I Believe…

I Believe…

Last Sunday morning, I woke up with an itch. An itch that’s been building for over a year now.

When my friend Nic put on Facebook that she was in town, I knew it was the day. I knew SHE would go with me.

Back in the fall, I got Robin Plemmons, one of my favorite people and most fabulous artists, to write a simple word on an index card. I knew that when I finally did it, I wanted HER touch to it.

One practice on my arm…


art by robin plemmons, in sharpie

And one pass on the index card, and I had my art.

I knew this was the word. For a while, this word had popped up in all kinds of places exactly when I needed to see it. It continuously reminds me of so much.

It reminds me that I believe in ME.

I believe with all my heart that good comes from bad.

I believe that love always wins.


art by me, in henna

I believe in God, and believe that others don’t have to believe in my God. I will still love them because remember, I believe that love always wins.

I believe that sometimes life is hard, but trudging through the mud and muck will make you a stronger person in the end.

I believe in Auburn, and I love it.

I believe in community and giving back with time and money, even if both are limited.


from the book ‘believe’

I believe I am blessed. I’m blessed with a beautiful family, a personal guardian angel, and amazing friends.

I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. I also believe that some of the best song lyrics are part of cheesy songs.


my friend’s son, who believed he could run for a medal at disney

I believe that strangers can have profound impact on you when you least expect it.


random stranger with believe sign on main street at disney

I believe that the tides will always rise and fall, the skies and seas will have to be angry before they can be calm, and mother nature knows what she’s doing.


sand writing by me, 2013

I believe that we are all led to places and situations that make us stronger, even if it feels like it may kill us.

I believe our stories matter.

I believe we all have the right to our own opinions, that yours isn’t any better than mine and I won’t love you any less for yours.

my mother's day gift

my mother’s day gift

Last Sunday, my sweet friend rode to Psycho Tattoo with me and held my hand (and took pictures) as I got my favorite word permanently placed on my wrist. It’s there for all to see, but mostly, it’s where I can hold it close to my heart and be reminded when I need to be.



chet at psycho tattoo in marietta, ga



art by robin plemmons, permanent ink by chet

This is my permanent, daily reminder that if we believe in something, anything, we can learn to believe in ourselves and others.

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