100 things

This was originally posted in January of 2009 here. I thought I would make it a sticky page and update it for my new followers!


1. I’ve now been tagged twice to do this. So I figured I better.
2. I always put on tennis shoes during a thunderstorm. I feel much more secure and safe that way.
3. Even though I only have one running around, I have 3 babies. One was a miscarriage at 13.5 weeks. Charlie was born a few weeks early and died when he was 3.5 weeks old.
4. I know more about Group B Strep than my OB or Pediatrician ever THOUGHT they could know.
5. I can drink a pot of coffee and not think twice about it. ♦I have since quit caffeinated coffee and drink 1-2 cups of decaf a day
6. I have a grocery store problem. I love them. I love the sights, the colors, the smells. It wouldn’t do for me to work at one. I would be broke all the time.
7. There are at least 5 notebooks with lists in them that I use on a regular basis. My bag is full of notebooks.
8. I have a really bad reaction to Ambien. I’ve taken it once and when I did, there were giraffes cleaning under my bed. Nice, huh?
9. I win wife of the year (century) for letting my husband continue his Playboy subscription. But feel bad that when we got married I made him throw away about 10 years of issues, including covers of Jenny McCarthy and Anna Nicole Smith. Now I wish we still had them so we could sell them!
10. I like beer and bourbon over any other “adult beverages”.
11. I can’t stand for there to be dishes in the sink. If they are there, they immediately get put in the dishwasher.
12. I have dated 5 Jeffs in my lifetime and 3 Jasons (married one).
13. I have a horticulture degree but can’t keep a plant alive to save my life. Except my roses!
14. I spent a summer in New Hampshire and wish I could move there now.
15. I don’t feel like I know 25 things about myself!
16. I don’t take time for ME. I give everything I have to my child and husband. It’s a fault of mine.
17. I have a computer addiction. At any given time, I have 2 browsers, yahoo chat, IRC chat and tweetdeck open. Along with my email :) There needs to be a support group for that type of thing.
18. I do at-home work for two text services. ChaCha and kgb_… ♦I don’t do much of it anymore
19. I love Dave Ramsey and if we were both single, I would want to marry him!
20. I like balding, graying men. Gray hair is sexy.
21. I have danced in 2 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parades, 2 Cotton Bowl halftime shows and the Dublin Ireland St Patrick’s Day Parade.
22. I have 2 3 tattoos but pass out when I get my finger pricked.
23. I am 33 years old and have never had a cavity. ♦Uh, I’m 38 now. Sigh
24. I have a friend that lives in Luxembourg. Not many people can say that! Since there aren’t many people that live there!!
25. I have online friends who I consider to be my best friends even though we have never actually met in person.
26. If I ever had a little girl I would want to name her Nadine. It’s my mom’s middle name and she hates it. I wonder if she would love a granddaughter with that name?
27. My favorite color is blue. But when Henry and I play, my favorite color has to be pink because “I’m a girl”.
28. I love to vacuum. It’s kinda like an obsession.
29. I could eat pizza every day. For every meal. And not think twice about it.
30. I do Weight Watchers so I can’t have pizza for every meal, unfortunately. ♦This is now a lie
31. Sometimes I catch myself watching cartoons when Henry’s not with me. It’s habit.
32. 32 was a good age.
33. 33 not-so-much.
34. 34 I’m really not looking forward to ♦Eh, it hasn’t been that bad really
35. I swore I would never live in Fort Valley…guess where I now live? (moral of this story…never say never) ♦Well, we actually live in Atlanta again. Another place I said I’d never move back to… never say never)
36. I have delivered 2 babies and have a total of 52 hours of labor. 4.5 hours of pushing and one c-section. Nice, huh?
37. I don’t discuss labor & deliver with people who have birthed their babies in less than a day :)
38. I have 11 acres of “yard” to play in and I hate going outside. ♦See #35
39. I don’t swim well. I fear I would drown if I fell into a lake.
40. I will only get in the ocean if I can see the bottom. So that narrows it down to the Caribbean pretty much of where I’ll get in the ocean.
41. I have a hard time saying no.
42. I am working on getting better at saying no.
42. My sister and I are really close in spite of not liking each other as kids and living 4 hours away from each other.
43. I am “friends” with my OB/GYN…kinda awkward? Nah, not too much. Once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all I guess! I figure mine looks better than the 75 year old that was sitting next to me in the waiting room!
44. I love Sarah Palin. ♦Not as much as I did, but she’s still cool
45. I love my ice maker. It’s the best thing we put in our house! ♦Too bad I had to leave it with the house
46. My laundry room is a disaster and I don’t even know where to start. It’s my “secret” place.
47. The rest of the house is pretty organized. But not the laundry room.
48. I love cookbooks but I never use them.
49. I steal.
50. All my little boy’s kisses!
51. Whew. I’m halfway and realizing that I have to come up with 49 more things about me.
52. I’m wondering who is bored yet?
53. My family once went on a trip to Aruba and because of weather couldn’t get through the canal. They gave us a free trip. The next time, because of weather, we couldn’t get through. They gave us a free trip. The next time the Captain invited us for breakfast in the control room and we watched the ship go through the canal. The ship had not made it through the canal 3 times and we were on 2 of the trips.
54. I can transform Transformers in my sleep!
55. I have helped deliver 2 babies. My sister’s and my friend Rebecca’s. Both were amazing experiences, but I don’t want to talk about them because their labors were less than 24 hours!
56. I have always hated having a birthday in December. But whatcha gonna do about it now?
57. Sometimes I look around and feel like I’m a 17 year old just “playing house” and then I realize that this is my life. (the good and the bad)
58. I have never liked Peanut Butter but now I have an addiction to it. With apples. And dangit…now I want some and I’m out of apples!
59. I pick my fingernails.
60. I love to travel and wish I could do it more.
61. My favorite part of travel is packing!
62. My favorite movie of all times is Mary Poppins.
63. I wish I could get my child to mind me like Jane and Michael Banks minded Mary Poppins.
64. Occasionally I want to break out in song and dance when it wouldn’t be appropriate.
65. I contain myself and don’t.
66. I cry when they present the Super Bowl trophy or the Macy’s Parade begins.
67. I don’t do crowds, except football games!
68. I caught the bouquet at a wedding and a few weeks later was engaged! ♦See here
68. I order my steaks well-done. Jason orders his rare. Opposites do attract.
69. Sometimes I wish my niece was really my daughter. I’m sure my sister wishes that sometimes, too 😉
70. Then I realize that she’s a “tween” and maybe I’ll let my sister keep her for now!
71. I wish I could do a soft-reset of my brain. Do I really need to remember Jeff Holland’s phone number? I mean, seriously, we dated like 20 years ago.
72. I wish I hadn’t written #71. Could I really date 17 years ago? I thought I was only 25. Crap. I’m 33. UGH. ♦Again, not 33 anymore unfortunately
73. I am Pro-Choice. I don’t want anyone taking away my right to choose…ANYTHING. Not just abortion.
74. I think I am very well-rounded.
75. I have a new online friend that I get to meet this weekend that has shared with me that I am an empath/psychic. It’s something I have kinda known for a long time, but just thought I was strange! She knew this through the computer…eerie, huh? ♦I’ve now known her a long time
76. I am very excited about this information and am working on developing my “skills”.
77. I am a teeny tiny bit freaked out about it though.
78. One of my other online friends confirmed this. She is a medium and I think that is SUPER cool.
79. I will not be reading anybody’s palm or telling you how you’re going to die, though 😉
80. I have 4 iPods. Really, we could open a small Apple store in our house.
81. I may put one on eBay. I’ll get right on that!
82. I am wondering how I’m going to come up with 18 more things.
83. I don’t like getting massages or pedicures.
84. I do like getting a facial.
85. I pick my nails so no manicures necessary for me.
86. I am sadly not ecstatic about President Obama. Not that I would be excited about McCain, either.
87. I believe that no man/President can do for our country what we THINK needs to be done. It’s impossible.
88. I vote for the least worst of the options.
89. I once stabbed myself in the leg with a butcher’s knife.
90. I took the stitches out myself. (see # 22 and that will be funny)
91. I have taught my son to like Fergie, Pink and Taylor Swift.
92. I am really tired of thinking about myself.
93. I am a homebody.
94. I tell my child “hang on” more than I should.
95. I don’t do confrontation.
96. I bleed orange and blue.
97. I hate UGA even though I spend most fall Saturdays in Athens.
98. If I see something that has the name “jana” on it, I buy it.
99. I waste a lot of time.
100. I just wasted 2 hours of my life writing this. You better have made it this far!


  1. loved reading this…miss you sweet lady. now, this empath/psychic thing – i need to hear more about this…very cool. however, being born on halloween i sort of feel ripped off, like somehow i should have this ability. ha. that said, please empath/psychic-alize my life and point me in the direction of peace and happiness. thanks. that is all.

    • I miss you too… Still need to get together soon!
      And if I could see the future, trust me, I’d tell you exactly where peace and happiness is. I’d try to find it myself!
      Love you xoxo

  2. I love this post. I have written many lists like this myself (just in my diary, not publicly yet)! And I also update them! I thought I was the only one!

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