I *heart* Facebook

I am just loving having a Facebook page. It is so much fun. Besides the obvious…sudoku, pathwords, blocky, parking wars…I have LOVED finding old friends that I had no idea where they were.

I finally found one of my favorite friends from Auburn, Suzanne. I knew where she was for a little while after college but then lost her. I promise you I thought about her once a month AT LEAST for the past 10 years. I have googled her and searched everywhere for her. But she got married and I didn’t know her last name. The other day I decided to check on Facebook and stuck her name in and TA-DA…there she was! 
After I asked her to “be my friend” and she accepted, it was just so wonderful. We chatted back and forth on the computer for a few minutes and she said “what’s your number…I’m gonna call you”! So I got to talk to her on the phone for the first time in seriously – 10 years! So I’m standing in Wal-Mart (my least favorite place in the world) crying after we hung up because I was so excited to hear her voice.
She’s clear across the country from me, but dang-it, I’m gonna find a way to get out there to see her or we’re gonna have to meet in the middle!
So here’s to Facebook…thanks for reconnecting me with old friends!

Welcome to the Blogosphere, Tracy!

My friend Tracy decided to take the big jump into the Blogosphere! Welcome!

Check her out at her blog.
Y’all go check out my other friends blogs. You can find them on the left side of the page.
Have fun!

This one's for you, Michele

Well, Michele, I told you I would post about you! Here goes.

Once upon a time, there was a fabulous gal named Michele who worked in the front office at Montessori of Macon
Every day, she graciously allows me to come in and use their restroom because I can’t make it from one place to another without having to go! She always has some funny something to talk about and doesn’t immediately run me off back to my car where I will go read or goof off until Henry is out of school. She keeps the school running (with some help obviously) and makes sure everyone knows what’s going on. What a wonderful person to run into first when you enter the school.
One day, she told me I wasn’t blogging enough for her taste. I told her that I didn’t know what to blog about. She said “write a blog about me”. So here it is.
And the protector of the bathroom lived happily ever after.
The End.

The Most Exciting 2 Minutes in Sports

Each year, Jason and I host a party to celebrate The Kentucky Derby.
This year a campout kept Jason from being at the party. His buddies from college and their kids have been going on a camping trip and this is the first year Henry has been old enough to go. He was so excited. How could I say they couldn’t go, just because we were having a party?
So they left early on Saturday morning and I got to cleaning. I cleaned, prepped food, set things up…my mom & dad came and helped some, too. (thanks!)
Here’s what things looked like BEFORE people showed up!

The party “started” at 4:30, but it was a while before folks showed up. Kinda made me nervous, I thought everybody ditched me! But they showed and got their Mint Juleps in hand, got their bets placed just in time for the 6:04 Post Time.
The Mint Juleps, if I may say so, were excellent this year. Being the 3rd year of making them, I’m really getting it down pat. I hope everyone enjoyed them. They sure seemed to!
Big Brown was the clear favorite. Even though he had only run (and won) 3 races before The Derby. There was a lot of talk about some of the other horses, but he was the real favorite. Oddly enough, Big Brown was coming out of the 20th position, the far outside of the track. But that’s where they wanted to be. Seems like it worked.
The race was an exciting one, but also very sad.
Big Brown won by about 4 1/2 lengths. 
The number 2 horse, a 3 year old filly, Eight Belles, collapsed while she was galloping to slow down with both front legs broken. The doctors decided that her injuries were such that she would not recover, so she was euthanized very humanely on the track. Very sad moment for The Derby and certainly for the jockey and the trainer and the owners. 
My dad’s favorite, Denis of Cork, was 3rd.
Wendy made her hat for Eight Belles (since she was a girl horse). We decided unanimously that she should win the “coveted” Best Hat trophy in memory of Eight Belles.

Five folks won “big” payouts for putting money on Big Brown.
Here are Ron, Kevin, Laura, Todd & Newt basking in their winnings!

And since I was SO excited about my hat, here I am donning my new favorite hat (that I’m sure I will never wear again) and my Mint Julep.

So I guess the party’s set for next year already.
Same time, same place.
First Saturday in May. Our House.
(that is, unless my husband thinks that Derby tickets would be a wonderful 10th anniversary gift…hint hint…)

THE BEST WEEKEND (Sunday : part 3)

We knew the sad day would come when we would have to go home. But not before we had the most wonderful breakfast at a restaurant called Mimi’s. We ALL piled in cars – 15 of us – and headed out. Henry was excited because he could sit by William AND order a grilled cheese! I had the most wonderful Crabcake Benedict. Oh.My.Goodness. It was to die for.

Alicia (who rode from ATL with us) decided to catch an earlier flight so she headed on out to the airport from breakfast. Once we were done we went back to Linda’s and got our stuff packed up. And finally got a group picture (but without Alicia…sad).
Andrea, Nannette, Rena, Linda, Me, Hannah
Henry and I went to the airport really early with Rena and William. The boys were so cute. They were on a mission to find a stinkin plane toy. And if anyone from DFW airport is reading this : GET SOME PLANE TOYS IN YOUR SHOPS! I swear we looked in every single store in that airport. And it’s a big place. Once it was time for Rena & William to go to their gate the boys gave hugs and were really sad. So were Rena & I. Linda had already made us cry when she dropped us off at the airport!
Here are the boys walking through the airport. They held hands the whole time.

So Henry and I went and got on the Skytrain that goes all around DFW. We rode it around the entire airport 3 times. It was a lot of fun and Henry got to see TONS of planes. I guess it wore him out because the minute we got on the plane he laid down in my lap and went to sleep. THE ENTIRE FLIGHT. It was a really rough flight. Lots of weather around and it was really bumpy. So I’m glad he slept through it. I had to wake him up after we landed. There was no way I was hauling his 42lbs self through the airport!

We landed about 30 minutes early (way to go Delta) and got to the car in record time and made it home about 7:30. Wonderful day. 
Henry made an overall A for the trip. He really surprised me and I really surprised myself with how calm I was throughout all the travel. It was a wonderful experience for both of us.
It was a fantastic weekend. Too fast. Too much fun. And much too sad to leave. I love these girls AND all the others on the board. Thanks for letting me join your special group! I can’t wait for the next meetup!
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