can be passed through poor hand washing, having had scalp electrodes during labor, being exposed to contaminated equipment and having meconium staining during labor.

Late-onset Group B Strep, according to Group B Strep International, presents with symptoms of sepsis, meningitis, and strokes.

There are stories on the Group B Strep International site, including Charlie’s. You want the crazy stats on the rare occurrence of late-onset GBS (late-onset Group B Strep)?

  • 4 babies out of 10,000 will contract late-onset Group B Strep
  • 5% of those babies will die
  • 30% of the babies will suffer long-term damage such as hearing loss, cerebral palsy, seizures…
  • 60ish% of the babies will suffer no damage after receiving proper treatment.

More information about Group B Strep can be found at Group B Strep International‘s site! Maybe The David Cook will decide to be the spokesperson for Group B Strep International one day. OR he’ll just write them a big check!


* Here’s where I get on my knees and beg you to comment. USING the term Group B Strep International, Group B Strep or GBS and The David Cook. Great! You may now go about your regular business!

Beauty – In The Eyes Of The Beholder (or camera stealer)

I just went to pull some pictures off my camera and was surprised when I saw there were 300 on there. What? I haven’t taken any pictures.

Apparently, a little devil person in my household has gotten ahold of my camera without my knowing it! So I thought I’d share a few of those beauties with you today.

Portrait of A Tire – Will be a masterpiece one day. Watch out!

Aah… Nothing like a little Billy Ray Cyrus to get my motor going on a slow Thursday!

And where Billy Ray is, you’re sure to find Miley – or Hannah Montana – or Miley – say what say what?

I wonder what he’s done to have that face? He looks like he’s up to no good, huh?

I guess he is since he’s got my $500 camera without me being aware of it!

Looks like this was taken Friday night? Tailgate stuff’s out ready to pack up. BUSTED, Henry, BUSTED!

“Aah, Perry the Platypus, there you are. You can’t hide from Dr. Doofenshmirtz.”

He was very excited about the premiere of Pair of Kings. Didn’t know he was quite THIS excited, though.

It looks like the pirates have taken over the shit, I mean ship!

There’s the shit. Even Henry was so taken aback by it, he wanted to photograph it for evidence. But who MADE that mess?


So here’s the deal, folks. I’ve stepped over this mess for a week now. I’ve asked for it to be cleaned up and (see that little circle in front of the tv) he just makes a little place to sit and play. This morning, I decided I’ve had it. We have a babysitter coming this weekend and she’ll spend the night on the playroom floor so it HAD to be cleaned. And the only way for it to be done right is for me to do it.

So in a matter of 30 minutes, his playroom went from this:

To this!

Wanna place bets on how long it lasts?

My Guest Post

Check out my guest post about Band Back Together at Confessions of a Semi-Slacker Mom!

Thanks, T, for letting me Pour My Heart Out!

Smoochies xoxo

Exciting Stuff

I am SO excited!

My blog is going to be getting an overhaul! THIS WEEK!

I’ve been blogging for like *gasp* three years and have never been pleased with the way my site looks. I love it more now that I’ve moved it to WordPress but it’s just not “me” if you know what I mean.

So I’ve found an image and we’re going to work around it. My friend Lee at FireFly Loft is going to help me design it.

I’ll give you a sneak peek!

Eh, no I won’t. You don’t need to see it yet. It’ll just have to be a surprise!


If y’all haven’t been over yet (and I can’t believe you haven’t as much as I’ve been whoring myself out over it) to Band Back Together, you’re really missing out. Great things are happening there. People are sharing, people are supporting, people are crying, people are screaming, people are HEALING. In about 10 days we’ve had over 150 submissions posted. IT’S AMAZING!

You ALL have a story. If you want to share it, great. If you don’t, just read. Get some encouragement. Find some hope. Realize there are others who hurt with you. Realize there are others that hurt more than you do.

That said, it’s NOT a competition. If you feel like your story isn’t “sad enough” or “good enough” or whatever, you’re WRONG. Your story is important. It’s not a game where the person with the most horrific story wins. It’s just not. It’s for EVERYBODY.

Please check it out. We’ve worked so hard and are so proud of the site. It’s gorgeous, comfortable and amazing!

C’mon, help us get the Band Back Together!

If you give Jana a brownie…

Is it just me or do those “If You Give a …” books make you have ADD? I mean, the cute little pig just goes from one thing to another without cleaning up after himself or anything. He’s getting a cookie, then a party, then he’s changing clothes and on and on… I’m tired after reading the damn books.

So that got me thinking. What would happen if you gave Jana a brownie?

((imagine angels singing AAAAaaaaHHH))

If you give Jana a brownie

She’ll have to get some milk.

She’ll go to the fridge to pour some milk

and she’ll realize there are lots of leftovers.

She’ll pull a out a few containers, dumps them out

and throws the containers into the sink.

She realizes the sink is getting full

so she’ll unload the dishwasher.

She’ll put away the dishes and remember she forgot to unload the washing machine.

She’ll unload and fold the clothes

and take them to her room.

While putting the clothes away

she finds that her shoes aren’t where they belong.

She will reorganize her shoes.

Then she is enlightened and thinks she may have a few things to give to Goodwill.

She sorts through her closet and finds her favorite boots.

She thinks they are a pretty color brown

and wishes she had a cow that was brown and soft like that.

When Jana thinks about that cow she gets a craving for milk.

So she goes to the fridge.

She pours a glass of milk and thinks to herself,

“I sure would like a brownie.”

The End. Bang.

The “If You Gave a…” series is written by Laura Numeroff

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