So Many Days

I think we can all agree that there is a “Day” for everything now. Right? You with me?

Just this month we have the obvious ones like Columbus Day and Halloween.

Then you have the more obscure, like International Walk To School day (which is today), National “Ah Nothin..” Day  (Oct. 11) and International Menopausal Day (Oct. 20). Yes, there is a day to honor hot flashes and ultra-bitchiness. That makes that day my favorite by far!

But then there’s October 15. The day when we remember “The Club’s” Babies. October 15 is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day and there are many ways you can remember these precious souls.

This year, Band Back Together will have a Wall of Remembrance, a post that will continuously be added to with information about your baby. To participate in that, send an email to with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your baby’s name
  • Date(s) if you choose (or year, whatever)
  • Cause of death if you choose (miscarriage, stillbirth, accident, Group B Strep, heart defect, etc)
  • URL to a blog or site you’d like to link to.
If you’d like to be included on the list I will have on this site, shoot that same information to me at On my site, I list older children as well as you can see in last year’s post.
It’s Fundraising Time for Everybody!

It’s Fundraising Time for Everybody!

Aah, Fall! It’s fundraising time for everybody.

Just last week, in the matter of 5 hours, we got two different fundraisers for Henry to participate in. They do a Boosterthon Fun Run at school that requires pledges per lap. Pretty groovy little event actually.

Then he got the information for popcorn sales for his Cub Scout Den. We spent an hour yesterday at the Ace Hardware here in Dunwoody trying to con unsuspecting customers into buying overpriced (but really good) popcorn to support our adorable little Den. I mean, who WOULDN’T want to buy from these guys?

Little Tiger Cubs!

Today, the Band Back Together Auction is live. We have some amazing items for you to bid on. The proceeds go to helping us finalize our non-profit status and to maintain the site so we can keep it ad-free!

We would love for you to bid, share it, bid some more and get excited about it! Click the button to go straight to the site!


Wishing you all a wonderful week and hoping that your kiddos aren’t being as obnoxious as mine is about the crazy prizes he has OMGGOTTOWINORHEWILLDIE!


Where I’ve Been Hiding

Dear Readers:

I have neglected you. Maybe you don’t know that I have, but I FEEL like I have.

It seems I’ve been rather pre-occupied with a new gig I have. Yes, I’m a working girl now. I alluded to it in a post the other day. Maybe you saw it. So far it’s included webinars, days in the office, days working from home, setting up a new blog and lots of other fun stuff. I can’t wait to share it all with you when it’s ready to be revealed!

But like I told you before, my parents are proud. I’m using my horticulture degree they bought me, my social media knowledge and my retail knowledge. It’s quite fun!

I’ve also been busy with Band Back Together. If you follow BB2G, you’ll know that we celebrated our FIRST BIRTHDAY on Saturday. I know. It’s amazing. We also held our first Skype Board Meeting for our Non-Profit board! THAT is worth celebrating!

Then on Sunday, we paused to remember 9/11 by publishing stories that our Band Members submitted. FORTY NINE OF THEM in 17 hours. Amazing. It was a crazy day, but one that will go down in the books as one of the most rewarding days in the site’s history.

I’m following in my friend Leah’s footsteps and this weekend I will be working on getting organized so I can juggle work and home and blog without going insane.

So if you’ll excuse me, I must go pay bills and get busy working.

With love,

My Week In Graph Form

My Week In Graph Form

This is what my week has looked like. Yes, I took out some virtual chalk and drew it up for you. You’re welcome!


Aah, Monday. Monday was good to me. Monday I was feeling really good. Sunday night I had been featured as the Inaugural Inspirational Mom on Good In Their Name. I can’t tell you how honored I am. It’s strange to see your name next to the word Inspirational. There’s a lot of pressure involved with that. Henry headed off to school, I got stuff done, got my lists made, bills paid, work done, house cleaned… life was grand. I wrote a kick-ass post about Moleskine notebooks and my obsession with anything to do with making lists and keeping notebooks. You should read it.

Tuesday was meh. Normal day. I mean, other than spending like 2.5 hours learning about how to be a room mom. I had no idea I needed to know that much! But I love it because it’s all laid out for us. Easy Peasy! Then the kid came home and was in rare form. It wasn’t pretty. These first two weeks of school are always so rough. Another reason I’m a supporter of year-round schedules. REAL year-round schedules, not pretend ones. At bath time, it was discovered that the fish was nearly dead. Then he wasn’t. It was a miracle.

Wednesday morning, I woke up to a dead fish, a comment that was said in the wrong way (but it’s ok now) and an urgent post on Band Back Together that rocked me. The day was spent in utter and complete disarray. I was frazzled, unorganized, stuck to my computer moderating comments and doing what we, at Band Back Together do best. But it was hard to see. The minutes ticked by in slow-motion and the hours passed lightning fast. It was the strangest day. Wednesday was filled with fear, concern, anger, love, compassion, awe and pride. By the time I fell into bed at like 8:30, I was just done. D.O.N.E. Done.

Thursday I woke up and was determined that I wasn’t going to be its bitch like I was on Wednesday. I was going to own Thursday if it killed me. And I did. I cleaned. I focused. I checked things off that adorable list in my Moleskine notebook. Becky and I got ultra organized and did some things we’d been putting off. Finding out that the person in the urgent BB2G post was seeking help was the biggest gift I could have received because it came just when I was wondering if what I spend my days doing was worth the time I volunteer without pay (none of us get paid, fwiw), AND I knew that she was being helped. She is going to save herself and find happiness. Just like Band Back Together has helped me find happiness, I know it’s helping others save themselves and to realize they are not alone.

Friday, oh Friday. You’re finally here. Today will be owned by me, too. Woke up and found out that BB2G will be the group that Razing Mayhem’s Blogathon will be raising funds for this September 9 and 10. Exciting stuff!! Besides that, I need to clean bathrooms and stuff today in preparation for my mother-in-law coming tomorrow. It’s going to be a fun weekend, with a trip to the Aquarium planned! I’m sipping on my chai, writing this and my list for the day. It’s going to be a good one. I’m going to get back up to that smiley face on my graph up there!

I hope you can put a smiley face on your graph of the week, too. You know, if you’re a freak like me and HAVE a graph of your week!!



Friday Five: Goals Made and Reached

Friday Five: Goals Made and Reached

While at #TypeACon, Becky and I moseyed over to a noodle house for a late lunch/early dinner. After having a great time and pondering all manner of world situations we need to fix, we got our fortune cookies. I always save good ones. Today I came across mine in my wallet.

In my pre-con post, I stated five goals of things I wanted to achieve at the conference. I’ll put them here to remind you!

  1. Inspiration and courage to write even MORE from my heart, without feeling censored or that I have to please everyone. (though y’all know that will be hard for me to do)
  2. Friendships. I already call a lot of these people my “friends” but once a name has been put with a face and I’ve gotten a gut feeling, I’ll know that they’re TRULY my friends. In more of an acquaintance way than an OMGBFF way, but friends nonetheless.
  3. Ideas for growth. Whether this means by monetizing, getting a bigger sponsor or more freelance work, I want to grow. I want to make this work for me, I just don’t necessarily know HOW.
  4. A swag bag. Everybody always tweets about the awesome things they get at conferences. I’m hoping for some kick-butt stuff!
  5. Band Back Together information. There are several sessions geared towards group sites and newsletter production. I hope to take away (well, we BOTH hope to) great information to help us run BB2G even MORE successfully.

Until I ran across this fortune in my wallet today, I was kinda wishy washy on what I personally took from the conference. I know I enjoyed it and I know we, as Band Back Together, made some wonderful connections… but what did I take away from it?

I was thinking about the five goals I made while I watched the kid ride his bike in circles like a BMX racer, only shorter, and I realized I DID fulfill my goals. I really did. And I’ll tell you how.

  1. Inspiration and courage: Patti Digh told us to look around for “our story.” That can be anything that goes on in our daily lives, big or small. All the small moments together create the blueprint for our book, whether it’s written or just lived. We shouldn’t be afraid of our truth. Maybe our truth is easy and G rated. Maybe our truth has some dark spots and will make some people uncomfortable. The bottom line is, this is MY story. It’s MY site. It’s MY truth.
  2. Friendships: Oh, where to begin. I’m pretty sure I can’t even BEGIN to list all the people I met that I liked before and absolutely ADORE now. I’m going to leave some out, but here are a few. @2princessmama, @firemom, @evolvingmommy, @cecilyk, @robinplemmons, @allthingsfadra, @womanonajourney, @frelle, @guavalicious and SO MANY MORE I can’t even think of them all right now.
  3. Ideas for growth: Well, nobody handed me a million dollars to write about dish detergent or anything but I did get some great ideas on how to make my non-niche site even better… without having to find a niche. Which I don’t want to do. I like being multi-faceted because I AM multi-faceted. I know now that I pretty much can make my own fate. I can grow if I want to. I can stay this size if I want. The world is my oyster! (ooh, yuck, oysters = food poisoning = ER visit = bad)
  4. A swag bag: DUDE, DID WE EVER get a swag bag! There was so much goodness in the swag bag, I can’t even begin to name everything! But here’s the kid with a sampling of stuff. Thanks to ALL the sponsors, especially @ubisoft (wii games), @whonudelivery (delicious and healthy cookies) and @ovaltineUSA (uh, Ovaltine… and the kid SQUEED when I gave it to him).
  5. Band Back Together information: Yes. Yes. And yes. We got SO much inspiration, love and support for BB2G it’s overwhelming. People wanting to work with us, submit stories, help with outreach. It’s just amazing. So much excitement going on with the site… and so little time to do it all! It was exciting to see what all we learned for the site, especially from Katherine Stone (@postpartumprogr) in the Cause Bloggers session. She has such wonderful insight into wearing your cause on your sleeve and becoming the face of whatever it is you’re passionate about.

So see, I came away with more than I thought I did. I’m still processing it all and trying to sort through all the stuff in my brain (and on my dining room table). There will be more posts inspired by #TypeACon, I’m sure.

Now I’m craving Chinese food… if for no other reason than I need another fortune so I can make it happen.


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