Tidbits of Information on this #FineChinaFriday

Tidbits of Information on this #FineChinaFriday

Happy Friday.

Boy, these weeks are just flying by. Seems like every time I turn around, it’s Friday again.

First things first. It’s #FineChinaFriday again. Are you participating? Have you started noticing that you’re not as scared of your china and crystal and silver as you were before? I think you have!

Last week, my friend Leah wrote an awesome post about her experience. You should read it.

New here and don’t know what I’m talking about? Check out the original post.

So pull out your china. Order a pizza and enjoy!

Remember, I want to know about it!

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In other news, things have been busy around here. School, work, life. It’s just been busy.

Yesterday I went into the office to shoot a video ad. I SO don’t love things like that but it seemed to go well.

I also got to hang out with our new mascot at the Grayson location of Buck Jones Nursery. His name is Buckley and he’s just as sweet as he can be. I interviewed him and you can read that here.

Also, speaking of work, we have some amazing new stuff in our online store. I would love for you to check it out. I’ll even slip you a code for 15% off. Type in BJNONLINE001 at checkout and there you go!


The Kentucky Derby is next weekend. This makes me SO excited, but also very sad. I miss living in Fort Valley and being able to invite all our friends over — ones we rarely saw — and partying like we were really at the Derby. I think (and I hope this isn’t too forward) they miss it, too.

But it’s time to pull out the mint julep cups and start whipping up a batch of simple syrup so we can celebrate in style next Saturday.

Need a mint julep recipe? I have one for you. I even have a non-alcoholic version that’s really quite good. One year at our party there were like 4 pregnant girls. They devoured the non-alcoholic version in no time!

Check them out here.


We’re going to the Braves game tomorrow night. I haven’t been to a Braves game since the opening game at Turner Field a million years ago. It’s Scout night so we’re supposed to get there early with Henry in uniform and they get to have a parade around the field. I can’t tell you how excited he is for this! Yes, I’ll have my camera!


I’ve got a lot of ideas for posts swirling in my head. They’re a little more serious, but that’s usually how they get this time of year. We’re coming up on the Season of Ick — Mother’s Day, Charlie’s Birthday (May 21), Charlie’s Angel Day (June 14) and Father’s Day. Nine years. I have a lot to say. So next time you go to the store, grab a box of Kleenex if those posts make you cry because there will be more between now and then probably.

That’s about all I know.

What are y’all up to this weekend? Can you believe it’s almost May?

Beauty-Filled Wordless(ish) Wednesday

Beauty-Filled Wordless(ish) Wednesday

I went in to the office today to take some pictures. I was struck by how bright the blooming plants were in contrast to the dreary, gray day we’re having here in Atlanta.


You can also check out Gardeners Helping Gardeners to see what’s going on at the nursery these days!

Too Much To Do!

Oh, my to do list is as long as the wait for a new Apple product. Jeez…

So today, I’m just going to share a few things with you.

I’m honored today to be on a great site called Found The Marbles. While most of y’all might think I’ve LOST my marbles, I’ve actually found them!

Owning Your Story and Finding Your Calling

Over the weekend, we celebrated and remembered our babies that have been lost to miscarriage, stillbirth and infant death. I shared some thoughts on Band Back Together about the differences between THEN and NOW.

Thoughts From A Mom: Eight Years Later

This morning, my friend Law-Momma posted on her site a post that really hit home. It’s about perspective and blessings. And it’s a must-read.

First World Problems

Feeling a little confused by Occupy*InsertUSCityHere* like I am? Well, my buddy Avitable has a great post about it. I think we ALL can appreciate what he has to say.

Occupy Avitable

Have you checked out the new blog for Buck Jones Nursery that I’m working on? It looks great, if I may say so myself!

Gardeners Helping Gardeners

And last, but certainly not least, if you haven’t entered to win the Fred The Fox Shouts “NO!” book, you have until 6pm Eastern tonight to do so. In case you don’t win, though, you can buy a copy of the book HERE.

Teaching the Hard Stuff: Introducing Fred The Fox

I hope you all have a beautiful Monday!

SOC Sunday: I’m a Mac, Not a PC

SOC Sunday: I’m a Mac, Not a PC

I’m a Mac, not a PC.

I’m a single click, not a double click.

I’m non-pixeled, high resolution desktop icons, not ones that are hard to read.

I’m shiny monitors, not dull ones.

I’m Safari, not Internet Explorer.

I’m intuitive, not, uh, NOT.

I’m iPhones and iPods and iPads and MacBooks.

I’m Pages and Keynote and Numbers, not Word and PowerPoint and Excel.

I’m most definitely a Mac, not a PC.

This was never more evident than Thursday when I nearly threw my computer (or myself) out the window in frustration. I actually had to CALL somebody to help me figure out on my new work PC where files went when (after 5 minutes of trying to download them) I downloaded them from email.

Holy moly. I know it’s all what you get used to, but wow.

So my new job requires that I use a PC for the software the online store runs on. I’m cool with that because I’m super excited about this gig. It’s definitely got a learning curve considering the last time I used a PC was when I worked for Buck Jones Nursery the FIRST time 13 years ago! (shhh…not much has really changed in the PC world since then, y’all. seriously, it’s just as clunky as it was back then.)

BUT, while I’m learning how to use this computer and how to get the store updated (don’t look at it now) and up and running successfully, I’ll let you in on a little secret:

THE BLOG IS LIVE! Yup, head over to Gardeners Helping Gardeners and see what all the fuss (in my head) is about!

You can also follow Gardeners Helping Gardeners on Twitter!

If you’re local to the Atlanta area, namely Grayson and Woodstock, you can check out our retail locations websites and Facebook pages for specials and other news!

Grayson Website

Grayson Facebook Page

Woodstock Website

Woodstock Facebook Page

The Mystery of Jewelry Purchasing

My family has a jewelry store that started in 1945. Over the years, things have changed a bit in the industry (read: a LOT) and with the advent of the internet, things have REALLY changed!

But there is one interesting thing that we notice quite often. When women come with men to buy their own gifts, they ALWAYS end up with something smaller than when the man comes alone.

Interesting…or did you follow that?

Imagine this. A guy wanting to buy an engagement ring mentions it to his girlfriend. Well then she decides she wants to pick it out herself. So they come in together, sit at the front counter and start looking at rings. In his head, he wants to spend up to $7000…but she doesn’t have ANY idea that he would do that. So she’s looking at $2000-$3000 items. Decides on one she “loves” and that’s what he ends up going with because that’s what he thinks she likes. She has no idea that she could have doubled the size of the diamond if she had just stayed home!

But a guy comes in by himself, sits down with my dad (the jeweler) and says “hey, I want to get something nice and I have $6000-$7000 to spend, what can I get”? So we talk about his options and end up selling a beautiful, larger diamond (or whatever) than we would have otherwise.

So a tip to you girls…stay home when your guy wants to go to buy an engagement ring. You will probably get something larger than you would if you were sitting there making the choice for him. Plus, there are very few surprises in life, let this be one.

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